Kari Lake’s Next Legal Move: Election Challenge Continues

During the “Defend America Rally” held in Scottsdale, Arizona, Republican candidate Kari Lake unleashed her most recent offensive, contesting the election victory of Democrat Katie Hobbs. Lake disclosed that her team had filed an appeal against the election results, presenting grave allegations of voting machine malfunctions and undisclosed tabulator testing conducted by Maricopa County.

Supporting evidence provided by her legal team includes the testimony of an expert witness who attested to an astonishing review of 70,000 mail-in ballot signatures in a mere two seconds, as well as reports of ballot reviewers with a flawless approval rate. Additionally, Lake’s assertions revolve around the purported widespread rejection of ballots resulting from printer misconfiguration on Election Day.

According to the Western Journal:

The second issue Lake’s notice of appeal points to is the widespread voting machine problems at polling locations throughout the county on Election Day.

Thompson denied Lake’s attorneys’ request to present at trial what they characterized as new evidence concerning the issue.

This evidence they said would show Maricopa County knew before Election Day that tabulators at nearly two-thirds of its vote centers “would reject significant numbers of ballots” due to ballot printers being misconfigured.

Republicans outvoted Democrats 3 to 1 that day, so the malfunction impacted their ability to vote more.

At her rally, Lake stated that she does not plan to stop her election challenge with just the Arizona court system.

“We want to take this case to the United States Supreme Court,” Lake said. “I hear they’re interested in it. They realize our country is being torn apart. The fabric of our country is just torn apart right now. And they want an election case, and I think we’ve got the perfect one to bring to them.”

Lake’s determination persists as she speaks to her supporters, declaring that her purpose transcends the boundaries of Arizona’s legal system. With lofty ambitions, she casts her sights upon the revered halls of the United States Supreme Court. Her conviction in the court’s shared commitment to safeguarding the nation’s integrity remains unwavering. Addressing her captivated audience, she passionately conveys, “The very core of our nation is being torn asunder.” Lake remains steadfast, confidently asserting that she might possess the electoral case that the Supreme Court has long anticipated, promising additional captivating revelations in the relentless pursuit of justice.

  1. Funny thing is Hobbs is a shadow of Biden ! They hide from the people then claim they won! What is truly amazing is the corrupt judicial refusing the people the right to check what happened! Why would any normal judge not trying to protect Democrats be afraid to allow the people the right to check what went on during their election? According to Chuck Schumer! IF DEMOCRATS HAD NOTHING TO HIDE THEY WOULD BE DEMANDING A FULL FARE AND VERY PUBLIC INVESTIGATION! I can only imagine there is plenty the Democrats and corrupt judges don’t want the people looking at! Or they just might find themselves hanging from the freeway overpass wondering how this ever happened to them and how did they get caught!

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