‘Why Did They Lie?’: Leo Terrell Says Fani Willis, Nathan Wade, Triggered ‘Domino Effect’ Of ‘Misrepresentation’

Attorney Leo Terrell said Friday that Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and special prosecutor Nathan Wade triggered a “domino effect” by misrepresenting their relationship.

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee presided over closing arguments on Friday in an evidentiary hearing to determine if Willis should be disqualified from prosecuting a case against former President Donald Trump. Attorneys for Michael Roman, a former Trump campaign aide, filed a motion for Willis’ disqualification on Jan. 8 alleging that Willis, who hired Wade as a special prosecutor to help probe and prosecute the former president, was in a romantic relationship with him. (RELATED: ‘They Are Toast’: Conservatives Erupt Over Fani Willis Hearing)

“It is not just the appearance, it is the actual conflict and the magnitude of the, I’m going to call it the ‘church speech,’ which was an extrajudicial statement outside the courtroom that prejudiced Donald Trump and the other 18 defendants,” Terrell told “America Reports” co-hosts John Roberts and Sandra Smith. “But the financial impropriety, if there was no conflict of interest, the defense is basically stating, ‘why did they lie about the relationship, Wade and Willis regarding the start date?’”


“By that lie, it starts the domino effect of all the subsequent misrepresentation, and I will say this again as a lawyer for 30 years: You never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never lie to the court, and I think there’s been overwhelming evidence for the nation to see that Fani Willis and Nathan Wade are basically, have lied to the court,” Terrell continued.

Willis and Wade testified that their relationship did not start until 2022. Robin Yeartie, a former friend of Willis, testified that her relationship with Wade began after they met in 2019.

Phone records also appeared to show that Wade visited Willis’ neighborhood at least 35 times in 2021.

“One last point: I will submit to you that this judge is under tremendous local, state and national pressure to do the right thing and if he does the right thing, he will face some severe ramifications in my opinion,” Terrell said.

Harold Hutchison on March 1, 2024

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