MTG Demands Investigation To Release Epstein’s ‘Full Client List’

Photo edit of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.
Photo edit of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is urging the establishment of a special committee to probe the connections between Jeffrey Epstein, public officials, and government intelligence agencies. In an interview, Greene expressed her unwavering determination to expose the complete extent of Epstein’s influential network. She demanded the disclosure of his client list and the truth about the activities that took place on his private island. Recent allegations involving tech magnate Bill Gates being blackmailed by Epstein over an alleged affair with a Russian bridge player, Mila Antonova, have reignited public interest in Epstein’s case.

Over the years, there have been longstanding claims of Bill Gates’ association with Epstein, and Melinda Gates, his former spouse, had concerns about her husband’s ties to the convicted sex offender. Melinda also shared her discomfort with Epstein, which played a role in the couple’s decision to end their marriage.

Greene expressed concerns regarding the visits made by former President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton to Epstein’s island. Additionally, allegations have surfaced claiming that former President Bill Gates traveled on Epstein’s private jet numerous times without the presence of the Secret Service.

According to Trending Politics News:

“The American people deserve to know the truth,” said Greene, during her frank discussion with the host. “I’m for the full client list being completely revealed. The things that went on at his very famous island need to be revealed.”

The statements come at a time when Epstein is back in the headlines, with recent news alleging tech mogul Bill Gates was blackmailed by Epstein over alleged affairs. MTG did not mince words during the interview, highlighting the hypocrisy she perceives in accusations that Republicans are pro-Russia when the Democrats themselves are allegedly entangled with Russian interests.

report from The Wall Street Journal on Sunday suggested that Epstein leveraged knowledge of an affair between Gates and a Russian bridge player, Mila Antonova, to blackmail Gates. Gates’ spokeswoman refuted the allegations, stating that any interactions between Gates and Epstein were purely philanthropic and that Epstein’s blackmail attempts were unsuccessful.

The report also shed light on Epstein’s extensive network of connections, including meetings with prominent political figures and celebrities. Epstein’s calendar even suggested he had meetings with the current CIA director and former White House counsel. These details, along with Epstein’s alleged claims of working for multiple governments and his involvement in illegal activities, have fueled speculations that Epstein may have been a spy or a blackmail agent.

The concerns raised by Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, coupled with longstanding claims of associations between influential individuals and Epstein, underscore the urgent need for a comprehensive investigation into Epstein’s network and activities. The recent revelations regarding Epstein’s connections to prominent figures, along with the speculation surrounding his potential involvement as a spy or blackmail agent, highlight the critical importance of uncovering the truth behind his operations and exposing any additional individuals implicated.

Despite the lack of public access to Epstein’s official flight logs due to his suspicious death in prison, it has been alleged that numerous politicians, powerful CEOs, business figures, and celebrities have been linked to Epstein and purportedly visited his notorious island. The disclosure of these connections is crucial for a thorough understanding of the extent of Epstein’s network and the potential implications for those involved.

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