HOF QB Brett Favre’s HUGE Statement On President Trump

Photo edit of Brett Favre and President Donald J. Trump. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.
Photo edit of Brett Favre and President Donald J. Trump. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.

Brett Favre, the legendary retired American football quarterback known for his 20 seasons with the Green Bay Packers, reflects on Donald Trump, expressing his belief that the former President brought our country to a “better place.”

Despite generally staying away from politics, Favre has occasionally leaned right when expressing his political views. Recently, he criticized Fox News for firing Tucker Carlson, one of their most popular hosts in recent years. Favre even called for a boycott of Fox News, alleging that they censored Carlson.

“I’m with Tucker. Time to boycott Fox until they come to their senses and let the man speak.”

The Hall of Fame NFL Quarterback, Favre believes that Donald Trump genuinely cares about all Americans, whereas he has uncertainties about Joe Biden’s commitment to the same extent. While he may not agree with everything Trump has said or done, there is no doubt in his mind that he would choose a Trump presidency if given the opportunity.

According to the DC Enquirer:

“I think our country was in better shape with him…” the former quarterback stated. “I think Donald was a non-political president, and I liked that about him. Was he perfect? Absolutely not. Am I perfect? Absolutely not. I’m flawed just like the rest of ‘em. We’re all flawed. But I really felt like he had our country in a better place and really cared about our people in our country.”

Even through his critique of Trump, Favre still advocated for Trump. “Black, white, Hispanic, Asian – you name it. I think if you were an American citizen, he cared about you, first and foremost. I don’t know if our current president has the same mentality.”

Former President Donald Trump wasn’t the only thing Favre discussed on the podcast, also hopping into the issue of transgenders and their place in both bathrooms and sports. Favre was adamant that biological men have no place “us[ing] the restroom with girls.”

“To think that a young man who identifies as a girl, I don’t understand it — just hear me out — can go into a girl’s bathroom and use the restroom with girls, and for us to think that’s OK, I think is wrong. I’m sorry…” the Hall of Famer stated. “I just think some things we’re allowing in this country are beyond belief… Some of the thoughts and beliefs we’re seeing are crazy.”

While acknowledging imperfections, Favre firmly stands by his preference for a Trump presidency. During the interview, he also expressed concerns about transgender individuals using bathrooms and participating in sports, stating his disagreement with allowing biological men in girls’ restrooms. Favre highlighted the need for critical examination of societal beliefs and questioned the acceptability of certain ideas in the country, as these ideas may be putting women in danger.

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