Donald Trump’s SHOCKING Potential Vice President

Photo edit of Donald Trump at a MAGA presidential rally. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Popacta.
Photo edit of Donald Trump at a MAGA presidential rally. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Popacta.

Ron DeSantis Considered as Donald Trump’s VP Pick

Recent reports suggest that former President Donald Trump is considering Ron DeSantis, the Governor of Florida, as his running mate for the 2024 Presidential election. According to sources, some of Trump’s supporters are urging him to make a deal with DeSantis to secure the Vice President spot on his ticket. While Trump has not yet confirmed this, he is said to be considering the possibility.

Trump has not been shy about his admiration for DeSantis. In a recent interview, he praised the Florida governor, calling him “a great guy” and “a very smart person.” Trump also acknowledged DeSantis as a potential running mate last year, saying that DeSantis is “certainly” being considered for V.P., and “a lot of people love that ticket.”

Potential Impact on the 2024 Election

If Trump were to choose DeSantis as his running mate, it would likely shake up the Republican Party and pose a serious challenge to President Joe Biden in the 2024 election. The Trump-DeSantis partnership would likely energize the conservative base, which could give the Republican Party a significant advantage in key swing states.

Peter Navarro’s Opinion

Not everyone is convinced that DeSantis is the right choice for Trump’s running mate. Peter Navarro, a former White House advisor to Trump, recently warned that choosing DeSantis as the Vice President would be a mistake. Navarro argued that DeSantis lacks the experience and gravitas needed for the job and that the choice could ultimately harm Trump’s chances of winning the election.

Overall, the possibility of a Trump-DeSantis ticket is generating significant interest and speculation in political circles. While there are pros and cons to this partnership, it is clear that the choice of running mate will play a critical role in the 2024 election. As the election approaches, all eyes will be on Trump and his decision about who to choose as his running mate.

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    1. I think that is why Navarro is putting DeSantis down. DeSantis is smart & would be a great VP and perfect to jump in as President in 2028! If DeSantis and Trump can get along – they have to agree on what things the VP should be in charge on or at least to research & then discuss with Trump.

  3. Constitutionally……can a candidate for President and Vice-President be from the same state??? I believe that is prohibited in the Constitution, going back to 1789.

    Dr. William H. Kraus

  4. I think Trump – DeSantis would be a great ticket. But, would DeSantis agree to being
    second fiddle? If so, and they win the White House for four years, and are able to turn this
    country around, DeSantis would be in perfect position to run for President in 2028.

    If Trump/DeSantis “Make This Country Great Again,” would anyone in their right mind,
    vote for anyone but DeSantis in 2028?? GREAT, GREAT IDEA!!

  5. I for one at least have thought this is the best ticket in years! The American people win wit Trumps already proven economic program from his first term, DeSantis similar actions in Florida means they see eye to eye on how a country should be run. The World would react positively since Trump already had either admiration or even fear from other nations . Our main adversaries would take notice and most likely back off ! And although they dont want to admit it China, Russia, and their little friends North Korea and Iran will not gain but would lose if the US was bested in anything by these enemies because with our world leading free market system we ARE THE ONLY NATION WHO CAN PURCHASE ENOUGH OF THE FOREIGN GOOS TO KEEP THEM OPERATING ! With us gone or operating under their economic and living system the incentive we have had is gone along with the financial system the ENTIRE WORLD WILL FAIL ! ! ! These nations leaders act like 10 yr old boys with the ” My daddy can whip yours” routine “It’s time for them to realize the only to win is for all of us to cooperate !

  6. I would love that ticket. Trump has bona fides as President and deSantis has a proven track record in Florida. Plus, it would drive liberals crazy. It could mean a victory, especially if other states follow Pennsylvania’s lead and clean up their voter roles.

  7. Sunday May 14 2023 approx 5:50 PM post to a suggestion of Ron DeSantis be the VP for Trump?!
    Our Lord God selected, prepared, anointed and appointed Donald J Trump to be the President of the restored Republic which, with anyone else at the helm, most likely the success of restoring our TRUE government would not have happened. In the first term of His Presidency President Trump and the Team working with him may not have been able to accomplish the restoration of our TRUE government, thereby removing the traitors who were profiting from their self-promotions and illegal activities with the enemies even to the selling off of this great nation. The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INC IS NOT the REAL government of this nation, but only another phony corporation such as the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE and the FEDERAL RESERVE – THE NAMES OF WHICH CHOSEN TO MISLEAD THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, AND ALMOST EVERY AMERICAN FELL FOR THE DECEPTION. OUR LORD GOD OF THIS NATION CHOSE WHOM HE DEEMED TO BE THE ONE TO BRING FORTH THE MUCH NEEDED CHANGES TO FREE ‘WE THE PEOPLE’. SINCE THE LORD IS WISE AND VERY MUCH INVOLVED IN FREEING ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ AND THE NATION, WHY WOULD WE NOT BEND OUR KNEES TO HIM NOW AND ASK HIM TO TELL US WHO IS TO BE THE VICE PRESIDENT, RATHER THAN DESANTIS OR ANYONE ELSE. WHAT DOES THE LORD HAVE TO SAY ABOUT WHO IS TO SERVE AS THE VICE PRESIDENT????? ARE WE WISER THAN THE GOD WHO IS GIVING THE NATION BACK TO US?

  8. There is no other ticket for the Republican 2024 Presidential election that makes sense and that I want to see is Trump/DeSantis!!!! It will be the joining of 2 powerful men that have the same vision for America and the world.
    I admire both these men tremendously. It would be the Democrats/Satan’s worst nightmare. This pairing will also bring America the respect from the rest of the world which we have almost completely lost under the current administration. DeSantis can always run in the 2028 election. This pairing will be unprecedented in the history of our nation as a powerhouse of change for the good. Trump has been chosen, appointed and anointed by God to be our 47th president and I pray for him to make the right decision to have God’s chosen one for his VP. We all need to be in pray on this. God Bless America!!!


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