Blue City Shelled Out Billions Of Taxpayer Dollars To Nonprofits. Their Execs Took Home Fat Salaries

Nonprofits bankrolled by San Franciscan taxpayers are offering their executives lucrative compensation, public records show.

The ten nonprofits with highest executive compensation among major city contractors have received $1.7 billion from San Francisco since 2017 for services ranging from addressing homelessness to assisting childcare providers, according to the San Francisco Chronicle’s analysis of a city contract database. CEOs at these 10 charities collectively took home more than $4.2 million in compensation during their 2022 tax filing periods, according to tax documents, with each receiving an average of $420,000.

The Low Income Investment Fund (LIIF), a nonprofit that works to provide affordable housing, childcare, jobs and educational opportunities tolow-income communities through loans and grants, employs some of the best-paid executives among the nonprofits taking in significant taxpayer funding from the city of San Francisco.

Daniel Nissenbaum, the nonprofit’s CEO, brought home more than $760,000 during the group’s 2022 tax filing period.

The average executive or other high-level employee at LIIF took home nearly $350,000 during the 2022 filing period.

LIIF has pledged to drive “$5 billion in investments to advance racial equity,” according to its website. LIIF has received $85.6 million in contracts from San Francisco since 2017, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Other high-paid executives at nonprofits that have received large contracts from San Francisco include Blayne Cutler of Heluna Health, who brought in nearly $570,000 during her organization’s 2022 filing period and Jamie Bruning Miles of the San Francisco YMCA, who earned over $423,000 during his organization’s filing period, tax forms show.

Many of these nonprofits derive a significant amount of their revenue from taxpayer dollars.

LIIF, for instance, received over $16.5 million in revenue from government grants during their 2022 filing period, according to tax forms. This constituted over half of their revenue from non-loan sources.

Nonprofit executive compensation must correspond to the size of the organization being led, the difficulty of the work being undertaken and be comparable to what other nonprofits pay their leadership, according to California law.

The ten nonprofits with the highest executive compensation among major city contractors were LIIF, Heluna Health, the YMCA of San Francisco, the Five Keys Schools and ProgramsBrilliant CornersHealthright360, the Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation, the Felton InstituteCatholic Charities of San Francisco and the Children’s Council of San Francisco, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

The San Francisco mayor’s office and the nonprofits mentioned above did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s requests for comment.

Robert Schmad on February 20, 2024

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