New York Judge Expands Gag Order To Include Trump’s Attorneys

The New York judge overseeing former President Donald Trump’s civil fraud trial expanded his gag order Friday to include Trump’s attorneys.

Judge Arthur Engoron issued an order Friday barring Trump’s attorneys from making “any public comments about court staff” referring to “confidential communications” between him and his staff. Engoron said the attorneys on Trump’s legal team — Christopher Kise, Clifford Robert and Alina Habba — have made “on the record, repeated, inappropriate remarks” about his law clerk “falsely accusing her of bias against them and of improperly influencing the ongoing bench trial.”

Engoron first issued a gag order against Trump in early October after he made a post on Truth Social referencing Allison Greenfield, Engoron’s clerk, as Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s “girlfriend.”

“As I have stated, seemingly to no avail, my law clerks are public servants who are performing their jobs in the manner in which I request,” Engoron wrote in the order Friday. “This includes providing legal authority and opinions, as well as responding to questions I pose to them.”

Trump has already been hit twice with fines of $5,000 and $10,000 for violating his gag order. The first was for failing to remove the Truth Social post from his campaign website for 17 days, and the second was a result of comments he made to reporters outside the courtroom, calling the person sitting beside Engoron “very partisan.”

“Since the commencement of this bench trial, my chambers have been inundated with hundreds of harassing and threatening phone calls, voicemails, emails, letters and packages,” Engoron continued in the order Friday. “The First Amendment right of defendants and their attorneys to comment on my staff is far and away outweighed by the need to protect them from threats and physical harm.”

Katelynn Richardson on November 3, 2023

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  3. i wouldn’t listen to these hater judges – but don’t worry President Trump your supporters will get the info out to others. I am a proud supporter of a true leader! Trump 2024

  4. it’s a true disgrace the way Trump and his family are being treated, all bc they are patriots of this country, love the country, want to protect us and be fair. get rid of the traitors on the left

  5. Everyone can tell who is part of the Deep State, by the actions of said idiots. Engoron deserves every single bit of scorn from all the millions in America, not only here, but from other countries, too. We will not stop until he and the prosecutors are behind bars, preferably at Gitmo. We are under a COG (Continuity of Government) right now and soft Martial Law until full Martial Law is instituted. The Military is in control. All civil and Federal courts are now illegal. Engoron knows this but thinks we do not know it. He is breaking the law as is all of the prosecutors going after Trump and his family and his former staff. All the Judges and prosecutors’ names are already on the roster to be taken to Gitmo at some unknown time in the near future. In the interim, they are being allowed to do their unlawful antics to get to more of the Deep State criminals. Yes, we all can do the talking for Trump. Slam those idiots taking Trump down. Slam them good, spread it around to get more of us to tell the truth of the judicial system unlawfully indicting the real President of the United States Republic. Personally, I hope all those judges and prosecutors are given a death sentence at Gitmo. Letitia James is already at Gitmo, so it’s happening.

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  7. What else is these corrupt democrats going to do? What happened to free speech.? Sure don’t have any free speech in this communist administration.


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