DNA Test Proves Problematic for Bidens
Trump Declares Impeachment 'Over' In Fiery Statement
Trump's Approval Rating Goes Up Amid Impeachment Inquiry
White House Fires Back After Sondland's Claim
Trump's EU Ambassador Throws Rudy Under the Bus
9.) David Holmes
8.) Fiona Hill
7.) David Hale
6.) Laura Cooper
5.) Gordon Sondland
4.) Tim Morrison
3.) Kurt Volker
2.) Jennifer Williams
1.) Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman
Vindman Exposed For Exaggerating Resume Before Hearing
Meet the Officials Testifying in This Week's Impeachment Hearings
White House Attacks Vindman's Judgement
GOP Senator Slams Impeachment As 'Sabotage,' Calls Credibility of Witnesses Into Question
Supreme Court House Subpoena Of Trump's Financial Records
5.) The Wall
4.) Approve Trump nominees
3.) Lowering Drug Prices
2.) Infrastructure
What Our Impeachment Obsessed Congress Won't Do
Network Evening News Show Cover Up Dow 28,000
White House Official Sues Liberal Media Site
Trump Open to Testifying in Impeachment Probe
Trump Attacks Pence Aide After Criticism On Ukraine Call
5.) How Likely Is A Pardon?
4.) Will This Hurt Trump?
3.) Lying to Congress
2.) Obstruction
1.) Witness Tampering
All The Counts Roger Stone Was Found Guilty On
GOP Rallies After Schiff Appears to 'Gag' Congresswoman
Schiff Accuses Trump of Witness Intimidation for Tweet About Yovanovitch
Giuliani Under Investigation for Failing to Register as Foreign Agent and Campaign Finance Violations
House Democrats Appear Ready to Pass Trump's USMCA
Roger Stone Found Guilty on ALL Seven Counts
President Trump Releases ANOTHER Ukraine Transcript
Trump Announces Massive Fundraising Day During Impeachment
CNN's Jeffrey Toobin Admits Democrats Hearsay Evidence is a Major Problem
7.) Devin Nunes Comment
6.) The Whistleblower
5.) Schiff Preparing For something Else
4.) Unlikely To Have Impact
3.) Unreliable Testimony
2.) Ukrainians Unaware
1.) Who Testified
The First Day Of Schiff’s Impeachment Was a Total Mess, Here Is What Happened
Fmr Ambassador Jon Huntsman Announces Run for Utah Governor
Fox News Host McCallum Points out Swalwell's Impeachment Hypocrisy
CNN's Tapper Mocked for Embellishing Impeachment Hearing
Ken Cuccinelli Names Acting Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security
Foreign Service Officer Caught Pushing False Trump Claim
AOC Makes SHOCKING Impeachment Admission
Neither Witness Can Confirm Trump Committed Impeachable Act, Call for Biden Investigation
Powerful Senator Claims Not Enough GOP Votes to Toss Impeachment
6.) John Ratcliffe
5.) Will Hurd
4.) Daniel Goldman
3.) Jim Jordan
2.) Adam Schiff
1.) Devin Nunes
Trump Meets Erdogan at White House Despite Congressional Objections
Here are the Key Players as Impeachment Move Forward
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Misses Work Again
Schiff's Whistleblower Claim Rated a 'Blatant Lie' by WAPO
Bernie Promises AOC a Role in His Admin if Elected President
Trump Exposes Pelosi's Impeachment Hypocrisy Just as Hearings Begin
Trump Warns Interior Department Employees to Move or be Terminated
Supreme Court Justices Posied to Allow Trump to END DACA
Fox News Analyst Rips Alma Maters Anti-Gun Stance
7.) Witnesses The GOP Wants
6.) Corruption In Ukraine
5.) How Far Into The Process
4.) Due Process?
3.) No Whistleblower Testimony
2.) Adam Schiff Called Out
1.) Who Wrote It
3 Republicans Involved With Impeachment Proceedings Release Fiery Memo
IG REPORT: Whistleblower Possibly Broke Federal Law by Improperly Fundraising
Mulvaney Files Suit to Fight Subpoena
Obama and Clinton Alumni Hindering Trump's Foreign Policy
Former ICE Director Tom Homan Considering Run Against Gillibrand
5.) Future Political Run?
4.) Staffer Deception
3.) Infighting
2.) Undermining the President
1.) Haley Stands With Trump
The Major Takeaways From Nikki Haley's New Book
Chase Bank CEO Jamie Dimon Gives Trump Great News for 2020
BOMBSHELL: Haley Claims Kelly and Tillerson Tried to Undermine Trump
GOP Representative Pete King Announces Retirement
MURDOCK: President Trump is Making the Federal Bench Great Again
5.) Transparency, Not Necessary
4.) No Contact With WhistleBlower
3.) Russian Collusion
2.) Golf Cart Lies
1.) Transcript ‘Parody’
LIAR: Schiff CAUGHT Telling These Falsehoods
Trump Has Appointed One-Quarter of Circuit Court Judges
Democrat Tulsi Gabbard Does Not Support Open Borders
State Department Offical Flagged Hunter Biden's Questionable Relationships
Obama's Ukraine Ambassador Yovanovitch CAUGHT in Lie
MURDOCK: Democrats Missing ONE BIG Thing for Impeachment
Trump Ordered to pay $2 Million in Trump Foundation Settlement
Obama Judge Forces Trump to Provide Mental Health Services to Separated Migrants
Disgraced Journalist Mark Halperin's Anti-Trump Book Fails
7.) He Will Be Removed
6.) 25th Ammnedmnet
5.) Timeline
4.) Kevin McCarthy take
3.) Hydra
2.) CNN Tweet
1.) The Coup
Here Is What The WhistleBlower’s Lawyers Said that Has Everyone Up In Arms
REPORT: Former Florida AG Joining Trump's Impeachment Team
Sessions to Announce Senate Candidacy Thursday
House GOP Hit Whistleblower With a Subpoena
Whistlebower's Attorney Called for Trump Coup in 2017
6.) Easier To Stand Now Than Ever
5.) Tommorows Conservative Party
4.) Trump’s Work Ethic
3.) Trump’s Drinking Habit
2.) The Left’s Hypocrisy
1.) Inspiration
6 Takeaways From Trump Jr's New Book
Support for Trump's Impeachment Falling
GOP Considering Placing Jordan and Meadows on Intel Committee for Impeachment Fight
McConnell: Senate Acquits if Trial was Today
House Democrats Announce First PUBLIC Impeachment Hearings
Schumer Doesn't Want Whistleblower's Name Released Unless it is to Him
Hannity Backs Trump by Slamming Fox News Polling
Rand Claims Constitution Allows Whistleblower to be Identified
Cyclist Who Flicked off Trump Wins Election in Virginia
Pro-Trump Republican Daniel Cameron Makes History in Kentucky
6.) Bombshell Report
5.) The Testimony
4.) A Difference of Opinion
3.) One Of a Few
2.) Diplomatic Experience
1.) Veteran
Who Is Alexander Vindman? Here Is Who He Is and Why it Matters
Trump Wants 'Angry' Voters to Send Message to Dems
Trump Jr. Calls Romney his Favorite Democrat
DOJ Seeking Info That Could Expose Leaking Trump Official
NBC's Impeachment Poll Backfires
Trump Declares War After Americans Gunned Down by Mexican Cartel
SHOCK CLAIM: Obama Admin Took out Flynn Over his Investigation of Deep State
5.) Game Over For Trump?
4.) More To Come?
3.) Conclusions
2.) Bias?
1.) Not All The Transcripts
5 Fast Facts About The Newly Released Impeachment Transcripts
House GOP Will Call Schiff to Testify as an Impeachment Witness
Obama Hit With Lawsuit Over Paris Climate Agreement
Fox News' Brit Hume Highlights Huge Problem With Vindman's Testimony
Trump Will Fight Appeals Court's Tax Return Decision at the Supreme Court
Trump Demands That Whistleblower Testify
5.) Political Impact
4.) Trump’s Rights?
3.) House Minority Ability
2.) What Dems Need To Do
1.) Who Hasn’t Signed It
Here is What You Need To Know About Lindsey Graham's New Resolution
6.) Adam Schiff Meeting
5.) National Security Council Drama
4.) Registered Democrat
3.) Illegitimacy of WhistleBlower report
2.) Eric Ciaramella
1.) CIA
WhistleBlower Revealed? Here Is What We Know?
Two House Democrats Vote Against Impeachment Resolution
President Trump Announces Hero Dog Will Visit White House
House Passes Resolution Laying out Formal Rules for Impeachment Inquiry
Whistleblower's Identity Finally Revealed?
Foreign Leader's Top Ally Contributed to Ilhan Omar's Campaign
6.) How It Will End
5.) Witness Rule
4.) What This Means
3.) Republican Backlash
2.) Investigation
1.) Resolution Denial
6 Facts About The Democrats Recently Released Impeachment Inquiry
GOP Rep Matt Gaetz Files Ethics Complaint Against Schiff
FBI Investigating Ilhan Omar?
Trump Pick for Ambassador to Russia Breaks With him on Ukraine Call
Nunes Claims Schiff Coached Impeachment Witness Behind Closed Doors
Jordan Destroys the Dems Impeachment Narrative With Four Facts
Warren Can Choose her Child's School, but you Can't
Democrat Representative Admits he Doesn't Support Impeachment
Immigration Expert Resigns From Trump Administration
Federal Judge Cancels Flynn Hearing Due to New Document Filings
5.) Joni Ernst
4.) Lisa Murkowski
3.) Susan Collins
2.) Cory Gardner
1.) Mitt Romney
Meet The 5 Republicans Who Might Vote to Impeach Trump
Trump Challenges California Sanctuary Law in the Supreme Court
Three top Auto Makers Join Trump in Emissions Fight
Fox News Reporter Catherine Herridge Honored With Prestigious Award
Jeff Sessions Considering Senate Run in Alabama
7.) Bonus Kill
6.) Russian Collusion Claims
5.) Congressional Controversy
4.) The Raid Itself
3.) Who is Next?
2.) How did we Find him?
1.) Who WAS Baghdadi?
Here Is What You Need To Know About The Raid on ISIS Leader Baghdadi
Dems Schedule Vote on Formal Impeachment Resolution
Meet The Hero Dog That Almost Died Hunting Down ISIS Leader
The Left Continues to Ignore Ukrainian Election Hacking
Pelosi Needs to Hold Impeachment Probe Vote
Parents of Murdered ISIS Hostage Slam Obama, Praise Trump
Gowdy Gives Update on Joining Trump Defense Team
Comey Announces Move to New Zealand if Trump Wins in 2020
Trump Didn't Notify Pelosi and Congress About Raid Because he Didn't Want it Leaked
Trump Approved Special Ops Raid Kills ISIS Leader
Trump Accuses Obama of Treason
6.) Carolyn Maloney
5.) Maxine Waters
4.) Adam Schiff
3.) Jerry Nadler
2.) Eliot Engel
1.) Richard Neal
The Dirty Deeds of Trump's Impeachment Crusaders
Tulsi Joins GOP in Questioning Secrecy of Impeachment Inquiry
Clinton Friend Threatens Legal Action Over New Russia Investigation Book
SHOCK REPORT: FBI Altered Flynn Docs; Clapper Called for 'Kill Shot'
Durham's Investigation Into Origins of Russia Probe is now a CRIMINAL PROBE
CNN President Confirms he is Considering Hiring Shepard Smith
Trump's Name Gets Removed From NYC Skating Rinks
MLB Investigating Ump for Trump Support
Bonus.) No Response
Bonus.) The Maybes
7.) Roger Wicker
6.) Cindy Hyde-Smith
5.) Jerry Moran
4.) Rob Portman
3.) Mike Rounds
2.) Jim Inhofe
1.) Thom Tillis
Only 7 GOP Senators Have Completely Ruled Impeachment Out
McConnell Backs Senate Resolution Condemning House Impeachment Inquiry
Democrat Rep Katie Hill ADMITS to Inappropriate Affair
5.) Hillary Clinton
4.) John Kerry
3.) Michael Bloomberg
2.) Eric Holder
1.) Michelle Obama
Meet The 5 People the Dems Want to Rescue Them
Keeping America Great with a Space Force
Trump/GOP Cash Soars as Democrat Fortunes sag
Trump Announces Lifting of Turkish Sanctions, Says Cease-Fire is Permanent
GOP Rep Destroys Key Impeachment Witness
White House Won't Renew Subscriptions to the NYTs and Washington Post
WATCH Tulsi Gabbard Releases Anti-Hillary Video
DOJ Sues California for Unlawful Agreement With Canadian Province
Viewers Meltdown After CNN Hires Pro-Trump Fmr Rep
Ben Carson Hits House Dem With Facts on Puerto Rico Aid
GOP Intel Committee Members Sound Alarm on Dems Dirty Tactics
7.) The Double Standard
6.) Ilhan Omar
5.) Consequences
4.) “It's Her Personal Life”
3.) Husband
2.) The Second Affair
1.) The Initial Affair
Sordid Affairs: Imagine if Republicans Were Involved in This Level of Debauchery
Scaramucci Calls for Mulvaney's Resignation
Rep Lee Zelden Reveals Schiff's Biased Questioning
Trump Claims Romney is Worse Than a Democrat
GOP Congressmen Send Letter to CNN Detailing Constitutional Violations
House Republicans to Censure Schiff Tomorrow
7.) Nikki Haley
6.) Sarah Huckabee Sanders
5.) Jim Mattis
4.) Anthony Scaramucci
3.) Reince Priebus
2.) Jeff Sessions
1.) Sean Spicer
Where Do They Go? Here is Where Former Trump Officials Are Now
Trump Told He Can't Hire Immigration Hardliners
Democrat Congresswoman Katie Hill's Bizarre Group Sex 'Throuple' Revealed
Romney's Twitter Secret Revealed
25.) Mark Walker
24.) Dan Crenshaw
23.) Mark Green
22.) Vicky Hartzler
21.) Clay Hoggins
20.) Ted Yoho
19.) Pete Olson
18.) Ken Buck
17.) Peter King
16.) Garret Graves
15.) Ann Wagner
14.) Joe Wilson
13.) Andy Barr
12.) John Curtis
11.) Mac Thornberry
10.) Elise Stenfik
9.) Adam Kinzinger
8.) French Hill
7.) Will Hurd
6.) Rooney Francis
5.) Michael McCaul
4.) Gary Palmer
3.) Steve Scalise
2.) Kevin McCarthy
1.) Liz Cheney
Meet the GOP Reps who Voted to Rebuke Trump
John Kasich Backs Impeachment Against Trump
Trump Leaves French Reporter Speechless With Quip About Why US Employment Is Better Than France's
Hillary Puts Forward Bizarre Conspiracy Theory About Tulsi Gabbard And Russia
Hunter Biden And Wife He Married After Only A Week Show Off Matching Tattoos
MSNBC Host Joe Scarborough Thinks Trump Supporters are 'Stupid'
Trump Admin Prosecutes Record Number of Immigration Crimes
Syrian American Group Lauds Trump's Syria Decision
Mattis Responds to Trump's Criticism
ICE Identifies Hundreds of Migrants Lying About Family Status
Rick Perry Stepping Down as Energy Secretary
Trump's New National Security Adviser is Making the NSC Great Again
Trump Will Hold the 2020 G-7 at his Miami Resort
WATCH London Commuters RIP Climate Protesters From Train
Pelosi Requests Prayers for Trump's Health
REPORT: Dems do NOT Have Evidence to Back up Their Impeachment Claims
RNC Raises Record Amount in September
President Trump Offers Condolences on Elijah Cummings
REPORT: Schiff Strongly Urged Witness to say Ukraine Felt Pressure From Trump
3.) El Salvador
2.) Honduras
1.) Guatemala
Meet the Central American Countries who Complied With Trump
Representative Elijah Cummings Dead at 68
6.) Never Added Up
5.) Biased, But How Much?
4.) What Has Been Done?
3.) Naming Names
2.) Declassification
1.) Steele Dossier
The FISA Abuse Report Will Drop Soon, Here Is What You Need to Know
State Department Official had Concerns About Ukraine Firm's Corruption in 2016
San Diego Officials Confirm NEW Wall is Working
Trump Tells GOP and Dem Warhawks Syria is not our Problem
Three Squad Members Make Their Presidential Endorsement
Pelosi Refuses to Hold Impeachment Inquiry Vote
Challenger Files Ethics Complaint Against Schiff
6.) The Monster We Created
5.) Wrong Think
4.) Candidates They Don’t Like
3.) Dump Trump Meetings
2.) Picking Winners
1.) Everybody Hates Trump
Project Veritas Strikes Gold Once Again! Here Is What They Found While Undercover in CNN
125 GOP Lawmakers Move to Censure Schiff
Historically Accurate Election Model Predicts Trump Victory
Trump's Outreach to Racial Minorities Ignored by the Media
Conservatives Want Trump to Pick Cuccinelli for DHS Secretary
Rand Explains why Trump's Syria Decision is Working
Bolton Ordered Notification of NSC Lawyer Following Ukraine Call
Megyn Kelly Will Make Return to Fox News in Tucker Interview
REPORT: Schiff Hired Two Aides who Worked With Ukraine Whistleblower
Representative Rashida Tlaib Threatens to Arrest Trump Admin Members
Hunter Biden Steps Down From Chinese Company Due to Trump Pressure
Former Senator Harry Reid Warns Democrats About Trump
5.) Turkey’s Comeback
4.) ISIS
3.) Pentagon Opposition
2.) Allies
1.) Fulfilling a Promise
What They Won't Tell You About Troop Movement in Syria: 5 Quick Facts
Trump Reveals Gowdy's Start Date
POLL: More Americans Trust Trump Than Congress
Trump Grants Pardon After Urging From Graham and Gowdy
Fed Court Rejects Trump's Challenge to House Tax Return Subpoena
Whistleblower Worked for Biden in Obama White House
5.) Staying in the Shadows
4.) Second-Hand Knowledge
3.) Pelosi Stall
2.) Gap in Reporting
1.) The Whistleblower is a Registered Democrat
Whistleblower Bias: Here Are Five Things That Disqualify the anti-Trump Whistleblower
Did Obama's Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch Leak Sensitive Intelligence Information?
GOP Lawmaker Officially Pulls Support From President Trump
Former DHS Secretary Rejoins Trump Administration
Obama's Ambassador to Ukraine Investigated for Surveillance of Reporters
Tulsi Slams DNC for Rigging Elections
Trump Gives Fox News a Major Piece of his Mind
Schumer's Focus on Resisting Trump Comes at a BIG PRICE
Trump Issues Two Executive Orders to Deconstruct the Deep State
7.) NFL
6.) Nike
5.) Universities
4.) Video Game Companies
3.) Silicon Valley
2.) Hollywood
1.) NBA
These American Institutions Are Bowing To the Chinese
Fox News Parts Ways With Gowdy After he Joins Trump Team
Mayor's Decision to Ban Cops From Wearing Uniforms to Trump Rally Backfires
Trump Issues Powerful Legal Letter to Pro-Impeachment Democrats
Barr's Bulldog Durham Expands Investigation Into Intel Community
REPORT: Admin Officials Claim Mueller Lied Under Oath
Trey Gowdy Agrees to Join Trump's Legal Team
5.) Not There Yet
4.) Soros, Comey, and Schultzt
3.) The Affair, More Than We Know?
2.) Who Wanted to Use the 25th?
1.) Weiner Emails
New Book Exposes Exposes The Deep State’s Lies and Deceit
BOMBSHELL: Whistleblower Closely Connected to Dem Presidential Candidate
REPORT: Two Cabinet Members Would Have Backed Rosensteins us of 25th Amendment
Clapper Admits Obama Directed him to go After Trump?
SHOCK POLL: Majority Supports Impeachment Inquiry
Fox Host Uncovers Blatant Clinton 'Quid Pro Quo' With Foreign Leader
Top FBI Official Accepted Gifts From CNN Reporter During Clinton and Trump Probes
Iran Plans to sue U.S. for Breaching Nuclear Deal
Trump Admin Blocks Ambassador From Testifying
9.) Non-Unanimous Juries
8.) 2nd Amendment Case
7.) Insanity Plea
6.) Case On Juvenile Sentencing
5.) Bridge Case
4.) Religious School Case
3.) Abortion Case
2.) Youth Illegal Immigration Case
1.) LGBTQ rights
The Cases the Supreme Court Will Hear This Term And How They Will Affect Trump
Inspector General Couldn't Explain Odd Timing of Whistleblower Complaint
McConnell Reaffirms Support for Trump Amid Impeachment Battle
New Evidence Suggests DNC Colluded With Ukraine to Help Hillary and Hurt Trump
Trump Loses New York Court Fight to Keep Tax Returns Private
5.) Senate Trial
4.) Floor Vote
3.) Articles of Impeachment
2.) Committee Process
1.) Investigation
Here Is The Process Of Impeachment
Unemployment Hits Lowest Point in 50 Years
Schiff Gets Setback in Crusade for Impeachment
Trump Tweets Video Update of Border Wall Progress
Trump Slams AOC Over Her Audience Member's Psychotic Meltdown
CNN Refuses to Air Trump Ad Exposing Biden's Corruption
6.) Fake News
5.) New Border Wall?
4.) Only Getting Worse
3.) Trump Exaggeration?
2.) Who’s Really Coming Across
1.) The Validity of Asylum Claims
What the Left Just Doesn’t Get About The Southern Border
Pelosi CAUGHT Lying About Schiff's Reading of Trump Transcript
The Middle Class is Getting RICHER Under Trump
Biden Linked Ukraine Prosecutor was Told to Back off Investigation
Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions Still Supports Trump
Former National Security Council Chief of Staff Makes Case for Schiff's Recusal
New York Dem Rep Flips: Now Supports Impeachment
Whistleblower Contacted Schiff Before Filing Ukraine Complaint
Treasury Undersecretary Leaving Trump Administration
Three Dem Senators Remain Cautious on Impeachment
1.) Senator Doug Jones - Alabama
3.) Senator Joe Manchin - West Virginia
2.) Senator Jon Tester - Montana
Fox Host Rivera Thinks Liberal Group is Behind Whistleblower Complaint
Giuliani Claims Obama Directed Hillary and Dems to Get Ukraine Dirt on Trump
Trump and the RNC Break Presidential Fundraising Record
Federal Judge Temporarily Blocks California Law Targeting Trump
Amash Pledges to Join House Dems in Vote for Impeachment
REPORT: AG Barr Focusing Probe on CIA and FBI's 2016 Activities
GOP Senators: Hillary and DNC Colluded With Ukraine to Undermine Trump
10.) Kendra Horn
9.) Ben McAdams
8.) Anthony Brindisi
7.) Max Rose
6.) Xochitl Torres Small
5.) Jared Golden
4.) Jeff Van Drew
3.) Ron Kind
2.) Joe Cunningham
1.) Collin Peterson
Meet The Ten House Democrats That Are Not Supporting Impeachment
NEW Photo Casts Doubt on Biden's Ukraine Claims
Pro-Trump Super PAC Files Complaint Against DNC for Ukraine Outreach
EXPERT: Trump's Ukraine Call Did NOT Violate Campaign Finance Law
House Democrats Subpoena Rudy Giuliani
6.) The Targets
5.) Testimony And Subpoena
4.) Impeach At All Costs
3.) Fox News Turn Coats
2.) Turn Coat? Nope! Just Fake News!
1.) New Rules? A Set Up?
Battle For Impeachment: The Latest In The Democrat’s Move For Impeachment
GOP Rep Reminds Schiff of his Ukraine Hypocrisy
Al Franken Accused of Groping by Former Democrat Senate Aide
State Department Opens Hillary Email Investigation
Whistleblower's Lawyer Calls out '60 Minutes' for Lying
Judge Dismisses 'High-Tax' States' Lawsuit Against Trump
GOP Rep. Chris Collins Expected to Plead Guilty to Insider Trading Charges
GOP Rep. Mark Amodei (R-NV) Sscrambles to Walk Back Impeachment Support
Bonus.) Lie By Omission
5.) Connected To Russia?
4.) Transcripts Reveal Impeachable Behavior
3.) Impeachment Is Unifying
2.) Trump Leveraged Aid
1.) Biden Confirmed Innocent
Here Are The 5 Biggest Lies About The Ukranian Scandal
Fox News Host Jesse Watters Destroys Dem With FACTS
Ukranian Prosecutor Signs Affidavit Claiming Biden Wanted him out Over Investigation
Trump and RNC Raise Millions Since Dems Impeachment Annoucement
Trump Calls for Schiff's Resignation
Ukraine Official Reveals Absense of Quid Pro Quo
REPORT: Whistlblower Worked for C.I.A
6.) Bad Precedent
5.) Not Based On a Primary Account
4.) Biden Looks More and More Guilty
3.) Cold Feet
2.) Consequences in The Next Election
1.) Bad Polling
6 Signs That Democrats Won't Actually Impeach the President
Senate Confirms Eugene Scalia as Next Labor Secretary
Vermont's GOP Governor Supports Impeachment
Whistleblower's Lawyer is a Biden Donor
Pelosi had Vastly Different Views on Impeachment in 1998
Schiff Caught Fabricating What Trump Said in Transcript
Pro-Trump PAC Releases Anti-Biden Video
Trump Fears Impeachment While Campaign Welcomes it
House Intel Committee Releases Whistleblower Complaint
8.) Jared Golden
7.) Peter Visclosky
6.) Al Lawson
5.) Tom O’Halleran
4.) Terri Sewell
3.) Tulsi Gabbard
2.) James Comey
1.) Jon Tester
Meet the Democrats who are not Entirely Sold on Impeachment
Romney Troubled by Trump Conversation With Ukraine
Schiff's Bluff Called: Trump to Release Whitleblower Complaint
Democrat's Double Standard: Threatened Funding Over Trump Investigation
Trump's Phone Call With Ukraine Appears to be a dud for Dems
Could Impeachment Be Part Of Trump's Plan To Entrap Joe Biden?
Trump Asked Ukraine President 'if you could' Look Into Biden and his Son
Pelosi Announces Trump Impeachment Inquiry
7.) Mikie Sherril
6.) Elaine Luria
5.) Elissa Slotkin
4.) Chrissy Houlahan
3.) Gil Cisneros
2.) Jason Crow
1.) Abigail Spanberger
Meet The 7 Freshmen Democrats That Are Moving To Have Trump Impeached
Trump Authorizes Release of Transcript of Ukraine Call
REPORT: New York Times Reporter Coached Kavanaugh Witness
Dem Wrecks AOC for Pushing Junk Science Claim
McCabe Memo: Rosenstein was Serious About Wearing Wire to White House
6.) Freeing Religious Leaders
5.) The Founding
4.) Investment
3.) Trump Administration's Efforts
2.) A Better Tomorrow
1.) Genocide
Here Is What Trump Had To Say At The UN… And Why It Is So Important
Stephanie Grisham Discusses Non-Existent Press Briefings
GOP Challenger Says Trump Could Be Executed for Phone Call
Romney Doesn't Plan to Endorse Trump in 2020
Giuliani Explains the Seriousness of the Biden Scandal
5.) What There Is to Gain
4.) What Is The Likelihood This Story Is Even True?
3.) Media Partisanship
2.) The Whistle-blower
1.) Hunter Biden
Whistle-blower! Here Is Why The Latest Attack On President Trump Is Simply More Partisan Bickering
Trump Nemisis Bill de Blasio Drops out of Presidential Race
Omarosa has Become Michael Cohen's Personal Adviser
Federal Judge Strikes Down California's Anti-Trump Tax Return Law
6.) Impossibility
5.) Consequences
4.) The Founding Fathers
3.) What Comes Next
2.) The Justification
1.) Corruption
Here is why DC Should NEVER be a State
Trump Files Lawsuit Against Manhattan District Attorney
Donald Trump's Approval Rating Overtakes Obama's
GOP Breaks Another Fundraising Record
Trump Administration to Punish San Francisco for Homelessness
Chinese Woman Pleads Guilty to Running Massive 'Birth Tourism' Scheme
GOP Group Targets Vice President Pence With New Ad
7.) Future Projects
6.) New Elevators
5.) Bowling Alley
4.) Diplomatic Reception Room
3.) Restoring History
2.) The Green Room
1.) The Red Room
Melania has Made THESE Changes to the White House
Pompeo: Saudi Attacks an 'Act of War'
Pelosi Wants Nadler to STOP Impeachment Proceedings
Trump Stops California From Setting Auto Emissions Standards
WATCH: Car Plows Into Trump Plaza Building
REPORT: Comey Broke Rules to set up Interview With Flynn
Trump Slams Lindsey Graham Over Iran Strategy Criticism
Trump Fires Top DHS Lawyer
Trump Picks Robert O'Brien as Next National Security Adviser
8.) Child Abuse
7.) Sri Lanka
6.) Nuclear Weapons
5.) Khmer Rouge
4.) IPCC
3.) Helping Lebanon
2.) UN Arms Treaty
1.) Climate Resolution
Here Are The Biggest UN Failures In Recent History
Trump Names Five Finalists for National Security Adviser
DOJ Files Lawsuit Against Edward Snowden
Trump Campaign Parts Ways With Top Florida Adviser
Senate Preparing for Showdown Over Trump Border Wall
United States Identifies Launch Locations of Saudi Oil Attacks
Judge Napolitano Claims Kavanaugh Could Sue NYTs
President Trump Calls for Resignations at NYTs Following Kavanaugh Smear
Judicial Watch Sues to Find out More About FBI Spy Inside Trump Org
6.) Will Kavanaugh Ever Be left Alone?
5.) FBI Involvement
4.) Results
3.) Looked Over All the Evidence
2.) No Evidence
1.) They Tried to make Contact
6 Reasons the NYTs New Kavanaugh Bombshell Is Plain Wrong
Manhattan District Attorney Subpoenas Eight Years of Trump's Tax Returns
House Committee Investigating Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao
GOP Reps Claim Coup Almost Occurred From Trump-Russia Investigation
Nadler Reveals Reason for Impeachment Crusade
Kavanaugh Accuser's Friend was Threatened by Left to Lie About Accusations
Senator Chuck Grassley Hits the New York Times With Truth Bomb
REPORT: Trump's Approval Rating Hits 50 Percent
DOJ Uses Democrat's Incompetence Against Them
Trump Suggests House Judiciary Investigate Obama's Questionable Deals
DEVELOPING: New York Times Issues Correction on 'Bombshell' Kavanaugh Story
Jeff Sessions
Steve Bannon
Anthony Scaramucci
James Comey
Andrew McCabe
Rex Tillerson
Sally Yates
Omarosa Manigault Newman
Here Are The Biggest LOSERS Trump Has Fired
Federal Appeals Court Allows Trump Emoluments Case to Move Forward
Congress to Ignore Trump's Wall Request in New Budget Move
Planned Parenthood Executive Makes Disturbing Admission
REPORT: CNN Employees Turning on McCabe
Sweden Rejects Request for 'TRUMP' Vanity Plate
House GOP Members Urges Dems to Pursue Impeaching Trump
9.) Elena Kagan
8.) Sonia Sotomayor
7.) John Roberts
6.) Stephen Breyer
5.) Samuel Alito
4.) Ruth Bader Ginsburg
3.) Clarence Thomas
2.) Brett Kavanaugh
1.) Niel Gorsuch
Trump’s Big Immigration Win: Here Is How The Justices Voted
U.S. Attorney Recommends Charging McCabe
HUD Inspector General Clears Ben Carson of Wrongdoing
Mainstream Media Push Inaccurate Trump Study, Refuse to Correct
El Salavador Increasing Immigration Enforcement Efforts to Aid US
Trump Ending Oppressive Obama Regulation
Supreme Court Allows Complete Enforcement of Trump's Asylum Rules
Bonus.) They do It Themselves
10.) Air Strike
9.) IED Goes Off Too Early
8.) Their Own Footage!
7.) 13 Down In Yemen
6.) AC130 Inbound
5.) Al-Shabaab Strike
4.) ISIS Convoy Decimated in Seconds
3.) Battle In Iraq
1.) 80,000 Pounds
Top 10 U.S. Military Wins Against Islamic Terrorism
Obama's Former DHS Secretary Rips Democrats Stance on Immigration
Flynn's Attorneys Sound Alarm Over Missing DOJ Memo That Cleared Flynn
Democrats Admit Trump Helped North Carolina Candidates
FED UP: Trump Orders White House Officials to Address California Homelessness
President Trump Issues STRONG Threat to Terrorists on 9/11 Anniversary
9th Circuit Lifts Nationwide Injunction on Trump's Asylum Policy
Two GOP Candidates Win Special House Elections in North Carolina
Trump has 60 Percent Approval in Rurual Areas of Key States
6.) Lack Of Friendliness
5.) Soaring Debt
4.) Election Meddling
3.) Pakistan
2.) Russia
1.) China
The Biggest Threats to Our National Security According to Former Defense Secretary Mattis
REPORT: American Minorities Make Historic Employment Gains Under Trump
Senate Democrats Force Vote on Trump's Emergency Wall Declaration
North Carolina has Released 500 Illegals Despite ICE Detainer Requests
Trump Fires National Security Advisor John Bolton
Trump's Wall Progress: UPDATED
Brennan and Clapper's Hypocrisy Exposed by New Spy Revelations
George Soros Praises Trump's Foreign Policy Stance on China
10.) Gregory Meeks
9.) Terri Sewell
8.) Marcy Kaptur
7.) Hakeem Jeffries
6.) Frederica Wilson
5.) John Lewis
4.) Richard Neal
3.) Ro Khanna
2.) Bobby Scott
1.) Daniel Lipinski
Meet 10 Democrats Who Won't Impeach Trump
OANN Files Multimillion Dollar Lawsuit Against Maddow, MSNBC
Soros Funding Dark Money Org That Fights Kavanaugh and Trump's Nominees
REPORT: Trump's Plan to Slow Border Crossings is Working
Mark Sanford Announces GOP Challenge to Trump, Trump Drops new Nickname
6.) Alfred E. Neuman
5.) Snow Woman
4.) Pocahontas
3.) Crazy Bernie!
2.) Debera Messing
1.) Joe Biden
Trump’s Best Nicknames of 2019
New Information About Odessa Shooter Destroys Dems Anti-Gun Narrative
Pence's Stay at Trump Hotel Under Investigation by Dems
NEW POLL Brings Good News to Trump
Ed Henry Returns to Fox News After Donating Liver to Save Sister
Trump Administration Fines Michigan State Millions
Ex-Campaign Staffer Drops Unfounded Lawsuit Against Trump
Bloomberg Law Fixes Story That Forced Trump Appointee to Resign
9.) No Food
8.) Andrew Yang Says No More Airplanes
7.) Ban Offshore Drilling
6.) Ban Fracking
5.) Population Control
4.) Harris’ Green New Deal
3.) No Coal Power Plants
2.) Ban Plastic Straws
1.) Buttigieg's Disregard For Veterans
Insane Statements from the Disaster of a Climate Change Townhall… YIKES!!!
NYTs Journalist Pushes Unfounded Trump Theory, Fox Reporter Corrects her
Trump's Special Envoy to the Middle East Annouces White House Exit
Blasey Ford's Discredited Kavanaugh Allegations Motivated by Abortion Protections
13.) Pete Olson
12.) Paul Mitchell
11.) Rob Woodall
10.) Bill Flores
9.) John Shimkus
8.) Sean Duffy
7.) Martha Roby
6.) Susan Brooks
5.) Will Hurd
4.) Mike Enzi
3.) Johnny Isakson
2.) Pat Roberts
1.) Lamar Alexander
Here Are The GOP Members Who Are Retiring From Congress
Former Obama Lawyer Charged by Mueller Found Not Guilty
Maxine Waters Melts Down on MSNBC, Repeats Lie About Trump
Trump Moving Forward With Plan to use Military Funds for Border
Ex-FBI Agent Exposes Mueller and Comey's Authoritarian Plans
Federal Judge Orders White House to Restore Playboy Reporters Pass
Ilhan Omar's Husband Wants Divorce After Homewrecker Allegations
Mark Meadows Warns Comey That Things are About to get Worse
Gowdy Responds to Comey's Demand for Apology
Mitch McConnell Accepts Dem's Debate Challenge
Senator Joe Manchin Will Stay in Senate, Won't run for Governor
7.) Emily Singer
6.) McClatchy
5.) NBC Staff
4.) “The Mooch” Story
3.) Brian Ross
2.) Manu Raju
1.) Lawrence O’Donnell
Here are the Reporters that Failed the Russia Test
Former Bush Official Ari Fleischer Slams MSNBC Analyst
Trump Says Biggest Opponent is Fake News not Democrats
Bonus.) Trump Station
5.) Trump Village
4.) Tetragramma donaldtrumpi
3.) Trump Heights
2.) Donald Trump Square
1.) Donald J. Trump Boulevard
Things Around the World that Honor Trump
CNN Even Calls Report on Comey Damning
Slovenian Village Sparks Controversy With a Trump 'Statue of Liberty'
DOJ Inspector General Issues Comey Report
DHS Bars 'Rude' Dem Staffers From Touring Border
Trump Sets his Sights on Another Obama Legacy
Former Attorney General Predicts McCabe Indictment
Trump to Keep Troops in Afghanistan After Reaching Deal With Taliban
6.) Gun Violence
5.) Free Childcare
4.) Public Education Entitlements and Much Much More
3.) Housing as a Human Right
2.) Eliminating DHS
1.) UN Border Control
Ilhan Omar’s Long Dark History of Horrid Policy Ideas
Trump Drops the Hammer on Lyin' James Comey
Former CIA Officer Claims Comey Attempted Coup
REPORT: DOJ Inspector General Finds Illegally Obatained FISA Warrants
Rep Ilhan Omar Wants the United Nations to Take Over at the Southern Border
6.) Knowledge of DNC Payments
5.) Not A Mistake
4.) Lying Under Oath
3.) Wall Street Journal Leak
2.) FISA Warrants
1.) Role In Hillary Investigation
Here is Why Former Deep State Official Andrew McCabe Needs To Be Prosecuted
REPORT: DNC Panicking as Trump CRUSHES in Battlegrounds
Joint Chiefs Chairman Refuses to Take CNN Reporters Bait
Consumer Confidence Rising Despite Media Recession Threats
MSNBC Host Spreads Trump Conspiracy NBC is Unable to Confirm
Pro-Trump Super PAC Backing Dan Bishop in N.C.
Trump's Immigration Policy Returns Thousands to Mexico
Mattis Emerges to Take Shot at Trump
Trump Administration Diverting Funds to the Border From Other Agencies
Illegal Immigrant Arrested for Violent Crime in Sanctuary County
What Melania Wore Representing the U.S. at the G-7
What Melania Wore to Opening G-7 Summit Dinner
What Melania Wore Touring the Basque Region With G-7 Spouses
What Melania Wore for G-7 Summit Dinner
What Melania Wore on the Final Day of the G-7 Summit
GOP Trump Challenger Walsh Immediately Loses Radio Show
Obama Jumps Back Into Politics With Fight Against Gerrymandering
13.) Chuck Rosenberg
12.) Frank Figliuzzi
11.) John Brennan
10.) James Gagliano
9.) Samantha Vinograd
8.) Susan Hennessey
7.) Phil Mudd
6.) Steven Hall
5.) Asha Rangappa
4.) Josh Campbell
3.) James Baker
2.) Andrew McCabe
1.) James Clapper
MSNBC and CNN Loading up on Former Anti-Trump Deep State Officials
Former Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders Prepping for Gubernatorial Run?
GOP Senator Cotton Defends Trump's Attempt to get Greenland
Iran Hits Top Trump Officials With Sanctions
GOP Rep. Sean Duffy Announces Resignation From Congress
Border Patrol Releases Footage Showing Miles of Wall Under Construction
Trump Scores Big Trade Wins With Japan and China
8.) Richest Man
7.) Battle with Democrats
6.) Tea Party Connections
5.) 1980 Election
4.) Stepping Down
3.) Charter School Donations
2.) Survivor of Cancer
1.) Not Just Political
8 things to know about David Koch, his Businesses, and his Politics
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Treated for Cancerous Tumor on Pancreas
Trump Administration Working to Solve Refugee Problem in Africa
Arrests of Non-Citizens Account for MAJORITY of all Federal Arrests
Reporters are Now Complaining About Trump's 'Chopper Talk'
Trump Will Meet the UK's Boris Johnson at G-7
CNN Hires Andrew McCabe as new Contributor
Billionaire GOP Donor and Philanthropist  David Koch Dies at 79
Former Press Secretary Sarah Sanders Hired by Fox News
Bonus.) Exploring the Next Louisiana Purchase
10.) Beating Back The ICC
9.) Fighting Against Venezuelan Tyranny
8.) Drawing the Line With Russia
7.) Withdrawing Troops
6.) The New NAFTA
5.) Syrian Attacks
4.) Defeating ISIS
3.) Israel Embassy Move
2.) Iran Nuclear Deal Pullout
1.) North Korea
Trump’s Top 10 Foreign Policy Achievements
Trump Warns European Countries who Refuse to Take Back Their ISIS Fighters
Former GOP Congressman Joe Walsh to Challenge Trump
Democrat Senator Sheldon Whitehouse Hit With Ethics Complaint After Warning SCOTUS
Trump Cancels Student Loan Debt for Disabled Vets
9.) Socialism's Best Example
8.) Merkel’s Germany
7.) Emmanuel Macron
6.) The UK
5.) Danish Leadership
4.) Animal ASSAD and Russia
3.) Sadiq Khan
2.) Ayatollah Ali Khamenei
1.) Kim Jong Un
Trump’s Greatest World Leader Takedowns
Trump Admin Will Deny Work Visas to Illegal Border Crossers
Trump Slams 'Foolish' Auto Companies
Trump Finds Creative Way to Address Immigration Crisis
Watchdog ALERTS Trump of CBP's Disturbing Misconduct
Kirsten Gillibrand Admits Anger Towards Trump Supporting Family Members
NYT's Columnist Slams Media for Hiding Sponsors of Omar and Tlaib's Israel Trip
6.) Bradley Byrne
5.) Ruth Papazian
4.) Scherie Murray
3.) Cindy Hyde-Smith
2.) Thom Tillis
1.) Whittney Williams
These Trump Supporters are Running in 2020
Trump Exploring Plan to CUT Payroll Tax
NBC News Gives Iran Platform to Trash Trump and America
Harry Reid Blasts Democrats' New Progressive Platforms
VIDEO EVIDENCE Proves Trump's Wall is Working
Former Israeli Ambassador Claims Omar and Tlaib Tried to Destroy Israel
Eric and Lara Trump Welcome a Baby Girl
DOJ Supports Trump's Decision to END DACA
5.) Rampant Crime
4.) High Taxes
3.) Trash, Needles, and Human Waste
2.) Immigration
1.) Homeless Population
5 Reasons Anti-Trump California Is Failing
Fourth Ranking Democrat Supports Trump's Impeachment
Attorney General Barr FIRES Bureau of Prisons Director Following Epstein Suicide
NYPD has IGNORED Every Detainer Request From ICE
MSNBC Host Stephanie Ruhle Hoping for a Recession
Trump Predicts an Endorsement From the New York Times
Scaramucci Assembling Team of Former Cabinet Members to Take Down Trump
1.) Heavy Set
2.) The Squad
3.) Say Hello To Mommy
4.) The Media Is Mad
5.) Don’t Be Rude
6.) Did Mexico Send Them
7.) Let The Man Finish
8.) Rashida Talib
8 Videos of Trump Kicking Protesters Out of a Rally!
Ninth Circuit Allows Trump to Limit Asylum Claims From Central America
REPORT: Trump has Expressed Interest in Purchasing Greenland
Former Clinton Aide ADMITS to Mishandling Emails
Senator Susan Collins Suggests Support for Increased Gun Control
Omar and Tlaib's Trip Funded by Group That Supports Terror
9.) Crow Tribe
8.) The Big Home Depot Suit
7.) Ending the Execution
6.) Washington Department of Licensing v. Cougar Den
5.) Citizenship Question
4.) Criminals Walk Free
3.) Protecting Planned Parenthood
2.) Apple Lawsuit
The 9 Times the Conservative SCOTUS Betrayed the GOP
1.) Heightened Penalty Law
Omar and Tlaib Denied Entry to Israel After Trump Tweet
A NEW Anti-Trump RINO Emerges in Joe Walsh
Nadler Hits Lewandowski and Another Former White House Official With Subpoenas
Trump Suggests Face-to-Face Meeting With Xi to Discuss Hong Kong Protests
Fox Host Jesse Watters Recalls Being Verbally Assaulted by Actor Shia LeBeouf
CNN's April Ryan's Security Detail Assaults Fellow Journalist
Judicial Watch Uncovers Obama DOJ's Attempt to Frame Trump
5 Things to Know About Crucial SCOTUS Gun Case
1.) What the Case is About
2.) Democrat’s Fear
3.) What Does This Affect
4.) Bad Argument
5.) Will The Court Hear This?
Judge Stops House Judiciary's Latest Impeachment Trick
Here is What is Actually Happening at the Border
New Report Indicates Pompeo Considering Senate Run
DHS Secretary Addresses Shots FIRED on ICE Facility
Flynn and Papadopolous Headlining 'Digital Civil War' Conference
Top Pence Aide to Become Pentagon Press Secretary
U.S. Citizens Look to Fill Jobs Vacated by Arrested Illegals
SHOCK REPORT: Undocumented MS-13 Members Accused of Raping 11-Year-old
Would These Liberal’s Outbursts Get Them Red Flagged?
1.) Chris Cuomo
2.) Kathy Griffin
3.) Donny Deutsch
4.) Ron Pearlmen
5.) Alec Baldwin
6.) JK Rowling
7.) Jim Carrey
Senator Tim Scott Defends Trump Against Accusations of Racism
Energy Secretary Rick Perry Claims Dems are Living in Fantasy World
Group of Democrat-led States Sue Trump Over Repeal of Obama-Era Rules
Sean Hannity Comes to Cuomo's Defense After Meltdown
Trump Ushers in New Era for GOP as Small-Dollar Donations Surge
Trump Welcomes Possible Curt Schilling Run for Congress
Here are The Actors In Hollywood's New Movie Where They Elite Hunt Trump Supporters
1.) Betty Gilpin
2.) Emma Roberts
3.) Hilary Swank
4.) Ethan Suplee
5.) Justin Hartley
6.) Glenn Howerton
7.) Sturgill Simpson
8.) J.C. MacKenzie
Pro-Trump Tech Billionaire Peter Thiel Claims Trump has Many Silicon Valley Supporters
Trump and McConnell are the Self-Proclaimed ‘Back-to-Back Supreme Court Champs’
Trump Admin Announces new Rule to Deny Green Cards to Welfare Recipients
Scaramucci Comes out Against Trump
FEC Complaint Filed Against Democrat Rep. Joaquin Castro
Nadler Publically CONFIRMS Impeachment Proceedings Have Begun
Biden Makes HUGE Gaffe in Latest Speech
Lindsey Graham Claims New Docs Reveals FISA Warrant was a Fraud
MSNBC Caught in Huge Lie
Former NFL Player Jack Brewer Urged Trump to Call Out Cummings
Trump Opens up About Late Brother's Tragic Life
Baltimore Residents Demolish Liberal Narrative, Agree With Trump
U.S. Attorney Slams Philadelphia for Protecting Illegals
The Media’s Insane Response to the El Paso Shooting
1.) Exterminating Latinos
2.) 8/8 Conspiracy
3.) Subliminal Orders
4.) The Morning Joe
5.) MSNBC Trump’s response
7.) CBS: Biden is Our Guy
CNN Host Gets Stumped by Pro-Gun Woman
Dr. Alveda King Supports Trump Amid Dem Attacks
Meet The Dems Who are Inciting Violence Across America
1.) Maxine Waters
2.) AOC
3.) Cory Booker
4.) Keith Elison
5.) Hillary Clinton
6.) Eric Holder
Trump Considering Commutation for Blagojevich
Assistant Secretary of State Resigns Amid Immigration Differences
Obama Becoming Frustrated With Democrat's Move Left
Rep. Castro's Attempt to Shame Trump Supporters Backfires
The FBI has a MASSIVE Leak Problem
House Democrats set Sights on Brett Kavanaugh
Trump Slams New York Times for Caving to the Left
Senate Democrat's Obstruction of Trump is Unprecedented
MSNBC Host Nicole Wallace Claims Trump Wants to 'Exterminate' Latinos
The Republicans Likely to Cave to the Left's Demand For Gun Control
1.) Lindsey Graham
2.) Adam Kinzinger
3.) Scott Rigell
4.) Fred Upton
5.) Vern Buchanan
6.) Mario Diaz-Balart
7.) Will Hurd
8.) Pete King
9.) Brian Mast
10.) Chris Smith
Trump and the RNC File Lawsuits Against California
Former FBI Agent Peter Strzok Files Lawsuit Against FBI and DOJ
BREAKING: Jon Huntsman Resigns as Ambassador to Russia
Judicial Watch Sues California Over Law Targeting Trump
President Trump RESPONDS to Former President Obama's Criticism
The Top 10 Democrats Most Likely to Lose to Trump
10) Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand
8) Beto O'Rourke
7) Amy Klobuchar
6) Pete Buttigieg
5) Sen. Cory Booker
4) Sen. Kamala Harris
3) Sen. Elizabeth Warren
2) Sen. Bernie Sanders
1) Joe Biden
9) Bill de Blasio
Elizabeth Warren's New Gun Control Policy Unveiled
1.) Removing the Filibuster
2.) Lead by Executive Order
3.) Allies on the Issue
4.) Not Warren’s First Rodeo
5.) Trump Prediction?
CNN Claims Wrongfully That Trump Eliminated Obama-era Gun Policy
Gowdy Wants Trump-Russia FBI Informant Transcript Released
Trump Condemns 'White Supremecy' and Calls for Mental Health and Gun Reforms
Mexico Threatens Legal Action Against the U.S. After Citizens Harmed in Shooting
Trump was Correct: Millions of Investment Dollars in Baltimore Unaccounted for
McConnell Hospitalized After Fall at Home
Trump's BIG Court Wins Against the Liberal Establishment
1.) Judge Tosses DNC Suit
2.) Pentagon Funding
3.) Travel Ban
4.) Tax Returns In New York
5.) Hotel Victory
6.) Bad Investment lawsuit
Judge Stops New York From Releasing Trump's State Tax Return
Senate Confirms 13 Trump Judges as Democrats Argue
REPORT: Corey Lewandowski Strongly Considering Senate Run
Part 2 Frontrunner Edition: Every Time the Dems Attacked Trump at the Debates
1.) Andrew Yang, The Opposite Of Trump
2.) Tulsi Gabbard, Not A Patriot
3.) Kirsten Gillibrand, Not Impossible
4.) Cory Booker, A Racist!
5.) Kirsten Gillibrand, Take Away!
6.) Andrew Yang, We All Agree
7.) Kirsten Gillibrand, Clorox Comments
8.) Don Lemon, Moderator Mishap
Border Crisis: ICE Released Over 200,000 Undocumented Family Members
REPORT: DOJ Inspector General Referred Comey for Prosecution
Michael Moore Admits he Doesn't see Anyone who can Beat Trump
Trump Hires Sean Spicer, Again
Judicial Watch Claims Comey Kept Trump Conversation Memos at Private Residence
Kelly Knight Craft Confirmed as Next U.S. Ambassador to the U.N.
Part 1: All the Democrat Attacks on Trump at the Debate
1.) Elizabeth Warren, Middle Eastern Policy
2.) Bernie Sanders, The UN and Israel
3.) Warren, Health Care
4.) O’Rourke, Trump Tweets
5.) Wlliamson, Flint, Michigan
7.) Hickenlooper, ???
President Trump Reveals his Most Difficult Days
REPORT: McCabe Used British Intelligence to Start Russia Investigation?
California's Democrat Governor Signs New Law Targeting Trump
Trump Slams CNN's Don Lemon Over Debate Questions
WATCH: Trump Scolds Fox News Reporter Over Coverage
Border Apprehension Record set in Rio Grande Valley
Rachel Maddow's Ratings Plummet as Fox News Shines
Trump Picks his Democrat Debate Winner
Judge Tosses DNC's Lawsuit Against Trump Over Stolen Emails
Trump's Historic Speech Interrupted by Anti-Israel Dem Lawmaker
Meet the Republicans Who Have Completely Abandoned Trump…
1.) Justin Amash
2.) Will Hurd
3.) Brian Fitzpatrick
4.) Susan Brooks
5.) Fred Upton
6.) Larry Hogan
7.) Lisa Murkowski
8.) Shelley Moore Capito
9.) Paul Ryan
African American Faith Leaders Defend Trump Amid Controversy
CNN Anchor Urges GOP to Ruin Trump Nominee's Nomination
Trump Endorses Kentucky Attorney General Candidate
Iraqi Refugee Used Kids as Human Shield Against ICE
Video Evidence of Current Conditions in Baltimore
DACA Recipient DEPORTED for Smuggling Illegals
Trump Reveals Why China is Delaying Trade Talks
HYPOCRISY: Trump is NOT ALONE in Criticism of Baltimore
1.) Baltimore’s Former Mayor
2.) PBS
3.) Bernie Sanders
4.) Orkin
5.) WMAR-2 News
6.) The Washington Post
7.) Rat Czar
15 Questions to Peel the Skin Off the Democrats
Trump Endorsed Representative Martha Roby Announces Retirement
DHS Chief Praises Supreme Court for HUGE Border Victory
Media's Selective Outrage Highlighted With Recent Trump Remarks
What Did We Really Learn from the Mueller Investigation?
Trump Names Congressman John Ratcliffe as Next Director of National Intelligence
Wall Street Journal Issues Correction on Anti-Trump N. Korea Story
WATCH: Former Baltimore Mayor Agrees With Trump's Assessment
Trump's Economy has the Dems in a Tough Spot for 2020
DOJ Investigating 'Smoking Gun' in Trump-Russia Investigation Origins
These Countries Send the Most Immigrants to the Southern Border
1.) Honduras
2.) El Salvador
3.) Guatemala
4.) Nicaragua
5.) Mexico
6.) North Africa and the Middle East
Jim Jordan Warns Citizens About the Anti-Trump FBI
Border Patrol Announces Apprehension of Heinous Criminals
Top Democrats that Mueller Proved to be Liars
1.) Adam Schiff
2.) Jerry Naddler
3.) Maxine Waters
4.) Nancy Pelosi
5.) Chuck Schumer
6.) Al Green
7.) Racheal Maddow
Trump Stands up to China With Strong Military Move
Trump Issues Ultimatum to Guatemala
Senate Confirms Mark Milley as Chairman of Joint Chiefs
Nancy Pelosi Tells Jerry Nadler to Calm Down on Impeachment Push
Gowdy Calls Out Glaring Problem With Mueller's Testimony
President Trump is Succeeding at Bringing American Hostages Home
Trump's DOJ Announces Capital Punsihment Will Resume
Liberal Judge Injuncts Trump's Immigration Rule Hours After Another Said it was Good
8 Takeaways From Mueller's Testimony
1.) Disappointing the Democrats
2.) How Did it Start?
3.) Mueller is Slippery
4.) Trump-Mueller Disagreement on FBI Job?
5.) Democrat Formula
6.) Trump Indictment Never an Option
7.) Mueller on Fire
8.) No Loser, No Winner
CNN Wants to Make Americans Hate Israel
Sarah Sanders Emerges to Comment on Mueller's Testimony
Former Independent Counsel Ken Starr is Concerned With Mueller's Testimony
Trump Mocks Dem's Failed Mueller Hearing
Former Trump Campaign Staffer Loses Court Case Against Campaign
Judge Strikes Down Challenge to Trump's New Asylum Rule
Congressman Ratcliffe Exposes Mueller's Trump Double Standard
GOP Senator Ernst Says Facilities are Safe but Crisis is REAL at the Border
Meet The 7 Conspiracy Theorists That get to Grill Mueller at His Testimony
1.) Adam Schiff
2.) Eric Swalwell
3.) Jackie Speier
4.) Mike Quigley
5.) Sheila Jackson Lee
6.) Steve Cohen
7.) Ted Lieu
Trump HITS House Ways and Means Committee With Lawsuit
Trump Claims he Will Win Minnesota Because of Omar
Judicial Watch Asks House to Investigate Omar's Questionable Marriages
Senate Confirms Mark Esper as Secretary of Defense
Trump Admin Proposes Rule That Would Eliminate 3.1 Million Food Stamp Recipients
Mueller's Top Prosecutor Attempted to get Dirt From Russian Oligarch
Boris Johnson Elected Next Prime Minister of the U.K.
The Largest Sanctuary Counties Lurking In Non-Sanctuary States
1.) Washoe County, Nevada
2.) Fairfax County, Virginia
3.) Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
4.) Franklin County, Ohio
5.) Forsyth County, North Carolina
6.) Onondaga County, New York
7.) Hall County, Nebraska
8.) Hennepin County, Minnesota
9.) Johnson County, Iowa
10.) Prince George’s County, Maryland
Trump Calls Puerto Rico's Governor 'Terrible'
Top Liberal Think Tank Warns Democrats of Open Border Stance
Trump Will Host Austrailia's Prime Minister for State Dinner
Trump Sells Straws to Troll Liberals and it is a Success
REPORT: Border Deaths Drop During Trump's First Two Years
MSNBC Contributor Caught Lying About Fox News' Mueller Coverage
Huge Support From Immigrants for Trump's Ultimatum to the Squad
Video Resurfaces Showing Tlaib Meltdown at Trump Speech
Anti-Trump Tom Steyer's Liberal Hypocrisy Exposed
Iran Seizes Two British Ships as Tensions Escalate
8 Trump Polls That Will Make Dems Furious
1.) Immigration
2.) Economic Poll
3.) Deportation
4.) Socialism
5.) Trump V. Democrats
6.) Presidential Job Approval
7.) Approval Rating Jump
8.) Trump’s Economic Performance
WATCH: Sen. Jon Tester Wants Trump 'Punched in the Face'
Ocasio-Cortez Wrecked by Trump's Campaign
Omar VOWS to Become Trump's 'NIGHTMARE'
College Students Slam Comments That are Actually Obama's
Trump Announces Nomination of Eugene Scalia as Labor Secretary
1.) Charlottesville Comments
3.) Animals
2.) Judge
5.) Do This, or, You Are Racist
4.) Sh*thole Countries
6.) Build The Wall
7.) Racist for Criticism
8.) Rashida Tlaib, RACIST
9.) Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee
11.) Lebron James
12.) AOC on Sixty Minutes
13.) Stephen Colbert
14.) They Are Not Sending Their Best
15.) Immigration Ban
16.) Caravan
17.) Negotiator
18.) I’m Not Racist
19.) Entertainment Tonight
20.) Trump, Jeff Sessions
All the Times Democrats Called Trump Racist and Why They are Dead Wrong
Trump CONFIRMS U.S. Navy Shot Down Iranian Drone
Acting DHS Secretary Reveals DISGUSTING Border Account
AOC and Omar Launch New Attack on President, Call Him Fascist
Impeachment Caucus Forms to Target Trump
Trump Celebrates Failure of Democrats' Impeachment Vote
POLL: Majority Support Trump's ICE Raids
Omar Introduces House Resolution Defending Boycott of Israel
More Questions Than Answers Arise Over Rep. Omar's Marriage History
Legal Immigrant Backs Trump's Ultimatum to The Squad
Are THESE the Possible Socialists In Congress?
1.) Bernie Sanders
2.) Alexandria Ocasio Cortez
3.) Ayanna Pressly
4.) Ilhan Omar
5.) Rashida Talib
6.) Maxine Waters
Judge CONFIRMS Campaign Finance Investigation Into Trump is OVER
CNN's Panel of GOP Women Backfires as They Defend Trump
Rep. Doug Collins Slams Pelosi for Passing Controversial Resolution
Eric Trump Backs Father's Criticism of AOC and 'The Squad'
Meet the Republicans and One Former Republican Who Voted to Condemn Trump
1.) Will Hurd of Texas
2.) Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania
3.) Fred Upton of Michigan
4.) Susan W. Brooks of Indiana
5.) Former Republican Justin Amash
Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens Passes Away
Every Lie Told by AOC, Omar, and Co. During Anti-Trump Presser
1.) Sons Of B*****s
2.) “Sh*thole Countries”
3.) Charlottesville
5.) Fringe Concpiracy
6.) Occupant
REPORT: NATO Allies Spent $100 Billion After Trump Pressure
Trump Administration Puts End to Federally Funded Abortion Referrals
Liz Cheney Drops Truth Bomb on Progressive Democrats
GOP Megadonor Peter Theil Fears Elizabeth Warren the Most
Trump's Latest Executive Order Wants American Made Goods to be More American
Trump Wants Google Investigated for Treason
Lindsay Graham has a Message for Border Criminals
Far-Left Congresswomen Caught Lying During Trump Press Conference
Everything You Need To Know About Trump's New Immigration Policy
1.) Prior Application
2.) Reducing the Burden
3.) Buying Time
4.) Those Coming
5.) Other Policies
6.) Who This Will Stop
7.) Barr Comments
8.) Media comments
9.) Needed
Trump Slams Ilhan Omar to Cheers at White House
Don Jr. Raises $3 Million in Three Hours for President Trump's Campaign
Trump Will Require Increased use of U.S. Steel in Federal Projects
Poll Shows Voters do not Like Omar and Ocasio-Cortez
CNN Commentator Suggests Sending Melania, Cruz, and Rubio Back to Native Countries
Trump Administration Announces NEW Rules for Asylum Seekers
Anti-Trump Pastor FIRED for Sinful Move
Meet The 12 People Jerry Nadler Just Subpoenaed
1.) Jeff Sessions
2.) Jared Kushner
3.) Rod Rosenstien
4.) Michal Flynn
5.) John Kelly
6.) Rob Porter
7.) Rick Dearborn
8.) Jody Hunt
9.) Keith Davidson
10.) Dylan Howard
12.) Corey Lewandowski
11.) David Pecker
BET Founder Praises Trump, Slams Dems
McConnell's Senate Challenger Already in Hot Water
Former Governor Slams AOC's Proposal to Abolish DHS
Waitress Arrested for Spitting in Eric Trump's Face
Trump Saves Lockheed Martin Plant From Closing
Labor Secretary Alex Acosta Resigns Amid Epstein Controversy
Ivanka and Don Jr.'s Role in The White House is Normal and has Historic Precident
Throw Back Thursday: Here Are The Most Liked Trump Tweets From 2016
10.) Islamic Terrorism
9.) The Running Mate
8.) Better Off
7.) He is Awake
4.) Iconic
3.) Never Let You Down
2.) The Wicked!
1.) Sick Burn!
POLL: Majority of Vets Want Troops Sent to Border
Trump's Attorneys Release Video Rebutting Claims Made by Former Staffer
The Dow Breaks 27,000 for the First Time Ever
Trump Expected to Issue Executive Order Placing Citizenship Question on Census
4 Democrats Even Pelosi Can’t Stand
1.) Ayanna Pressley
2.) Ilhan Omar
3.) Rashida Talib
4.) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Senate Confirms Trump's Seventh 9th Circuit Court Judge
Trump Comes to Home Depot Co-Founder's Defense After Calls for Boycott
Tucker Carlson Gets Trump's Support After Calling Omar Dangerous
Ross Perot's Last Political Act was Donating to Trump
Trump Wins Dismissal of Lawsuit Claiming he Violated Emolumnets Clause
British Amabassador to U.S. who Disparaged Trump Resigns
Fox News Beats MSNBC and CNN Combined With Coverage of Trump's Salute
7 Clues That Hillary Clinton Might Run For President… AGAIN!
1.) Her Website
2.) Speaking Tour
3.) Twitter Activity
4.) Attacks On Trump
5.) Media Appearances
6.) Fusion GPS
7.) But…
Federal Court Finds Trump Violated First Amendment
Former Presidential Candidate Ross Perot Dead at 89
Federal Judge Blocks Trump's Rule Forcing Big Pharma to Reveal Pricing
Trump Points out Devastating Effects of AOC's Green New Deal
Billionaire Tom Steyer Joins Crowded Democrat Presidential Field
CNN's David Gregory Points out Major Biden Failure
Trump Punishes British Ambassador for Disparaging Remarks
6 Reasons Dems Want Open Borders
1.) More Voters
2.) Impressing Donors
3.) A Testing Ground
4.) Making Texas Blue
5.) Creating A Mess
6.) Gun Control
Cuomo Signs Bill Giving Congress Access to Trump's State Tax Returns
Trump Challenges the Media to Visit Detention Centers
Trump's New Poll Numbers Should Trouble Democrats
ICE Ready to Act After Judge Issues 'Final Deportation Orders' to Millions
SHOCK REPORT: Trump Team Withheld Dirt on Kavanaugh's Accuser
President Trump Defies Critics With Successful 4th of July Celebration
Twitter Blocks Link to Anti-AOC PAC
Here is How The Asylum System Has Failed
1.) Half
2.) Little Proof
3.) Coaching
4.) Most Unqualified
5.) Less Than 4%
Ginsburg Praises Trump's Most Controversial Supreme Court Pick
5 Reasons Trump Is More Patriotic Than Past Presidents
1.) America First
2.) Avoiding War
3.) Pro-Capitalism
4.) Fighting Government Regulation
5.) 4th of July Focus
Protesters Decend on D.C. to Protest Trump's Celebration
White House Blames Activist Judge for Open Borders
Fireworks Company Receives Bomb Threats After Trump Praise
Trump Promises the Fight to add Citizenship Question is not Over
MSNBC Announces Unpatriotic Plan to Not Cover 4th of July Celebration
Illegal Immigrants Getting Fined for Overstaying Welcome by Trump Admin
Fox News Legend Rivera Drops Truth Bomb on Dems Trump Hatred
McCabe's Suspicious Relationship With Russian Oligarch Exposed
CNN's Fareed Zakaria Admits Trump is Right on Asylum Crisis
What you Need to Know About Trump's Epic 4th of July Event
1.) Fire Works
2.) Air Force One Flyover
Trump Admin Won't Add Citizenship Question to Census
3.) Military Bands
4.) Tanks?
5.) Drill Teams
6.) The Blue Angels
7.) Trump Speech
White House Reporters Praise Trump's Press Secretary
House Ways and Means Committee Sues Treasury for Trump's Tax Returns
Hispanic Pastors Refute AOC's Border
Billionaire Looks to Help Trump's 2020 Re-Election
Trump Tells Fox News he Wants to Exit Afghanistan
Trump Slams Dems for Poor Condition of Cities
Trump Announces $105 Million Fundraising Windfall
5 Reasons That Ivanka Trump is More Qualified Than Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
1.) CEO Status
2.) Trump Organization
3.) Modeling
4.) Work In Charity
5.) Proven
Chuck Schumer Facing Liberal Backlash Over Border Deal
El Salvadoran President Blames his own Country for Border Tragedy, not Trump
Canadian Cartoonist FIRED for Distasteful Trump Depiction
Trump Calls out New York and Cuomo for High Taxes and Harassment
New York Dem Slams Schumer, Pledges Vote for GOP
U.S. Economic Expansion BREAKS Record
Restaurant Owner Suggests Trump Officials Should Dine at Home to Avoid Violence
Former San Francisco Mayor Predicts Trump Victory
Trump's New Press Secretary Attacked by North Korean Guards
Trump Makes History, Becomes First Sitting U.S. President to Enter North Korea
Did Twitter Just Take the First Step to Shadow Ban Trump?
U.S. Stocks on Pace for Best June in 81 Years
Trump Admin Targets Socialist Tyrant's Son
WATCH: Border Crisis Deepens
He Won the Medal of Honor But is Forever Grateful to Trump. Here's Why.
VERY Awkward Moments from the Dem Debate
1.) Universal Health Care for Illegal Immigrants
2.) WUT? White House Hopeful Hates Plans
3.) Cheestatic Eric Swalwell
4.) Is This a Debate or Family Therapy?
Trump Ally Rep. Gaetz Under Investigation
Supreme Court to Review Trump's Decision for Dreamers
Carter Calls Trump 'Illegitimate President'
Trump Pounces After Dems Explode Illegal Immigrant Landmine
Reddit Censors 750,000 Trump Supporters
Pelosi Caves to Trump
10.) Cory Booker
Who Won the First Dem Debate?
9.) Beto O’ Rourke
8.) Julian Castro
7.) Jay Inslee
6.) Amy Klobuchar
5.) Tim Ryan
4.) Bill de Blasio
3.) John Delaney
2.) Elizabeth Warren
1.) Tulsi Gabbard
SCOTUS Blocks Citizenship Question
Supreme Court Hands Trump Clear Win
Deadly Virus Poised to Give Trump Leg Up in Trade War
5 Things Everyone Should Know About Trump's New Spokeswoman
1.) Old Job
2.) Time with Trump
3.) Willing to Sacrifice
4.) Well-Liked
5.) Single Mother
Trump Justice Joins Liberals in Case Involving Sex Offender
Democrats Vote to Subpoena Kellyanne
Star Witness Against Trump Disintegrates on Live TV
Congressman Says Supporting Trump Got Him Indicted
Google Brings in More Censorship, Here are Those Most Affected
1.) Prager U
2.) Tim Pool
3.) Steven Crowder
4.) Project Veritas
5.) The Quartering
6.) Dave Rubin
7.) Donald Trump
BREAKING: New White House Press Secretary Announced
Fox News Star Insinuates Trump is Guilty of War Crimes
Trump Threatens to 'Obliterate' Iran if US Attacked
Trump Threatens Veto on Badly Divided Democrats
Sex Smears Fly in Race to Replace Sarah Sanders
Companies Supporting Trump's Tariffs
1.) Calcomp Graphic Solutions
2.) Playmonster
3.) The Sign Shop, Inc.
4.) Davis Machine and Fabricating
5.) Star Werks, Inc.
6.) Liberty Steel Foundation, Inc.
7.) American Road Lines
More Proof Democrats Don't Understand Campaign Finance Law
Gorsuch Sides with Liberals in 5-4 Vote
Insider Blows Whistle on Silicon Valley Plot to Stop Trump
AOC Just Got Some Terrible Numbers
1.) 58.2%
2.) 50.8%
3.) 56.6%
4.) 33.4%
Trump Pulls Plug On Iran Strike At Last Minute
Piers Morgan Predicts Trump's 2020 Victory
Trump Gets Huge Pro-Life Win in the 9th Circuit
Trump On Potential Iran Strike: 'You'll Soon Find Out'
Hillary Is In Hot Water Once Again
1.) 23 Violations and 15 Individuals
2.) Chuck Grassley
3.) State Department Crawl
4.) Failure to Charge
5.) Classified Emails
6.) Confidential Information
7.) Shaky Leadership
8.) What Will Come Of This?
New York County Clerk Won't Enforce Law Giving Illegals Drivers Licenses
GOP Rep Claims Democrats are Holding Impeachment Hearings
SHOCK REPORT: Hundreds in Illegal Migrant Caravan Have U.S. Criminal Histories
Supreme Court Allows Peace Cross to Stand
Trump Fights to Eliminate Federal Agency
REPORT: Hillary Broke Election Law With Payment to Dossier Author
Syrian Refugee ARRESTED for Plot Against Pittsburgh Church
Highlights From Trump’s Orlando Rally
1.) Doubling Down
2.) CNN Sucks
3.) Massive Crowds
4.) No ReDo
5.) One Email
ICE Confirms Millions of Illegals Will be Deported
REPORT: Big Plan in the Works for Fourth of July Celebration
Trump's Approach to Mexico is Working Despite Media Criticism
Trump Poll Numbers Surging in Battleground States
Trump Raises Record-Breaking $24.8 Million On First Day Of Re-election Campaign
Trump’s Best: The Rallies We All Remember
1.) Freedom Hall
2.) Jacksonvillle
3.) Mobile, Alabama
4.) Post-Mueller Rally
5.) Election Day Rally
Report: Pompeo Pushing For U.S. To Strike Iran
Trump Switches Pick for New Defense Secretary
State Department Identifies 'Multiple Security Incidents' Involving Hillary Clinton's Emails
Report: Trump Once Forced Scaramucci To Receive A Shot In The Butt Aboard Air Force One
Dem Mayor Agrees With Trump: Federal Government Must Act on Immigration
Trump Announces Impending Removal of Millions of Illegals
Dems Move To Flip Day-One Trump Allies
1.) Corey Lewandowski
2.) Chris Christie
3.) Paul Manafort
4.) Michael Flynn
5.) Rick Gates
VIDEO: Clueless Students Attack Trump's Racist Quotes...Then Learn They're From Joe Biden
AOC Slammed By Voters In Her Own District In New Poll
McConnell to Force Vote on Trump's Border Wall
CNN's Brian Stelter Wonders Aloud Whether News Orgs Are Pushing Impeachment To Boost Ratings
Pro-Trump Group Looks To Invest In Important 2020 Battleground States
Neighborhood in Israel Named After President Trump
Trump Agrees With AOC's Presidential Prediction
Donald Trump Junior Threatens to Campaign Against Anti-Trump Republican Justin Amash in Michigan Primary
Amash Floats 2020 Run Against Trump
Meet Sarah Sanders Most Likely Replacement
1.) White House Director of Communications for first lady Melania Trump
2.) The Washington Post Hype?
3.) Unmatched Abilities
4.) Loyal
5.) Original
6.) In Defense of Trump
Taxpayers Paid MASSIVE Legal Bills for Judge who Helped Illegal Avoid ICE
Trump Will Ignore Fed's Recommendation and Keep Kellyanne
Two Trump Super PACs Head to Pennsylvania for Voter Registration Effort
Former ICE Chief Returning to Administration as Border Czar
TRUMP: Press Secretary Sarah Sanders is Leaving the White House
Ungrateful Athletes: Sports Star's Who Won't Stand Up For The Nation
1.) Colin Kaepernick
2.) Brandon Marshall
3.) LeBron James
4.) Megan Rapinoe
5.) Mike Evans
6.) Ray Lewis
7.) Devin McCourty
8.) Martellus Bennet
9.) Kenny Stills
10.) Arian Foster
Clapper's Over The Top Reaction To Trump's Comments Excites Democrats
POMPEO: Trump Admin Blames Iran for Oil Tanker Attacks
Democrat Beto O'Rourke Rips Joe BIden, Calls Him "Return To The Past"
Was This Trump's Greatest Speech Ever?
Democrat Congressman Schiff Issues Subpoenas to Flynn, Gates Over Russia Probe
Special Counsel's Office Recommends Kellyanne Conway be FIRED
REPORT: Manchin Considering Senate Exit to run for Governor
Trump Unveils NEW Red, White, and Blue Air Force One Design
What Melania Wore Welcoming Polish President to the White House
Hope Hicks Will Testify Before House Judiciary
Obama Administration Deleted Hundreds of Immigration Documents and Speeches Hours Before Trump Took Office
Shocking New Documents Reveal Leading Dem and State Department Officials Conspired on Steele Dossier
7 Reason Biden Won't Win The Election
1.) Low Energy Campaign
2.) No Message
3.) Baggage
4.) No Ability To Learn
5.) The New Media Landscape
6.) Suspect Past
7.) The Polls?
BREAKING: Trump Asserts Executive Privilege Over Census Docs
Joe Biden Swipes Avenatti's Campaign Slogan
Alan Dershowitz Claims Mueller's Report Should Never Have Been Written
Donny Deutsch's MSNBC Show Tanking
Kamala Promises to Prosecute Trump if Elected President
Voter Registration Seen as key to a Trump 2020 Victory
BREAKING: House Votes to Hold Barr and McGahn in Contempt
Shocking Facts About The Southern Border
1.) Where The Wall Is
2.) Drugs Pouring In
3.) Gang Crossings
4.) 17,000 Adults
5.) Giving Away Money
6.) Ebola
7.) Understaffed Areas
8.) Rescue Operations
9.) Court Date
Trump's Homeland Security Secretary Reveals Scary Border Statistic
President Trump Slams Fox News Personalities for Opposition to Tariffs
Corrupt Democrat Kwame Kilpatrick Likes Trump?
Former Trump Chief of Staff Reince Priebus Joins Navy
Justin Amash Leaves House Freedom Caucus Following Anti-Trump Tirade
President Trump Called Anti-Trump Rep Nadler After Health Scare
Trump More Popular in New York Than de Blasio
Trump Tweets Support for THESE Conservatives Banned by BIG TECH
1.) James Woods
2.) Diamond & Silk
3.) Laura Loomer
4.) Alex Jones
White House Slams Congress: Mexico is Doing More to Secure Southern Border
GOP Group Issues Anti-Trump Message in new ad
Kavanaugh Gets Surprising Praise from Ginsburg for Law Clerk Hires
Trump Calls out CNN and New York Times for False Reporting on U.S. Mexico Deal
CONFIRMED: Trump Suspends Tariffs as Mexico and U.S. Agree to Deal
7 Reasons Trump will Be Re-elected In 2020
1.) Incumbent Advantage
2.) Bernie or Bust
3.) Economic Models
4.) Democratic Infighting
5.) Democrats Charge Leftward
6.) Ray Fair Model
7.) Geo-Political Victory
Democrat Congressman Blames 'Lizard Brain' for his Hated of Trump
Hannity's Advice to Michael Flynn: FIGHT
Anti-Trump Rep Elijah Cumming's Wife Accused of Crime
Barr's Pick to Investigate Russia Probe is Dialed in
President Trump Launches Offensive on Nancy Pelosi
Anti-Trump Justice Department Official Awarded Bonus Amid Russia Probe
Two Pro-Trump PACs Focus on Voter Registration in Key States
EPA Reassigns Top Trump Resister
SHOCK REPORT: ISIS Plot for Southern Border Uncovered
Anti-Trump Rep Ilhan Omar hit With Massive Fine
U.S. and Mexico Closing in on Deal to Increase Enforcement and Avoid Tariffs
Democrat Hypocrisy: Trump's Citizenship Question Used by These Dem Presidents
Trump Delivers Incredible Speech on D-Day Anniversary
Meet 7 Republicans That Voted For Amnesty
1.) Will Hurd
2.) Dan Newhouse
3.) Mario Diaz-Balart
4.) Brian Fitzpatrick
5.) Chris Smith
6.) Fred Upton
7.) Don Bacon
Pelosi Tells Top Democrats she Wants Trump in Prison
Trump Promises NEW Trade Deal with U.K.
6 Major Border Problems Worse Than Expensive Guacamole
1.) Ebola Virus
2.) Disabled People Drowning
3.) Rampant Human Trafficking
4.) Gang Violence
5.) Sexual Assault
6.) Drugs
Trump Campaign Asks Judge to Punish DNC for Collusion Lawsuit
Top Trump Super PACs Join Forces to Mobilize Voters
ICE Director Confirms Family Deportations are Being Considered
REPORT: GOP Considering Voting to Stop Trump's Tarrifs
Meet The RINOs Who Could Vote to Impeach Trump
1.) John Katko
2.) Brian Fitzpatrick
3.) Will Hurd
4.) Justin Amash
5.) Adam Kinzinger
Dossier Author to Meet With U.S. Investigators About FBI Interactions
Federal Judge Tosses Democrat's Lawsuit Against Trump
10 Dems Who Might NOT Back Impeachment
1.) Tom O'Halleran
2.) Dave Loebsack
3.) Collin Peterson
4.) Carol Shea-Porter
5.) Josh Gottheimer
6.) Jacky Rosen
7.) Sean Patrick Maloney
8.) Matt Cartwright
9.) Ron Kind
10.) Nancy Pelosi
Mexican President Vows to Tighten Immigration Enforcement After White House Tariff Threat
Trump Announces Chief Economic Advisor to Depart Shortly
James Clyburn Predicts Impeachment, Claims Groundwork Being Laid
Trump Takes the United Kingdom by Storm
Scarborough Turns on Trump Again
Acosta Pens new Book Attacking the President
Former Top FBI Official Found to be Corrupt
Border Patrol Announced Massive Amount of Border Apprehensions
Trump's Biggest Media Haters Ranked by New Book
Alan Dershowitz Slams Mueller for Exceeding Role
Trump's Top Nicknames for Democrats in Congress
1.) Dick Durbin
2.) Dianne Feinstein
3.) Doug Jones
4.) Connor Lamb
5.) Jerry Nadler
6.) Adam Schiff
7.) Chuck Schumer
8.) Elizabeth Warren
9.) Frederica Wilson
10.) Maxine Waters
REPORT: Border Agents Make Biggest Arrest in History
Comey and the FBI Hit With Discrimination Suit
Rand Paul Backs Trump Amid Amash Attacks
Elizabeth Warren Calls Fox News a Scam
McCabe Admits There Was NO Collusion
Investigate the Investigators: Here are Republicans Who Want The Russia Investigation Examined
5.) Fmr. Rep. Trey Gowdy
4.) Fmr. Rep. Bob Goodlatte
3.) Talk Show Host Mark Levin
2.) Rep. Bradley Byrne
1.) Sen. Lindsey Graham
Democrats Urged to Move on From Impeachment
Feds Slap Trump Committee and Mar-a-Lago With Subpoenas
Judicial Watch President Calls for Investigation Into Mueller
Takeaways From Mueller's Press Conference
5.) Evidence Was Not Sufficient
4.) Charging Trump Was Never on the Table
3.) Russia Attempted To Interfere
2.) Not Constitutional
1.) The Last Time We Will See Him?
Melania Dazzles During Visit With Troops on Historic Trip
Colorado's Democrat Governor Makes it More Difficult for ICE to Arrest Illegals
Trump Responds to Mueller's Statement
BREAKING: Mueller Resigns From DOJ
BREAKING: Muller to Make Public Statement Wednesday
Amash Accuses Barr of Misrepresenting Mueller Report
Mueller Claims Anti-Trump Author's new Claim is False
Here Is All The Evidence Showing A Trump 2020 LANDSLIDE
1.) 12 Models, Economist Approved
2.) Incumbent Advantage
3.) Democratic Infighting
4.) The Booming Economy
5.) The Ray Fair Model
6.) Democrats Moving Further Left
GOP Rep Introduces Bill Targeting Trump Investigators
Utah Judge Suspended for Anti-Trump Comments
Barr and Pence Call Nationwide Injunctions Unconstitutional
Dem Presidential Candidate Buttigieg Claims Trump Faked Disability
Trump's Approach Suffocating Terror Org Hezbollah
James Comey and Loretta Lynch Have Different Stories About Hillary
Washington State Becomes a Sanctuary State
Justin Amash Dives Into Another Impeachment Tirade
1.) Michael Flynn
2.) Jeff Sessions Recusal
3.) Don McGahn
4.) Don McGahn Part 2
5.) Lewandowski
6.) Pardon Power
Ben Carson Responds to Calls for his Resignation
MSNBC Admits Mistake in Coverage of Anti-Trump Avenatti
Federal Judge Skeptical of Democrats' Wall Funding Lawsuit
Trump Allows Barr to Declassify Russia Docs
Trump Targets Non-Citizens who Receive Welfare
Meet Trump’s Most Powerful GOP Allies
1.) Future45
2.) Committee To Defend The President
3.) America First Action
4.) Rebuilding America Now
5.) Great America Pac
Nancy Pelosi Asks for a Trump Intervention
President Trump Questions Rex Tillerson's Intelligence
Dem Senator Sinema Votes Yes for Trump's Judges
New York Passes Bill Allowing Congress to see Trump's Tax Returns
The Dark Secrets of Dem Front Runner Joe Biden
1.) Rosemont Seneca Partners
2.) 09 China Meeting Hunter’s Endeavor
3.) 09 China Meeting Joe’s Endeavor
4.) Air Force Two
5.) Bohai Harvest
6.) You’re Fired
7.) The Natural Gas Company
8.) How Do We Know This?
Conservative Group Files Suit to Force FEC to Rule on Clinton Corruption
Judge Rules Banks can Give Financial Docs to House Dems
Pelosi Accuses Trump of Engaging in Cover-Up
Trump Stops Infrastructure Negotiations While Being Investigated
Trump Expected to Name Cuccinelli New Immigration Chief
Major Cohen Claim About Trump Proven Wrong?
Trump Endorsed Candidate Wins Big in Pennsylvania Special Election
Jerry Nadler Subpoenas Former Trump Staffers
Here Is Why Justin Amash Is Dead Wrong On Impeaching Trump
4.) No One Has Read The Report
3.) Partisanship
2.) Impeachable Conduct
1.) AG Barr
Donald Trump Jr. Contemplating NYC Mayoral Run
House Freedom Caucus Punishes Amash
FLASHBACK: Biden Once Shared Trump Immigration Stance
BREAKING: Judge Rules Against Trump's Attempt to Block Subpoena
BREAKING: White House Tells McGahn Not to Testify
Meet the GOP Rep Wanting to Impeach Trump
1.) Defunding Sanctuary Cities
2.) Government Funded Sex Changes
3.) Obama’s Transgender Executive Order
4.) Kate’s Law
5.) Planned Parenthood Defense
Gowdy Says FBI Transcripts From Russia Probe are Game Changer
Schiff Announces New Approach to Take Down Trump
Romney Backs Trump After GOP Rep Calls for Impeachment
Here Is Who and What Barr Is Investigating
4.) The Big Three
3.) Campaign Informants
2.) The Obama Administration activities
1.) What Happened
Trump Pardons Author Convicted by Comey's Lawyer
Anti-Trump AOC has a BIG Problem at Home
Trump Warns of Long Jail Sentences for Treasonous Campaign Spying
Attorney General Barr Highlights Problems With Steele Dossier
Trump's Top Dog Says Immigration is a Winning Platform
REPORT: Flynn Under Investigation Much Earlier Than Thought
Maxine's Leadership Called a 'Travesty'
Schumer Accused of 'Unprecedented' Obstruction
Barr is Taking Hands-Off Approach With Mueller
Trump Will Invoke Historic Act to Kick Illegals Out
Trump Pulls $1 Billion From California
AOC’s Top 7 Lies
1.) $700 Million No One Wanted
6.) Abortion Law LIE
2.) Icy Beds
7.) Two Jobs
3.) Overhype
4.) Medicare Costs
5.) 70% of Americans
Mike Pompeo Absolutely Wrecks John Kerry
Hannity Says DOJ FISA Abuse Investigation is Devastating
Former FBI Lawyer was Concerned Comey was Blackmailing Trump
Representative Tlaib Caught Pushing Propaganda
6 Reasons Iran Is No Ally Of The US
6.) Attacking Oil Tankers
5.) Funding Palestinian Radicals
4.) Assassination Plotted
3.) Backing Terror
2.) No Personal Freedom
1.) Death To America
Trump's Approval Rating HIGHEST in Past Two Years
Biden's Son's Questionable Partnerships Revealed
Barr's Investigation has Brennan and Comey Scrambling
Gowdy Shines Light on FBI's Possible Anti-Trump Tactics
Romney Votes Against Trump to Defend Obama
Meet Barr’s New Bulldog Who Is going After Dirty Dems
6.) Drug Trafficking Shutdown
5.) Appointed by Trump
4.) Whitey Bulger
3.) Apolitical
2.) Government Cover-Up
1.) History
Rod Rosenstein Destroys 'Pundit' James Comey
Gowdy Knows Where to Find Obama Admin's Dirt
Barr Appoints Bulldog Attorney to Look Into Russia Investigation's Origin
Trump Looks to Stop Nationwide Injunctions
Trump's Nicknames for his 2020 Opponent
6.) Nasty Kamala Harris
5.) Alfred E. Neuman
4.) 1 Percent Biden
3.) Pocahontas
2.) Crazy Bernie
1.) Sleepy Creepy Joe
Former Senator Lieberman Praises Trump on Iran
Britain's Queen Declines to Invite Anti-Trump Mayor
REPORT: Obama's White House Lead Hillary's Email Cover-Up
5.) Combating China
4.) Contrast
3.) Other Contenders
2.) Previous Work
1.) 1st Joined
5 Facts About Trump’s New Secretary of Defense
Giuliani Heads to Ukraine Looking for Hillary and Biden Answers
Trump Gets Money From Pentagon for Border Wall
Fox News Host Stumps Dem Senator on Trump Jr. Claim
Comey Thinks Trump Could Still be Indicted
Trump: Barr Will Decide if Mueller Testifies
Trump Recruiting GOP Rockstar to Run for Office
Trump Slams Obama for China Failure
6.) Media Strikes Down Barr
5.) Arrest?
4.) Torching His Reputation
3.) More Hearings
6 Major Attacks On AG Barr
2.) Spying Comments
1.) Nadler Hypocrisy
Trump Picks Patrick Shanahan as Next Secretary of Defense
SHOCK REPORT: Self-Deportation Skyrocketing Under Trump
U.S. Seizes N. Korean Ship for Violating Sanctions
Trump Wants Kerry Prosecuted for Violating Logan Act
Key Stat About Mueller Report Being Hidden
Dirty Dossier Author ADMITS Work was Political
5 Reasons the NYT's Was Wrong About Trump's Tax Returns
1.) Bad Business
2.) Write-Offs
3.) Trump Response
4.) Admitted to Losing Money
5.) Dems Drop The Ball
Trump Jr. Subpoenaed by Senate Intelligence Committee
Trump Will Assert Executive Privilege on House Democrats
Trump Jr. Resisting Pressure to run for Senate in Wyoming
9th Circuit Allows Trump to Send Asylum Seekers to Mexico
Trump: China's Vice Premier Coming to Make a Deal on Trade
Trump has Double the Women Donors of any Dem Candidate
Bannon Claims China Threat was Most Important of Trump's Presidency
WATCH: McConnell Defends Trump, Declares Mueller Investigation OVER
Trump Pardons an American Hero
8 Things More Popular Than CNN
8.) Ryan’s Toy Reviews
7.) Real-Estate Agents
6.) Way More Viewers
5.) Witches and Pagans
4.) Bicycles
3.) Number of households with…
2.) Jefferson County
1.) Home and Garden TV
Trump is the Comms Director, White House Will Not Fill Role
Schumer SHOCKINGLY Offers Trump His Support
Read Trump's Interview With Fox News HERE
Cohen Enters Prison After Slamming Trump
Anti-Trump Dems Better Start Prepping for Reality Check
Trump's Economy Breaks Another Unemployment Rate Record
Wounded Rabbi Wants Trump to Bring This Back to Schools
Obama Took Trump's Victory Personal
DOJ Calls Out Dems for Refusing to Read Less Redacted Report
Hispanic Conservatives Rally for the Wall at The White House
Trump Admin Working to Grant Broader Authority to Border Patrol
FAKE NEWS: Recent Acts Of CNN’s Fake News
6.) Incendiary Comments
5.) Antifa Supporter?
4.) Blitzer Begging
3.) From Mars
2.) BLM Narrative
1.) Farrakhan’s Far Right?
Trump's Economic Success Presents Big Problem for Dems
Trump Promises to Declassify Everything Related to Obama-Era Spying
DNC Contractor Solicited Trump Dirt From Ukraine
Democrat Fear: The Real Reason Behind Barr Attacks
7.) Tweet This
6.) Graham Is A LIAR
5.) LIAR!!!
4.) Like a Cheating Boyfriend
3.) Drew Blood
2.) Executive Privilege Is Like
1.) Madow-Clinton Tee Up
MSNBC Fails Again: 7 Fails From Barr Testimony
Trump Issues New Rule Protecting Religious Freedom
Details Emerge on FBI's Trump Campaign Infiltration
Nancy Pelosi Accuses Barr of Committing Crime
Trump Highlights Biden's Corruption
7.) Mueller to Testify?
6.) Ben Sasse Statement
5.) Barr Pushes Back
4.) Resign Part 2
3.) Resign
2.) Presidential Polls
1.) Richard Blumenthal Lies
Highlights From The Barr Hearing
Attorney General Barr Crushes Dem's Mueller Narrative
AG Barr Embarrasses Dem Senator Whitehouse
SHOCK REPORT: Obama was the Real Enemy of Free Press
New Job Numbers Rocket Past Wall Street's Expectations
Trump Family Files Suit to Combat Subpoenas
3.) Lindsey Graham
2.) Donald Trump
1.) Alan Dershowitz
Judge Napolitano Goes Toe to Toe With These Power Players
President Trump Agrees With Chuck and Nancy on Infrastructure Package
Senator Lindsey Graham Drops the Hammer on Judge Napolitano
Kimberly Guilfoyle Joining the Trump 2020 Campaign
Deputy AG Rosenstein Submits Resignation
Dems In Congress Going After Trump
6.) Maxine Waters
5.) Al Green
4.) Alexandria Ocasio Cortez
3.) Steve Cohen
2.) Elijah Cummings
1.) Jerry Nadler
Trump Admin Preparing to Introduce New Immigration Plan
Trump Slams Cuomo Tells NRA to Leave New York
Liberal New York Times Publishes Anti-Semitic Cartoon
Trump Slams 'Hostile' Judge Napolitano
How The Obama Administration Spied On Trump
1.) Fisa Court Shuffle
2.) Comey Set Up
3.) Court Notification
4.) Stefan Halper
5.) Gang Of 8 Blackout
6.) Keeping It a Secret
Ex-CIA Boss Brennan Launches Attack on Trump
Mueller FAILED by not Investigating Dossier
SHOCK REPORT: Obama Enlisted Ukraine to Take Down Trump
Rod Rosenstein Highlights Obama Admin's Failure
10 Interesting Jared Kushner Facts
10.) Romney Endorsement
9.) Security Clearance
8.) Trump Family
7.) Order Of The Aztec Eagle
6.) The First Step Act
5.) 666 5th Avenue
4.) Academic Life
3.) Chris Christie Fued
2.) Media Purchase
1.) Jewish Faith
Dems Launch Probe Into DHS Firings
Judge Who Helped Illegal Escape ICE Gets Indicted
Clinton Warns Dems on Trump's Impeachment
Lawyer Looks to Take Down AOC in 2020
Liberal NYT Columnist Changes Mind on the Wall
Trump Warns Mexico Against Overreach
Top Businessman and Trump Supporter Warns Against Socialism
Kushner Reveals Immigration Reform Plan
Sleepy Eyed Joe
Trump Gives Biden a New Nickname After Announcement
Trump is Going After These Dirty Dems
5.) DOJ Inspector General
4.) DNC Steele Collusion
3.) Hillary Ukrainian Collusion
2.) Judicial Watch FOIA
1.) Comey Confusion
Trump Says 'No' to Campaign Money From Big Pharma
McCains to Break With GOP, Endorse Biden for 2020
Giuliani Warns Clinton Special Treatment Could be Ending
Conservative Group Targeting AOC With Spending Spree
10 Surprising Trump Supporters
10.) Joy Villa
9.) Ben Carson
8.) Mike Tyson
7.) Ted Cruz
6.) Dennis Rodman
5.) Sarah Palin
4.) John Stewart
3.) Kanye West
2.) Kim Kardashian
AOC and Hillary Getting Special Treatment From the FEC
1.) Van Jones
Israel's Netanyahu Wants to Name City After Trump
Pelosi Tells the Dems 'No' on Impeachment
Trump Shifts Focus to Immigrants Who Overstay VISAs
Senator Mike Lee Shuts Down Dem's Impeachment Dreams
Former White House Counsel Hit With Subpoena
Adam Schiff Proves His Hypocrisy
These GOP'ers Side with Dems on the Mueller Report
REPORT: Herman Cain Withdraws Name From Consideration for Fed Reserve
Trump Made Promise to Flynn Amid Firing
Trump Files Suit to Stop Dems From Getting his Financial Info
Trump’s Best Comebacks
1.) Trump Rand Paul
2.) The Wall Just Got Higher
3.) Like Scavengers
4.) Kim Jong Un
5.) Trump Slams Acosta
6.) Only ROSIE
7.) If it Weren't For ME
8.) Tough Guy Jeb
9.) Trump Slams Iraq War
11.) Slamming Heckler
12.) Trump Slams Hillary
13.) Comeback after Comeback
10.) Trump Slams NFL
Fox News Analyst Drops Hammer on Schiff
The Federal Election Commission Ignores Dem's Misconduct
CNN Reporter Calls for Sarah Sanders Firing
Melania Gets Special Easter Egg for Celebration
Obama's Campaign Manager Predicts Trump Beats Bernie
Buzzfeed Admits it Got Trump Story Wrong
Border Patrol Uncovers MASSIVE Fraud
Trump Lawyer Destroys Disgraced Newsman Brian Williams
AOC Jumps on the Trump Impeachment Train
Mueller Report Reveals Trump Pushed Staff to Find Clinton Emails
10.) Richard Blumenthal
9.) Need To Impeach
8.) David Leavitt
7.) Kurt Eichenwald
6.) Adam Parkhomenko
5.) Alyssa Milano
4.) Ann Navarro
3.) Pete Buttigieg
2.) Chuck Schumer
1.) Nancy Pelosi
Mueller Meltdown: Dems Rage Over Report
Trump's Reaction to the Beginning of Mueller Report Revealed
WATCH: Attorney General Barr School Journalist
Dem Senator Admits Need for Stronger Border
Read The Mueller Report HERE
12 Takeaways From Barr's Release of the Mueller Report
Fox News Analyst Slams Media's Hypocrisy on Barr and Avenatti
Armed U.S. Citizens Caused Surrender of Hundreds of Asylum Seekers
Exposing The Left's Dark Money Finance; Who Pays The Bills?
6.) Democracy Alliance
5.) How Much Influence
4.) Pop Up and Astroturfing
3.) Clinton Connection
2.) How Much Money?
1.) Arabella Advisors
Trump Calls Out Shady FBI Relationship With Anti-Trumper
GOP Senators Look Into FBI's Handling of Clinton Investigation
SHOCK REPORT: Over 10,000 Illegals in U.S. From Terror States
Fact Check Fails: 7 Washington Post Mistruths About Trump
7.) Building the Wall Daily
6.) Obamacare is a Disaster
5.) Witch Hunt
4.) The Jobs Created
3.) The Border and The Drug Trade
2.) Almost Killed Obamacare
1.) 50 Percent Approval Rating
Ban on Trump's Border Policy Lifted by Liberal Court
Trump is NOT Happy With Fox News Over Bernie's Town Hall
Bill Weld Announces Trump Primary Challenge
New Customs and Border Protection Chief Named
Tiger Woods to Receive Presidential Medal of Freedom
Trump Rips Pelosi, Claims She is Owned by This Rep
Representative Ilhan Omar Blames Trump for Violence
Trump Outpaces Competition, Raises Millions
Trump Points Out HUGE Obama Scandal the Media is Hiding
Why the Anti-Trump Dems Should be Scared
5.) Stopping the DOJ
4.) Comey and Clapper Manufacturing
3.) The Other Option
2.) Lack Of Notification
1.) A Question
ALERT: Man Arrested After Lighting Self on Fire in Front of White House
Pelosi Meltdown Triggered by Trump's Sanctuary City Plan
Trump Admin Denies Entry to Anti-Israel Leader
Lib Groups Call for Investigation Into Kavanaugh
Conservative Supreme Court Justice Slams Dem Approach to Judicial Picks
Cuccinelli Gaining Support to Become Trump's Next DHS Secretary
Senator Joe Manchin Endorses GOP Senator
Trump Admin Discussed Dumping Illegals in Sanctuary Cities
6.) DNC Email Dump And Podesta Hack
Julian Assange: Friend or Foe?
5.) Baghdad Airstrike Video
4.) 9/11 Papers
3.) Climategate Email Dump
2.) Fighting For Dissenters
1.) Swiss Bank Shut Down
JUDGE NAP: 'Julian Assange is a 'Hero'
Jobless Claims LOWEST in 50 Years
Senate Confirms David Bernhardt to Replace Ryan Zinke
Obama's White House Counsel CHARGED by Feds
New York Post Hits Rep. Omar With Epic Front Page
Wikileaks Founder and Hillary Nemesis Arrested
5 Facts About Israel's Prime Minister
1.) Educated in The US
2.) His Famous Nickname
4.) Military Service
3.) Ambassador to the UN
5.) Prime Minister Elections
TRUMP WAS RIGHT: Presidential Campaign Was Spied On
Twitter Officially Censors a Trump Tweet
Trump Accuses Top Officials of Attempted Coup
Bill Barr Assembles Team to Investigate Obama-Era FBI
Trump's Approval Rating Rockets to 53 Percent
The Long History Between Jerry Nadler and Donald Trump
5.) Leading The Charge
4.) Television City Part 2
3.) Document Farming
2.) Fat Jerry
1.) Television City
Protesters Demand Kavanaugh Be Fired
Attorney General Bill Barr Reveals What Will be Redacted in Mueller Report
Federal Judge Stops Trump From Enforcing Border Policy
Outgoing DHS Secretary Announces Support for Trump
Meet Trump's New Homeland Security Secretary
5.) The Legal Loopholes
4.) Supporter of the Border Wall
3.) Experienced With The Law
2.) Well Respected
1.) Experienced With The Border
Director of the U.S. Secret Service FIRED
U.S. Designates Iran Revolutionary Guard a Terrorist Org
Trump's Chief of Staff Says Dems Will 'NEVER' See Tax Returns
Kirstjen Nielsen Resigns as Homeland Security Secretary
Trump's World Bank Pick Wins Election
Meet The Woman Used To Smear Michael Flynn
6.) A Second and Third Dinner
5.) MI6 Connection
4.) Who Else Was There
3.) I’m Not A Russian Spy
2.) The Flynn Connection
1.) Media Questions
Trump Will Hold Rally Instead of Attending Correspondents Dinner
Trump Abruptly Pulls ICE Director Nomination
Trump Responds to Barbara Bush's Criticism
Trump's Approval Rating Passes Fifty Percent
Maxine Waters Cites Russian Conspiracy, Calls for Trump's Impeachment
RECORD: Unemployment at 50-Year LOW
Man Claims He Was Attacked for Wearing 'MAGA' Hat
Gorsuch to Release Book on Constitution and Confirmation Process
ICE Arrests Hundreds in HUGE Raid
Anti-Trump Rep to Give Dem Donors a Trump Briefing
Trump's Job Numbers Beat Expectations
Obama's Border Chief Calls Border 'Wide Open'
4.) AP Phone Record Scandal
3.) IRS Targeting Scandal
2.) Benghazi
1.) Fast And Furious Scandal
Obama-era Scandals They Want You To Forget About
Trump Tweets Video Mocking Joe Biden
Fox News Contributor Will be New State Dept. Spokeswoman
NATO Chief: Trump's Plan is Working
Senate Votes to Fast Track Trump Nominees
Highlights from Trump’s NRCC Dinner Speech
7.) Windmills
6.) The Guy From Chicago
5.) Late Term Abortion Comments
4.) The 29-year-old Bartender
3.) Radical Socialism
2.) Bye Biden
1.) The Counting Measures
Schiff Digs in With Trump Collusion Claims, Gives Him Nickname
Former Gang Member Supports Trump's Approach to Border Security
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Hit With Another Complaint for New Scheme
Trump is Reshaping the Ninth Circuit
Top 8 Joe Biden Fails
Judge Nap: Mueller Report Cannot be Fully Released by Law
8.) Anita Hill Hearing
7.) Big Deal
6.) More Qualified Than I
5.) Racial Slip
4.) 30% Chance
3.) My Memory
2.) An International Crisis
1.) Two Shots
Obama's Border Chief Agrees With Trump's Border Assessment
Fox News Host Laura Ingraham Describes Her Own Biden Moment
Jeff Flake Wants Trump to Lose to a Democrat
Biden’s Most Awkward Encounters
7.) Mitch McConnell's Grandchildren
6.) Amie Parnes
5.) Brazilian President
4.) Unnamed Biker
3.) Irish President
2.) Stephanie Carter
1.) Chris Coons’ Daughter
Trump Wants Amy Coney Barrett to Replace Ginsburg, if Possible
Gowdy: CIA May Stop Giving Schiff Info
Senator Lindsey Graham Promises to Expose Hillary's Special Treatment
Rachel Maddow's Rating Plunge Following Mueller Report
Mark Meadows Drops Hammer on Anti-Trump Congressman
Maxine Waters Reverses Course on Trump's Impeachment
Trump's Children Investigated by Dirty DOJ Official's Wife
Top Trump Cabinet Member Linda McMahon to Resign
Highlights From Trump’s EPIC Michigan Rally
6.) Major Losers!
4.) Pushing Extreme Late-Term Abortion
5.) The Radical Democrats!
3.) Calling Out Smollett
AG Barr Will Release 'Full' Report to Congress by Mid-April
2.) Pencil Neck Adam Schiff
1.) Defrauding The Public!
Trump Threatens to Close Border if Mexico Doesn't Act
Federal Judge Blocks Trump's Attempt to Help Small Business
Trump Hits Adam Schiff With New Insult
Puerto Rico's Governor Threatens Violence on President Trump
Lindsey Graham Says Trump Wants Full Mueller Report Made Public
Here Are The Republicans Asking For Schiff’s Resignation
9.) John Ratcliffe
8.) Will Hurd
7.) Elise Stefanik
6.) Rick Crawford
5.) Chris Stewart
4.) Brad Wenstrup
3.) Michael Turner
2.) Michael Conaway
1.) Devin Nunes
Ninth Circuit Protects Sanctuary Cities With New Ruling
Freshman Representative Introduces Trump Impeachment Resolution
Trump Slams Media, Calls for Schiff's Resignation
6 People Mueller Locked Up That Trump Could Pardon
1.) Paul Manafort
2.) Rick Gates
3.) Michael Flynn
4.) George Papadopoulos
5.) Michael Cohen
6.) Roger Stone
Trump's Plan of Attack for 2020 Revealed
Border Patrol Chief Says Immigration System Broken
Rep Adam Schiff Still Claims Trump is Guilty
U.S. Trade Deficit Drops for January
The Top 10 Mueller Memes
1.) Scooby Doo
2.) Jackie Chan
3.) More Attractive
4.) Don’t Cry
5.) No Collusion
6.) Same Thing
7.) Hard To Swallow
8.) I Don’t Always
9.) Imagination
10.) Got The T-Shirt
Former CBS Journalist Demands Apology for Trump
House Dems Fail to Override Trump's Emergency Declaration
Mike Pompeo Announces Ban on Aid to Abortion Groups
Mitch McConnell to Bring Crazy New Dem Proposal to Vote
Gowdy Explains Media Fail in Mueller Investigation
Here Is What The Mueller Report Really Says
1.) Nothing If Not Thorough
2.) No Sufficient Evidence
3.) Confidential Information
4.) No Collusion
5.) Democrat Response
Senator Graham Promises Investigation Into Anti-Trump FBI
Kellyanne Conway Urges Adam Schiff to Resign
Trump Responds to 'No Collusion' Conclusion
Four Takeaways From the Mueller Report
Conservative Group Files FEC Complaint Against Bernie
REPORT: More FBI Bias Revealed, Including Against Trey Gowdy
Pro-Trump Former Fox News Host Tells Heartbreaking Story
More Clinton Emails Uncovered
Mainstream Media Ignore New Trump Executive Order
White House Denies Dem's Request for Docs
5 Times The Anti-Trump Media Dropped The Ball
1.) Slate: Implication for All
2.) Cronkite Award for CNN
3.) CNN Charlottesville Hoax
4.) Covington Catholic
5.) CNN’s Pannel Stacking
ISIS Caliphate has Officially Crumbled?
Media's Trump Bias Revealed With New Data
Andrew Gillum Announces Plan to Stop Trump in Florida
Federal Judge Rules Against Trump's Energy Policy
CNN Called Out for Misleading Report
Trump Predicted to Win Election by Landslide
Ukraine Investigating Hillary Collusion
Kellyanne Conway Defends Trump Attack on Husband
5 Things Dems Want If They Win In 2020
1.) Fining Gun Manufacturers
2.) Pack the Court
3.) End The Electoral College
4.) Reparations
5.) Eliminating the Filibuster
American Who Spied for China Motivated by Trump Hate
Anti-Trump California Governor Praises Trump
Sarah Sanders Slams Acosta for Whining
Trump Donates Paycheck to Immigration Enforcement
Legendary Newsman Calls Out New York Times and Washington Post Bias
Mueller Targeting Obama Era Counsel
Trump's Border Patrol Arrests Hundreds Within Minutes
Trump's Economic Success Poses Threat for 2020 Dems
Trump Labels Top Staffer's Husband a Loser
GOP Rep and Fox Commentator Files Lawsuit Against Twitter
1.) More Than Twitter
2.) Shadow Banning
3.) Jack Dorsey Admission
4.) Hosting Defamatory Content
5.) Judge Napolitano Dissent
Supreme Court Gives Trump HUGE Immigration Win
Paul Ryan Joins New Fox Board
Trump Foe Still Overseeing Mueller Probe
Washington State Targeting Trump With Legislation
Who Else Has Trump Called Low IQ?
1.) Maxine Waters
2.) Robert De Niro
3.) Jennifer Rubin
4.) Mika Brzezinski
5.) Joe Biden
SHOCK POLL: Majority of Americans Side With Trump on Mueller
Trump Gives Biden a New Nickname
Trump Slams Dems in Defense of Fox News Host
Takeaways From The Peter Strzok Testimony
1.) No Security Risk
2.) Deleted the Text Messages
3.) Trump Supporters Smell
4.) Impeachment & Career Advancement
5.) Mueller Never Asked About The Texts
2020 Hopeful Castro Accidentally Agrees With Trump
Trump Issues First Veto
Bush Urges Someone to Challenge Trump
Senator Graham Launches Investigation Into Anti-Trump Conduct
Flynn Wants Sentencing Delayed Again
Trump Mocks 2020 Candidate's Announcement
Trump Calls the Mueller Investigation Illegal
Ethics Complaint Filed Against Adam Schiff
REPORT: Obama DOJ Protected Clinton Foundation
Human Traffickers Caught Distracting Border Patrol Agents
Graham Will Release Mueller Report if Dems do This
GOP Rep Claims FISA Court Was Tricked into Issuing Warrant
GOP Senators Standing AGAINST Trump
1.) Rand Paul
2.) Mitt Romney
3.) Lamar Alexander
4.) Susan Collins
5.) Pat Toomey
6.) Mike Lee
7.) Lisa Murkowski
8.) Marco Rubio
9.) Roger Wicker
10.) Rob Portman
11.) Roy Blunt
12.) Jerry Moran
Court Deals President Trump Another Loss
Senate Votes to Terminate Trump's National Emergency
Trump Labels the Dems 'Border Deniers'
Third Circuit Court of Appeals Flips Control Under Trump
Trump Calls Out California's Anti-Trump Governor
BOMBSHELL: Lisa Page Testimony Tells All
1.) What Was The ‘Insurance Policy’?
2.) Crossfire Hurricane
3.) Comey’s Involvement
4.) Hillary Clinton’s Prosecution
5.) Worst Year of My Life
Trump Announces Grounding of Problematic Boeing Planes
Manafort Indicted Minutes After Sentencing
Manafort Gets Additional Time in New Sentencing
REPORT: Obama's DOJ Told FBI Not to Charge Hillary
The Trump Effect: 8 Ways Fake News Hasn’t Paid Off
1.) New York Magazine Lay Offs
2.) Buzzfeed Fails
3.) Newspaper Decline
4.) Vox Layoffs
5.) CNN’s Ratings
6.) Covington Catholic Lawsuit
7.) Learn to Code
8.) Clinton X CNN Scandal
Michael Avenatti and Stormy Daniels Part Ways
SHOCK REPORT: Trump Wanted Kelly to Fire His Children
Trump is Setting His Sights on California
Former VP Cheney Challenges Pence Over Foreign Policy
Pelosi Takes Trump's Impeachment Off the Table
5 Things In Trump's Proposed 2020 Budget
1.) Wall Funding
2.) Cuts to Foreign Aid
3.) Increase for Veterans Healthcare
4.) Welfare Cuts
5.) Defense Spending
Bonus.) Dead In The Water
President Trump Wants Permanent Daylight Savings Time?
Trump Triggers the Left by Signing Bibles
Trump Slams Coulter Over Border Criticism
Former Fox News Employee Exits White House for Trump Campaign
Trump Sends Message on Legal Immigrants
Cohen Met With Dem Congressman Schiff for 10 Hours
Paul Manafort Sentenced, Mueller Punished
Melania Slams Media for Hypocrisy
CNN in Hot Water for Lack of Diversity
Judge Nap Slams House Judiciary's Trump Probe
Maxine Waters Launches Insane Rant on the President
Cohen's Lawyer Contradicts His Testimony
Trump Denies Breaking Campaign Finance Laws
GOP Rep Explains Why Immigration Reform is at Standstill
Fox News Anchor Unleashes on Dems
Here Are All Of Trump’s Potential 2020 Challengers
1.) Cory Booker
2.) John Delaney
3.) Julián Castro
4.) Kamala Harris
5.) John Hickenlooper
6.) Bernie Sanders
7.) Tulsi Gabbard
8.) Jay Inslee
9.) Andrew Yang
10.) Amy Klobuchar
11.) Marianne Williamson
12.) Elizabeth Warren
13.) Pete Buttigieg
14.) Kristen Gillibrand
Another Ethics Complaint Filed Against AOC
Trump Secures Huge Portion of Wall Money
Cohen Files Suit Against Trump Org
John Kelly Says He Would Have Worked for Hillary
Trump Responds to DNC's Fox News Attack
5 Shocking Border Facts
1.) Coming by Bus
2.) Cartel Wars
3.) More likely to Commit Crime
4.) Drugs
5.) Trafficking
U.S. Senator Details Rape While in Air Force
Rep Tlaib Promises to Introduce Impeachment Legislation
Judge Stops Trump From Punishing Sanctuary Cities
DHS Chief Gives Grim Outlook at Border
Clinton Confirms She Won't Run, Trump Responds
Trump Issues Executive Order for Vets
5 Details From AOC’s 2 Alleged FEC Violations
1.) Saikat Chakrabarti
2.) Riley Roberts
3.) Brand New Congress LLC
4.) Justice Democrats & Brand New Congress
5.) Former FEC Chairmans Remarks
2020 Presidential Contender Accepted Money From Trump
Trump Accuses Nadler of Harassment
Ben Carson Sets Departure Date
Kavanaugh Defends Religious Liberty
Here Are What The Democrats are Investigating
1.) Nadler Investigation
2.) House Ways and Means Committee
3.) 81 Agencies, Entities, and Individuals
4.) Allen Weisselberg
5.)Trump Family
Bonus.) The Trump Response
Rand Announces Vote Against Trump's Emergency Declaration
New York Times Backs Trump's Claim
Former Colorado Governor Joins Race to Defeat Trump
Trump Official Claims This is Why Cohen Flipped
4 Key Details About Michael Cohen's Suspected Book Deal
1.) Addressing Stormy Daniels
2.) Positive Book
3.) Publisher Interest
4.) Trump Is Right
Former Colorado Governor Set to Announce Presidential Bid
Fox News' Ingraham Slams Acosta, He Responds
Ocasio-Cortez Hit With FEC Complaint
Former Trump Press Secretary Slams Cohen
House Dems Want to Investigate Trump for Criticizing Media
Pence Speaks Out Against Dem's Socialist Agenda
Hostage's Parent's Slam Trump's Comments
MSNBC Host Sets Sights on Trump Jr.
Trump Campaign Optimistic About New Supporters
Washington Governor Announces Presidential Run
Trump Calls Out Cohen for Hypocritical Book Proposal
GOP Reps Refer Cohen to DOJ for Perjury
Everything You Need To Know About The Trump-Kim Jong UN Summit
1.) Sometimes You Have To Walk
2.) A Realistic Proposal
3.) Kim Makes History
4.) Kim Jong Un Removes Reporters
5.) No Deals Made
Trump's Pick for EPA Chief Gets CONFIRMED
New Anti-Trump Conservative Media Outlet Launching
Trump Ends Summit After Negotiations Stall
Cohen Admits Trump Allegations are Weak
6 Highlights From The Cohen Testimony
1.) The First Person
2.) No Collusion
3.) When Should You Have Been Disbarred
4.) Lack Of Appointment?
5.) Cohen Collusion?
6.) Book Deal, Movie, TV Show, Political Office?
Rep. Jordan Slams Cohen During Testimony
Trump Places Another Judge on the 9th Circuit
Federal Election Commission Complaint Filed Against Ocasio-Cortez
SHOCK REPORT: DOJ Told FBI to Ignore Clinton Negligence
FACT CHECK: 6 Claims Made In Bernie's Campaign Announcement
1.) Childhood Poverty Claim
2.) Those Lacking Health Insurance
3.) Pay Equity & The Living Wage
4.) Three Billionaires
5.) No Savings
6.) Life Expectancy On The Decline
Trump's Former Attorney Michael Cohen Gets Disbarred
White House Dismisses Cohen's Claims of Trump Crime
REPORT: Trump Will Attempt to get Dems to Cut Spending
Trump Assembles Team of Climatologists, Here's What You Need to Know
1.) Combatting The Green New Deal
2.) NCA Report
3.) Democrats Attacking
4.) Based on “Settled Science”
5.) No Surprise Considering Trump’s History
Trump Announces Another Hostage Release
Fmr DOJ Official Predicts Mueller Report Will Clear Trump
Senator Murkowski Likely to Block Trump's National Emergency
Trump Reveals North Korean Summit Goal
Strzok and Page Reveal What Text Message Was About
The 10 GOP Senators That MIGHT Break With Trump
1.) Mike Lee
2.) Rand Paul
3.) Mitt Romney
4.) Jerry Moran
5.) Marco Rubio
6.) Cory Gardner
7.) Lamar Alexander
8.) Lisa Murkowski
9.) Susan Collins
10.) Thom Tillis
Trump Admin Blocks Federal Funding From Abortion Providers
Justice Thomas Wants to Reconsider Free Press Ruling
GOP Governor Hogan Not Ruling Out Trump Challenge
Trump Urges New Technology Development
McCabe's Colleague Criticizes His Actions
Scarborough Blames Trump for Terror Threat on Dems and Media
Wall Construction Begins in San Diego
South Dakota Governor Blames Trump's Trade War for State Devastation
Trump Sued for Denying U.S. Access to Terrorist
New Favorite to be Next UN Ambassador Emerges
Dems Make Move to Block Trump's Emergency Declaration
Obama Admin Made Deadly Opioid Crisis Mistake
SHOCK REPORT: Rosenstein Thought Two Cabinet Members Would Oust Trump
The 16 States Suing Donald Trump Over Border Crisis
1.) Connecticut
2.) Illinois
3.) Minnesota
4.) Maine
5.) Maryland
6.) Colorado
7.) New Jersey
8.) New York
9.) Oregon
10.) Hawaii
11.) Michigan
12.) Nevada
13.) New Mexico
14.) Delaware
15.) California
16.) Virginia
Trump is the Current Favorite for 2020
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Hypocrisy Uncovered
$84 Million Clinton Campaign Scandal Swept Under the Rug
CNN Reports That Mueller Investigation Could Be Completed Next Week
Covington Student Launches Massive Lawsuit Against The Washington Post
Trump Picks Rosenstein's Replacement
Former Trump Admin Aide Joins CNN
Support for Trump & His Border Wall on the Rise
Trump Set to Make Major Space Force Announcement
Bernie Officially Announces 2020 Presidential Run
The Three People In the Running to Be Trump's UN Ambassador
Mulvaney Names Top Priority for Trump Administration
Will Bernie Sanders Toss His Hat in the Ring Next?
Trump's Pick for UN Secretary Withdraws
Avenatti Accused of Hiding Money, Gives Up Control of Law Firm
Former Massachusetts Gov Bill Weld Takes First Step to Challenge Trump in 2020
President Trump Announces He Will Sign a Declaration of National Emergency
President Trump to Declare National Emergency, According to McConnell
Trump's Approval Numbers Climb 7 Points
Former NY Mayor Will Spend $500 Million to Defeat Trump
REPORT: Rosenstein Held Meetings on Ousting Trump
Trump Spends Own Money to Install Golf Simulator in White House
President Trump's Attorney General Pick Confirmed
Judge Napolitano Gives Trump a Game Plan to Beat Congressional Investigations
President Trump Asks for a Refund From California
5 Biggest Dem Obstructionists in Congress
1.) Chuck Schumer
2.) Nancy Pelosi
3.) Richard Blumenthal
4.) Cory Booker
5.) Kamala Harris
McCabe Confirms Discussions to Remove Trump From Office
The 5 Biggest RINOs in Congress
5.) Shelley Capito
4.) Kevin McCarthy
3.) Lisa Murkowski
2.) Cory Gardner
1.) Susan Collins
FEMA Administrator Brock Long Announces Resignation
Desperate Democrats Now Attacking the Muller Investigation
Hungarian Official Comes to Trump's Defense on Border Walls
Top Dem Steny Hoyer Announces Support for ICE
Border Patrol Agents Make Massive Meth Bust
Trump Calls for Resignation of Rep. Ilhan Omar
San Diego Votes to Sue Trump Administration
Trump Thanks MSNBC for Reporting on Senate Finding No Collusion
Mitch McConnell Calls For Vote on New Dem Proposal
Trump Eyeing Creative Way to Fund the Wall
Trump's Former Lawyer Predicts He Will be Cleared by Mueller
6 Facts About The Suspicious Hilary FBI Relationship
1.) High Ranking Officials Reporting to Hillary
2.) State Department X FBI ‘Downgrade’
3.) Comey Quotes?
4.) Slow Walking The Anthony Weiner Laptop
5.) 'inchoate and highly ominous'
6.) Strzok ‘Spearheads’ Meeting
Senate Intel Committee Finds No Trump-Russia Collusion
Newly Released Docs Show Questionable Relationship Between Clinton and FBI
Top ICE Official Slams New Dem Proposal
The Top 20 Dems That Support the Green New Deal
1.) Elizabeth Warren
2.) Kirsten Gillibrand
3.) Bernie Sanders
4.) Ed Markey
5.) Richard Blumenthal
6.) Cory Booker
7.) Kamala Harris
8.) Adam Schiff
9.) Mazie Hirono
10.) Raul Grijalva
11.) Chellie Pingree
12.) Gerry Connolly
13.) Jerrold Nadler
14.) Ted Lieu
15.) Rashida Talib
16.) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
17.) Ron Wyden
18.) Jeff Merkley
19.) Jared Huffman
20.) Anna Eshoo
9th Circuit Agrees With Trump on Environmental Waivers for Wall
Fox News Host Bret Baier Launching 2020 Presidential Podcast
California's Governor Pulls Troops From Border
New Border Wall Project Progressing in Texas
TRUMP: Findings On ‘Russia Collusion’ The Media Won’t Touch
1.) A Good Friend of The Investigation
2.) Nothing After Two Years
3.) Witnesses & Documents
4.) An Excuse for Hillary
5.) Who Hired Fusion GPS
Trump Campaign Staffer Makes Observation About Dem's Attire
Socialist Rep. Ocasio-Cortez Goes After Fox News
Trump Calls Out Rep Schiff's Bias
Trump's Acting AG Calls Out Dem Committee Chair
White House Says Dem Obstruction Could Lead to Shutdown
Kellyanne Conway Reveals She was Assaulted
Trump's Praise of Karen Pence Attacked by Liberals
Conservative Justice Sides With Liberals on Abortion Issue
Former Partner Claims Roger Stone Tried to Harm Him
Outside Groups are Giving Trump Unprecedented Help
Trump's Approval Rating Hits Fifty Percent
Ivanka Trump’s Accomplishments The Media Will Never Tell You
1.) Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative
2.) Council for Advancement of Women Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders
3.) Paid Leave Meeting
4.) Attendance to the W20
5.) Women Who Work
6.) Work Force Development Week
7.) Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative
8.) Stem Investments
9.) Expanding the Child Tax Credit
ABC Bullied Guest Trump Invited for Being Bullied
Senate Judiciary Advances Trump's AG Pick
Trump Announces His Pick to Lead World Bank
Fox News Legal Analyst and Former Host Bob Massi Passes Away
5 Great Trump Moments the Dems Ignored
1.) Chuck’s Smile
2.) Ending Late Term Abortion
3.) Trump’s Speaks on Women’s Issues
4.) Drug Pricing
5.) Immigration
Sen. Amy Klobuchar to Announce Presidential Candidacy
Elizabeth Warren Caught Lying About Heritage
Trump Rejects Socialism, Bernie Frowns
Americans Approve of Trump's State of the Union
IMPEACHMENT ALERT Democrat Files to Impeach Trump
Dem Rep Admits That Walls Work
Here are Trump’s State of the Union Guests
1.) Elvin Hernandez
2.) Roy James
3.) Alice Johnson
4.) Timothy Matson
5.) Judah Samet
6.) Debra Bissell, Heather Armstrong, and Madison Armstrong
7.) Matthew Charles
8.) Grace Eline
10.) Joshua Trump
9.) Ashley Evans
11.) Tom Wibberley
MSNBC's Maddow Accused of Deceiving Viewers on Trump Controversy
Stormy's Defamation Suit Against Trump Dismissed With Prejudice
Trump's Inaugural Committee Subpoenaed by Feds
Senator Collins Received Huge Boost From Pro-Kavanaugh Vote
The European Countries Who Followed Trump’s Lead on Venezuela
1.) The UK
2.) Spain
3.) France
4.) Germany
5.) Sweden
6.) The Netherlands
7.) Denmark
8.) Poland
Trump Announces Nomination for Secretary of the Interior
McConnell Warns Trump About Declaring Border Emergency
Trump Leads Kasich in Latest Iowa Polling
The Left Gets Another Accusation Wrong
Trump Confirms He Forced Mattis to Resign
Trump to Deliver Pro-Life Message at SOTU
Trump Cites Countries Where Walls Work
Foxconn Confirms Investment After Trump Call
U.S. Exits Missile Treaty With Russia
Trump Jr. Calls Out Rep. Schiff After Russia Narrative Fails
ICE Uses Fake University to Arrest Visa Scammers
Fox News Hires NBA Sharpshooter's Daughter
Top GOP Reps Want Answers From the FBI
Kansas GOP Leader Suing Paper Over Fake News
Massively Dangerous Drug Bust Made at Southern Border
Trump's Economy Surpasses Expectations During Shutdown
Trump Defies California's Senators With Ninth Circuit Picks
Starbucks’ Rules for Dealing With Angry Liberals
1.) Where is Howard’s Book?
2.) Howard’s Political Interest?
3.) What Are Your Thoughts?
4.) What Are Your Thoughts on Shultz?
CNN Host Makes Case for Border Wall
Trump Considering Former Presidential Candidate for Federal Reserve
GOP Senators Looking to Strip Trump of Power
CNN Makes Incredibly Odd Trump Comparison
The Top Ten Trump Nicknames According To Google
10.) Jeff Flakey Flake
8.) Da Nang Dick
7.) Lyin Ted Cruz
6.) Sloppy Steve
5.) Little Marco
4.) Low Energy Jeb
3.) Rocket Man
2.) Pocahontas
1.) Crooked Hillary
9.) Cryin Chuck Schumer
Trey Gowdy and Fox News Join Forces
Media Falls for Another Trump Hoax
GOP Senator Backtracks on Trump Endorsement
Hannity Calls Out Anti-Trump Conservatives
Trump’s Takedowns of 2020 Dems
1.) Kirsten Gillibrand
2.) Elizabeth Warren
3.) Howard Schultz
4.) Hillary Clinton
5.) Bernie Sanders
6.) Joe Biden
Dems Announce Who Will Give SOTU Response to Trump
RINO Jeff Flake Gets a New Job
34.) Da Nang Dick
Trump Targets Senator With New Nickname
NATO Chief Gives Trump HUGE Praise
5 Things About The New Clinton Scandal You NEED To Know
1.) The Story As We Know
2.) The Split Interest of The Judge
3.) What Information Did He Have?
4.) Criminal Activity in The Clinton Foundation?
5.) Mueller-Tactics
The Numbers Are In: Trump Beats Pelosi After Shutdown
Trump Launches Attack on Potential 2020 Challenger
Trump Slams Fox News, Praises CNN
Trump's Press Secretary Slams FBI's Double Standard
Radical Rep Launches Insane Attack on Trump
Trump's New Plan to Increase Energy Dominance
Top Dem Wants to Give Trump the Wall
Shutdown Teaches Us One BIG Thing
President Trump Agrees to Temporary Deal
Lindsey Graham Drops Bomb on Socialist Rep
Trump Opponent Reveals Insane New Tax Plan
Pro-Trump Army Vet Discriminated Against
Acosta Announces Anti-Trump Book
Mueller Arrests Former Trump Campaign Adviser
Trump’s Greatest Victories This Year, So Far…
1.) Unemployment
2.) Economy
3.) Syria Pullout
4.) Border Security
5.) Shutdown Fight
Senator Romney Votes for Dem Bill to Reopen Government
Pompeo Drops Truth Bomb on John Kerry
Former Trump Lawyer Subpoenaed by Senate Intel Committee
Senator Breaking With Trump to Reopen Government
Pelosi Responds to Trump With More Obstruction
Cohen Postpones Capitol Hill Testimony
Trump Sends Message to Pelosi
Dem Rep Admits to Leaking Trump Jr.'s Testimony
Pelosi's Incredible Cost to Taxpayers Revealed
John Kerry Calls on Trump to Resign
5 Big Takeaways In Latest Media Hit Piece On Trump
1.) The Buzzfeed Story
2.) Media Tsunami
3.) Mueller Response
4.) The Buzzfeed Double Down
5.) Trump Response
Trump Calls Pelosi's Bluff
Trump's Message to His Press Secretary the Media Will Hate
Supreme Court Hands Trump Another Win
Dems Announce ANOTHER Kavanaugh Investigation
Trump Exposes Dem Hypocrisy With This Move
Top Dem Admits Walls Work
U.S. Senator Announces Run Against Trump
2.) George Soros
3.) CNN
4.) Nancy Pelosi
5.) Chuck Schumer
7.) Jeff Flake
8.) Michael Cohen
9.) Jim Acosta
Trump Campaign Ramps Up Border Wall Fight With Schumer and Pelosi
Trump Gets State of the Union Invite From Michigan Lawmaker
Trump Announces Second North Korean Summit
Rand Suggests Trump Move SOTU to Senate
GOP Rep Slams Trump's Wall
Trump Reverses Obama, AGAIN
Fox News Host Slams Trump Team Member
Top Obama Official Perjured Himself?
Trump Gives Federal Workers Great News
GOP Eyeing Pompeo for Senate?
Trump Drops Bombshell Accusation on Cohen
Top Dem Makes Surprising Border Wall Admission
4.) Elise Slotnik
Trump Cancels Pelosi's Trip Amid Feud
Judge Orders Clinton Cronies to Come Clean on Benghazi
Terror Attack on Trump Stopped
These Dems Could Back Trump, Shun Pelosi
1.) Jeff Van Drew
2.) Colin Allred
5.) Colin Allred
3.) Lucy McBath
6.) Lucy McBath
7.) Hank Johnson
4.) Hank Johnson
5.) Bill Foster
8.) Bill Foster
9.) Max Rose
6.) Max Rose
10.) Abigail Spanberger
7.) Abigail Spanberger
8.) Anthony Brindisi
11.) Anthony Brindisi
12.) Jared Gold
9.) Jared Gold
GOP Senator Blames Trump for ISIS Attack?
Senate Keeps Dems From Blocking Trump
Pence Drops the Hammer on Dem Obstruction
Pelosi Asks Trump to Postpone State of the Union
Comey's Top FBI Lawyer Under Investigation
Judge Stops Trump From Asking Citizenship Question on Census
Trump's GOP Nemesis Joins CNN
Campaign Finance Lawyer Destroys Anti-Trump Narrative
2020 Trump Challenger's Questionable Past Resurfaces
Supreme Court Rejects Anti-Trump Case
SHOCKING: Reporter Gives Anti-Trumper's Bad News
Scaramucci Announces He is Joining Reality Show Cast
Ginsburg Will Return to Supreme Court Per Report
Lindsey Graham Urges President Trump to do This
Pelosi Gets Schooled by Freshman GOP Rep
Dem Rep Makes Insane Trump Claim
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15 Dems Who Stood Up to Pelosi
1.) Rep. Mikie Sherrill of New Jersey
2.) Rep. Elissa Slotkin of Michigan
3.) Rep. Abigail Spanberger of Virginia
4.) Rep. Anthony Brindisi of New York
5.) Rep. Jim Cooper of Tennessee
6.) Rep. Ben McAdams of Utah
7.) Rep. Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey
8.) Rep. Kathleen Rice of New York
9.) Rep. Ron Kind of Wisconsin
10.) Rep. Conor Lamb of Pennsylvania
11.) Rep. Max Rose of New York
12.) Rep. Kurt Schrader of Oregon
13.) Rep. Jason Crow of Colorado
14.) Rep. Joe Cunningham of South Carolina
15.) Rep. Jared Golden of Maine
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