Pro-Palestinian Protesters Block Golden Gate Bridge, Stall Traffic

Anti-Israel protesters on Monday blocked traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge in California.

The protesters want to put a stop to American taxpayer money going to Israel, as well as stop providing the country with weapons, organizers say, according to ABC7 News. A similar group of protesters on Monday morning temporarily cut off traffic on a freeway going to Chicago O’Hare International Airport, The Associated Press reported, as demonstrators participate in a “economic blockade to free Palestine.”

“I wouldn’t call them anti-Israel by the way because in this war, it’s either you’re with Israel or team Hamas,” Tal Heinrich, spokesperson for the Israeli Prime Minister Office, said on Fox News while reacting to the video of the Golden Gate Bridge. “They will also be anti-Palestinian, because if somebody truly cared about the Palestinian people, they should call for Hamas to release the hostages or stolen people, 133, of them for more than six months.”


“We know for a fact that some of these young girls are being sexually abused as we’re sitting here and speaking. Hamas just rejected, by the way another, proposal that was on the table,” she continued. “They want to remain in power. They want to rule Gaza. They want the IDF to withdraw all the forces and to live to another day to carry out another October 7th massacre so to say. So if somebody truly cared about the Palestinian people, they would have called on Hamas to surrender and release all hostages.”

Hundreds of protesters also mobbed the Brooklyn Bridge on Monday afternoon, the New York Post reported. The demonstrators caused traffic issues and the New York Police Department made several arrests

The Iranian military on Saturday launched a drone attack on Israel after an Israeli airstrike killed senior Iranian military commanders, and American troops shot some of them down, a defense official told the Daily Caller News Foundation. White House national security spokesperson John Kirby on Sunday said the U.S. is not seeking escalation after Iran’s attack.

Protesters in Dearborn, Michigan, recently chanted “death to America” at the International Al-Quds Day Rally, where activist Tarek Bazzi alleged America is one of the most “rottenest countries” in the world.

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