J6 Bombshell: Pelosi’s Hollywood-style Evacuation Caught on Tape

Photo edit of Rep. Nancy Pelosi. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.
Photo edit of Rep. Nancy Pelosi. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.

In an unparalleled spectacle reminiscent of a Hollywood scene, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, escorted by her security detail, was seen dramatically evacuating the Capitol on January 6 during the ongoing protests. This revelation came to light via recently obtained Capitol Police security footage, showcasing Pelosi’s exit through a secret passage, while her daughter dutifully recorded the entire episode. This made it clear to many that neither Nancy Pelosi nor her daughter faced any significant peril throughout the demonstration.

However, ex-Capitol Police Chief has remarked that Pelosi’s actions that day served as a ‘major distraction,’ imposing an unnecessary burden on her security team. This compelling narrative, captured by Just the News, reveals the untold side of January 6th, bringing fresh scrutiny to the long-standing Democratic leader’s response to the protest.

According to Just The News:

The footage, made available by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and aired for the first time on the Just the News, No Noise television show on Real America’s Voice on Thursday night, provides three different angles of Pelosi’s evacuation the afternoon of Jan. 6. Each show her daughter Alexandra roving around her mother’s delegation with a camera as they moved briskly through corridors, led by members of the Capitol Police protective detail.

The video shows then-Speaker Pelosi was not in jeopardy after fleeing the breached Capitol chamber, because the footage shows no protesters or rioters penetrated the evacuation route. Capitol Police confirmed to Congress the woman holding the camera in the footage was Pelosi’s daughter, Alexandra.

Just the News plans to air several more never-before seen security videos from the Jan. 6 riot in the next month that identify security failures and questions left unanswered by the Democrat-led House Jan. 6 select committee.

Alexandra Pelosi, the daughter of the erstwhile House Speaker, revealed that her mother didn’t know she was being recorded for certain sections of the HBO documentary, “Pelosi in the House,” which premiered this past December. The documentary notably features multiple instances from the protest, but doesn’t accurately reflect the additional burden borne by the security personnel due to the filming process.

Pelosi later affirmed that the ‘Trump thugs,’ who were reportedly engaged in assaulting and injuring Capitol Hill police, would be brought to justice. Nonetheless, it’s evident that incidents such as the ones Pelosi underscored were not commonplace, and the largely peaceful demonstration is being portrayed as a tumultuous riot. Given that the then-House Speaker was able to evacuate the protest area promptly, it’s apparent that a negligible number of protesters intended harm to the lawmakers.

  1. “Creative Drama” Stirred up like a “Witch’s Brew” for all to digest like Sheep without question
    because the Democrackpots wouldn’t Lie………..or would they (?)contort this message to influence elections or propagandize elections with the design to have those less informed individuals vote in favor of the Dembos?

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  3. I have always thought that Pelosi knew what was going to happen on J6 because she was privy to those who organized the false flag operation. Here are a few questions for Ms. Pelosi that have never been properly asked or answered: 1) Why did you turn down the President’s offer to have the Nat’l Guard help secure the Capital when you were fully briefed on the possibility that there was going to be trouble? 2) Why were the Capital Police told to allow the protesters into the Capital? 3) Why did you withhold the video footage of that day when it would have exonerated so many individuals? 4) You have stated numerous times that no one is above the law. Are you?

  4. Alexandra was there all morning filing Princess Pelosi psyching herself up to confront and attack President Trump that morning. Princess Pelosi stated she probably would go to jail, but if Trump showed himself at the Capitol she was going to punch him. All of the events Jan. 6,2021 were a Democrat Crime Organization choreographed Reichstag Fire Operation. The next Republican President should go to the Supreme Court, have the Political Prisoner released, their convictions expunged and their records cleared. Then the real criminals in the Democrat Crime Organization should be indicted.


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