Gold Star Mother Calls For Leadership ‘Change’ After Biden Falsely Claimed No Troops Died Under His Watch

A Gold Star mother told the Daily Caller News Foundation a “change” in leadership is needed after President Joe Biden said Thursday that no servicemembers had died on his watch.

Biden falsely claimed during a debate against former President Donald Trump on Thursday that he was “the only president in a century” who has not had any U.S. troops die or get killed anywhere in the world during his tenure. Alicia Lopez, mother of Cpl. Hunter Lopez — one of the 13 servicemembers who was killed during the botched Afghanistan withdrawal in 2021 — told the Daily Caller News Foundation that Biden’s comments were “sad” and said it was “time for a change” in White House leadership.

“It’s a sad day in America when those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom are forgotten about. What I wouldn’t give for his statement to be true and for my child to walk through my door,” Lopez told the DCNF in a statement on Friday. “But the fact is my son and 17 others were killed under his watch.”

“The families and friends of these amazing heroes will never forget. It is abundantly clear, and my hope is it’s clear to many more Americans now, that it is time for a change,” Lopez told the DCNF. “A change that will restore the faith and stature of the United States to what it once was and to a leader who values the safety and security of our nation and recognizes those who sacrifice so much to protect it.”

Hunter was among U.S. military forces present at the Kabul airport in Afghanistan in 2021 during the Biden administration’s botched withdrawal efforts. At the behest of the Biden administration, military forces on the ground attempted to quickly evacuate through the airport while floods of Afghani citizens attempted to leave with them, fearing reprisal from the Taliban, which quickly seized control of the region following the U.S. withdrawal.

Leadership inside the Biden administration has been heavily and widely criticized for rushing the withdrawal, failing to create a plan for evacuation, putting U.S. troops in danger and leaving scores of American citizens behind in Afghanistan. An ISIS-K terrorist present at the airport set off a suicide bomb vest near Abbey gate and killed 13 U.S. troops and scores of Afghani citizens.

A Marine sniper present during the withdrawal previously testified to Congress in March 2023 that he had the bomber in his sights and could have shot him but was told not to by leadership. An investigation conducted by U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) and released in April contradicted the sniper’s testimony, finding that the bombing could not have been prevented.

Three U.S. troops have also been killed in the Middle East during Biden’s tenure. Three troops stationed at an air base in Jordan were killed in a drone attack launched by the Iranian-backed terrorist group in January.

Biden’s performance at the debate was widely criticized and left many of his supporters alarmed. The president appeared visibly tired, made false claims and seemed unable to complete sentences during his spar with Trump.

Several high-profile Democratic operatives and commentators are now trying to get Biden to withdraw from the 2024 presidential race. The New York Times editorial board said Friday that betting on Biden in the race was a “reckless gamble” and that the president should withdraw for the sake of the Democratic party.

The Biden-Harris campaign and the White House did not respond to a request for comment.

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