Trump Pressures Arizona Legislature To ‘Remedy’ Abortion Law

Former President Donald Trump pressured the Arizona legislature and governor Friday to reverse a Tuesday ruling by the state’s Supreme Court to uphold a centuries-old ban on most abortions.

A four-justice majority of the Arizona Supreme Court ruled that an 1864 law banning all abortions, except those needed to save the life of the mother, was enforceable, which Trump expressed opposition to on Wednesday. The former president directly called on the legislature and governor to move rapidly to “remedy” the ruling in a Friday Truth Social post, repeating the law goes “too far” in preventing abortions, and that he believes in additional exceptions for rape and incest.

“The Supreme Court in Arizona went too far on their Abortion Ruling, enacting and approving an inappropriate Law from 1864. So now the Governor and the Arizona Legislature must use HEART, COMMON SENSE, and ACT IMMEDIATELY, to remedy what has happened,” Trump posted. “Remember, it is now up to the States and the Good Will of those that represent THE PEOPLE. We must ideally have the three Exceptions for Rape, Incest, and Life of the Mother. This is important!”

“Democrats are the EXTREMISTS – They support Abortion up to the moment of birth, and even execution of Babies, in some cases, after birth. This should not be. Arizona Legislature, please act as fast as possible!” the former president concluded.

Trump on Monday unveiled his position on abortion for the 2024 presidential campaign, stating that he believes each state should have their own regulation for it rather than the federal government. Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina criticized Trump for this stance as he believes there should be federal limits, while the former president said the senator’s stance would lead to Democratic election victories.

The former president on Monday also took credit for the Supreme Court in 2022 overruling Roe v. Wade in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, where the court pronounced that there is no constitutional right to abortion. The ruling made abortion a states’ issue.

Arizona’s law makes abortions illegal and punishable by a felony charge of up to five years in prison for the person who either performs the procedure or assists in procuring one. The Arizona Supreme Court ordered that the law be stayed for 14 days.

  1. Exactly why Trump and Bidunce burn in the exact same hell. Both an evil piles of dung. Except one of then is a complete 45 IQ senile moron No abortion under any circumstance!

  2. Dear President Trump: Your advisors, and probably your daughter, are advising you to take this turn, and it is poor advice. Be proud that you marched for life and got Roe overturned after months in office, while the pro lifers spent 50 years unsuccessfully trying. Your record speaks for itself. Ignore the leftist radicals. We pray for you daily. You are America’s only hope. Otherwise, I see the leftist communists taking over our dear country. Lord, have mercy.

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