Virginia Democrats Regain Full Majority In General Assembly

Democrats in Virginia have regained a majority in both houses of the Virginia General Assembly, a major loss for Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s efforts to wrest control of a Democratic-leaning state, The Associated Press reported.

Democrats were projected to win a majority of at least 50 seats in the Virginia House of Delegates and 20 seats in the Virginia Senate, according to the Associated Press. The result means that the Youngkin administration will not be easily able to enact major policy proposals such as “school choice,” which has been demanded by conservative education groups since Youngkin’s election in 2021.

“I’m going to get everybody out to vote. I don’t want to leave a single vote on the sidelines,” Youngkin said in an appearance on NewsNation in October. Youngkin and affiliated groups, such as his Spirit of Virginia PAC, had worked to encourage Republican voters to vote early.


The Republican campaign platform had largely, focused on completing all of Youngkin’s policy priorities from his 2021 election campaign, which were not accomplished with the Virginia Senate in Democratic hands. “We have got to finish the job,” Youngkin said on Monday, according to CNN.

Democrats, meanwhile, argued that they needed majorities to stop Republicans from enacting restrictions on abortion.

“Elect a Republican team to back me up and I promise, we’ll deliver,” Youngkin said according to the U.S. News and World Report. Youngkin’s platform included reducing the cost of living, increasing public safety and expanding parental rights in education, according to his website.

The result is a win for Democrats in the state, which after Youngkin’s election in 2021 had lost unified control of the state’s government.

Democratic control of the Senate means that Louis Lucas, the current president pro tempore who runs a cannabis store in Portsmouth, will remain in office. Don Scott, a convicted felon and leader of Virginia’s House Democrats, meanwhile, is likely to become speaker of the

Youngkin’s office and the Virginia Democratic Party did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Arjun Singh on November 8, 2023

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