Witch-Hunt Backfires: Charges Push Trump Ahead in Race

Photo edit of President Donald J. Trump and The Washington Post. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.
Photo edit of President Donald J. Trump and The Washington Post. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.

Recent survey information reveals that former President Trump leads the pack in the upcoming 2024 Republican primary election. An exhaustive study, jointly organized by CBS News and YouGov, discloses that an impressive 61% of likely Republican electors are still backing Trump, even amid his federal indictment. This positions him far ahead of Governor Ron DeSantis, who’s only won over 23% of the supporters, showing a nearly 40-point difference. Other candidates like Pence and Scott each gathered 4% of the support, with Haley only managing a modest 3%.

Interestingly, most survey participants (61%) asserted that Trump’s federal indictment wouldn’t change their perspective. Surprisingly, 14% perceived it positively, while 18% insisted their standpoint would rely on different aspects. A small fraction, 7%, held a disapproving stance. Moreover, when the question arose about a theoretical conviction related to confidential files, a sizable 80% believed that Trump’s presidential qualification should stay unaffected, whereas the rest, 20%, voiced opposite opinions.

The study further evaluated the participants’ views about a hypothetical conviction concerning classified documents. A vast majority (80%) were adamant that Trump’s presidential qualification should stay untouched, but 20% disagreed.

Moreover, the poll revealed some intriguing details about the respondents’ beliefs. An impressive 76% saw Trump’s indictment as a political move, while 12% saw it as a national security risk. Surprisingly, another 12% viewed it as both politically biased and a national security issue.

Regarding potential voting choices, 75% of participants remained open to voting for Trump. Governor Ron DeSantis was a potential choice for 51%, with Scott and Pence at 21% and 16% respectively. Haley secured 15%, with Ramaswamy and Christie trailing at 13% and 7% respectively.

The comprehensive CBS and YouGov survey included 1,798 likely Republican voters’ responses and was carried out shortly after Trump’s indictment on June 9 and 10, providing key insights into the prevailing mood during that period.

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  2. The level of attacks on President Trump by the Democrats, globalists, RINOs and the left in general prove he’s a threat to them and they’re afraid of him. Trump 2024!

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  4. Democrats will keep pushing to get their civil war till they do something so stupid it becomes open season on any Democrat! We already see what pushing the perverts did for Bud and Target! And they still don’t get it!


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