Biden Jets Off To Japan As The U.S. Faces Potential Economic Disaster

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Biden Jets Off To Japan As The U.S. Faces Potential Economic Disaster

Photo edit of President Biden. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.
Photo edit of President Biden. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.

Amid concerns about a potential default and global repercussions, Republicans have decided to “pause” debt ceiling negotiations with the Biden White House. This reflects their growing concerns about the Biden administration’s perceived lack of good-faith negotiation, hindering progress and creating uncertainty. The duration of the pause adds to the challenge of reaching a comprehensive agreement as the deadline approaches.

Critics question President Joe Biden’s decision to prioritize the G7 summit over debt ceiling negotiations, seeing it as a reflection of misplaced priorities and raising doubts about his leadership. With the deadline looming, Biden’s absence from negotiations raises concerns about the allocation of resources and neglecting urgent domestic matters. The situation underscores the need for focused attention and effective leadership to address critical domestic issues in a timely manner.

According to The Washington Post:

But well before that, the fight over the borrowing cap was alarming U.S. allies. Around the world, experts are watching in disbelief as the U.S. flirts with its first default, fearful of the potential international economic ramifications — and astonished by the global superpower’s brush with self-sabotage.

All the worry will dissipate — at least for a while — if Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) can come to an agreement before June 1. In remarks Tuesday, after a meeting with all four top leaders from the House and Senate, Biden reiterated that defaulting was not an option, and that “our international reputation would be damaged in the extreme if we were to let that happen.” That’s on top of the risk of sending the country into a recession, jeopardizing millions of jobs and sending borrowing costs soaring.

More than half of the world’s foreign currency reserves are held in U.S. dollars, according to the Council on Foreign Relations, and many nations look to Treasury bonds to safeguard their own economies and guard against drowning in debt.

But the vast majority of nations — including India, Japan, China, Australia and Britain — have no debt limit whatsoever. Only Denmark handles its debt ceiling like the U.S., but its limit is set so high that it is essentially a formality and will never be crossed. Most countries elsewhere can’t afford even approaching the idea of not paying their debt, because that would create all kinds of price spikes and downgrades, and cause investors to flee, said Josh Lipsky, senior director of the Atlantic Council’s Geoeconomics Center.

The current debt ceiling situation is causing alarm not only within the United States but also among U.S. allies around the world. International experts are watching with disbelief as the country flirts with the possibility of default, fearing the potential economic repercussions and astonished by the self-inflicted damage the global superpower is risking.

As negotiations stall, the ideological differences between Democrats and Republicans persist, hindering the path to a productive resolution. The progressive push for increased deficit spending clashes with the fiscal conservative stance on tighter budget controls. Critics raise concerns about Biden’s extensive spending on areas that they perceive do not directly benefit the country, adding to the impasse.

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