‘Country Wants Something New’: James Carville Implores Dems To Show Biden The Door

Democratic strategist James Carville begged Democrats on Monday to replace President Joe Biden on the Democratic ticket following a disastrous performance on Thursday in a debate against former President Donald Trump.

Biden froze at least twice and made multiple verbal gaffes during the 90-minute debate moderated by CNN hosts Jake Tapper and Dana Bash. Carville cited a CBS News poll showing 72% of Americans doubted Biden was up for the job, saying that Democrats were being overly “committed to the status quo” by not selecting a different candidate to run in the 2024 presidential election.

“That’s not the real question here; the real question here is we have a Supreme Court that‘s bought and paid for by RVs and fishing licenses,” Carville told Tapper. “We have a country where 72% want something different. If the Democratic Party can‘t produce something different that 72% of people want, then why do we exist? What are we here for? I mean, the country is clamoring for change, and what are we going to offer them — the same stuff? It doesn‘t make any sense, Jake. Give people what they want, vox populi. They want something different. Let‘s give it to them.”



Biden currently trails Trump by 2% in a national head-to-head matchup, according to the RealClearPolitics average of polls. Trump’s lead grows to 2.9% when independent candidates Cornel West and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Green Party candidate Jill Stein are included.

“If the Democratic Party is so committed to the status quo and so committed to sticking with something that three-quarters of the country doesn‘t want, then we have to say, ‘Why do we exist? What are we here for?’” Carville continued. “In my mind, we are here to change civil rights. We are here to bring change in Medicare and do great things, and family and medical leave and expanding health care, and great things that are part of my party while I love it. But if we can‘t bring something that people want, I have to doubt our rationale for being here. I really do.”

Biden’s age and mental fitness were issues dogging the president’s campaign before Thursday night’s debate. On multiple occasions, Biden has said that he spoke with people who had already died, including claiming on Feb. 8 to have spoken with former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl about the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the Capitol, even though Kohl died in 2017, three days after he claimed to have spoken with former French President Francois Mitterrand, who passed away in 1996.

In September 2022, Biden asked for Republican Rep. Jackie Walorski of Indiana, who was killed along with two staffers in an August 2022 motor vehicle accident, during a conference on hunger. Biden has also suffered multiple falls during his term in office, including one at the Air Force Academy in June 2023, as well as falling down while on his bike in June 2022 and stumbling on the steps of Air Force One on multiple occasions.

Carville said the judgment of Biden’s family was “clouded by love.”

“People say, ‘James, my family loves me, and people like you and you are all just looking for the next scalp, next notch on your bed…’ Maybe we do, and maybe they love you, but their judgment is clouded by love,” Carville said. “I mean, I really like President Biden, but man, the country wants something new.”

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