Hunter Biden’s Legal Team Takes Aim at Trump

The attorney representing Hunter Biden has sent a letter with the intention of preventing former President Donald Trump from sharing damaging statements on social media that could have a negative impact on the Biden family. Trump has consistently criticized Hunter Biden, famously labeling his abandoned laptop as the “Laptop from Hell” in 2020.

Recently, Trump made allegations about the smuggling of cocaine into highly secure buildings, implicating both Hunter Biden and his father, Joe Biden. Abbe Lowell, Hunter Biden’s lawyer, expressed concern that Trump’s social media posts could cause harm to his client or his family.

It should be noted that Trump did not claim to possess any inside information about the situation; he was essentially making predictions about Hunter Biden’s involvement. Hunter Biden’s history as a crack and cocaine addict has made him a target of scrutiny, and there is no official indication that he has fully rehabilitated and achieved sobriety. Additionally, the lack of response from the Biden administration has led many to speculate about a potential cover-up.

However, it has recently been announced that the investigation will be concluded, and the FBI was unable to establish any links to the cocaine found in the highly monitored White House, which raises questions about the inability to connect anyone to the drugs, and many are skeptical as to whether there was a legitimate investigation or not.

This cease-and-desist letter marks the latest development in the ongoing contentious relationship between Trump and the Biden family, as both sides continue to exchange accusations and criticisms.

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  3. Black’s law dictionary – Chain of Custody
    In evidence, the one who offers real evidence, such as the narcotics in a trial of a drug case, must account for the custody of the evidence from the moment in which it reaches his custody until the moment in which it is offered in evidence, and such evidence goes to weight not to admissibility of evidence.

    For example, “chain of custody” is proven if an officer is able to testify that he or she took control of the item of physical evidence, identified it, placed it in a locked or protected area, and retrieved the item being offered on the day of trial. So, when Hunter gave the laptop to John Paul Mac Isaac, the chain was broken. Isaac isn’t in law enforcement.

  4. I think the elite need to get out of the bubble they occupy. the lies, the cover-ups, the political prisoners and the celebrating of the democrat thug groups in the name of mass hysteria is wearing thin quickly. maybe the citizen is tired of a historical accident of birth would dictate the social status. these cocktail druggies with lofty ideas pave the road to hell, and sheeple follow the trending stream with envy and ignorance. dark brandon is who he has always been.


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