Prosecutor For Fani Willis’ Office Accuses Nathan Wade’s Former Law Partner Of Lying Under Oath

Photo illustration of Georgia DA Fani Willis.
Photo illustration of Georgia DA Fani Willis.

An attorney representing Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ office accused Nathan Wade’s former law partner, Terrence Bradley, of lying under oath during a Friday hearing on a motion to disqualify Willis.

Special prosecutor Anna Cross told Judge Scott McAfee during the hearing that Bradley lied about why he left the firm where he formerly worked at with Wade and Christopher Campbell. Earlier in the hearing, Bradley noted there was “a disagreement” that led to him leaving the firm, but declined to elaborate further, claiming it was “privileged” through his representation of Wade in his divorce case.

“Mr. Bradley previously testified the reason he left the firm was totally covered by privilege,” Judge Scott McAfee said. “Now I’m left wondering if Mr. Bradley has been properly interpreting privilege this entire time.”

Bradley is one of the defense’s key witnesses. Trump co-defendant Michael Roman’s attorney Ashleigh Merchant said in filings prior to the hearing that he would contradict claims Wade made in his affidavit that his relationship with Willis did not start until after his contract with the district attorneys’ office began.

Roman accused Willis in a Jan. 8 motion of improperly benefiting from appointing Wade, her romantic partner, when he took her on vacations using funds earned from his position.

While Bradley confirmed during his testimony that he received an email with a draft of Roman’s motion and texted Merchant that it looked good, he declined to answer many questions or elaborate further, saying attorney-client privilege prevented him from disclosing any information. One of the questions he declined to answer was his reason for departing Wade’s firm.

When Cross started a new line of questioning about a sexual assault allegation towards the end of the hearing, Bradley affirmed he left the firm after this incident. He denied sexually assaulting anyone.

Bradley had earlier said his reason for leaving the firm was covered by attorney-client privilege.

“The circumstances of Mr. Bradley leaving the firm, were related, I can’t say how much, but certainly in a large part based on the allegation of sexual assault that was made against him,” Cross said.

“And his previous testimony was that was totally covered by privilege?” McAfee said.

“Yes, he lied,” Cross said.


Bradley said earlier that there was a “disagreement” and that “it had nothing to do with this Trump case or any other case.”

“It’s not privileged, correct?” Trump’s attorney Steve Sadow asked.

“No, that is privileged,” Bradley said.

Katelynn Richardson on February 16, 2024

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