1.) Comey ‘Forgot’ About Crossfire Hurricane

1.)	Comey ‘Forgot’ About Crossfire Hurricane

Comey claimed ignorance of Crossfire Hurricane, the suspected operation that involved investigating the Trump Campaign well before the Christopher Steele dossier about Hookers in Russia. This is a big deal because it means one of three possibilities. 1, that Comey did know all about the operation and kept his names off of official FBI documents that are related to the matter. 2, Comey used a false name or a code name on documents, some conspiracy theorists suggest this, and their theory has traveled far across the web. 3, Comey is being honest and really had no knowledge about this and his underlings were simply rampant with a sort of do what you want mentality. This last one has little probability, however, someone needed to sign the FISA warrants and pass them off to officials.
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 Source: TTN Staff

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