James Carville Warns ‘If Trump Wins’ And Replaces Liberal Justice, US Will ‘Officially’ Become ‘Theocracy’

Democratic strategist James Carville in a Monday video warned that if former President Donald Trump secures reelection and replaces Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, the United States will “move into a theocracy.”

Some liberals have expressed the opinion Sotomayor should retire ahead of the election to open up her seat for a more youthful Democratic appointee in case Trump wins the presidential election. Carville on “James Carville Explains” said that a Trump victory and Sotomayor replacement guarantee a complete loss of “religious freedom,” suggesting young people vote against the former president to prevent the imposition of “theocracy.”



“I can assure you, if Trump wins and he names a replacement for Sotomayor, it’s game, set, match,” Carville said. “There’s no more Constitution, there’s no more religious freedom. We’re now going to officially move into a theocracy … I hear young people say, ‘well I don’t feel like I have a stake in this.’ Well. you got a hell of a stake coming up.”

Republican Louisiana Gov. Jeff Landry signed Senate Bill 313 into law Wednesday, making it the first state to mandate the display of the Ten Commandments in public school classrooms.

“So let’s everybody remember what’s really really at stake here,” Carville continued. “What this is really really about. And it’s about imposing a theocracy on other people and the fools and tools that are being used for this opening salvo, this Fort Sumter, Pearl Harbor, whatever you want to call. It is in Louisiana and they’re being exploited by people who really have, which I think is an odious and insidious agenda for the United States of America. So let’s fight this thing like our country depended on it because it does.”

Carville recently urged media outlets to increase their “slanted coverage” of Trump to help ensure the former president does not secure reelection because of how high he believes the stakes of the election are.

“I don’t have anything against slanted coverage,” he said. “I really don’t … I would have something against it at most other times in American history, but not right now. Fuck your objectivity. The real objectivity in this country right now is we’re either going to have a Constitution or we’re not.”

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