1.) Fear: Inside the Trump White House

1.) Fear: Inside the Trump White House

Fear: Inside the Trump White House by Bob Woodward was touted as a new window into the Trump presidency that showed America what was really going on inside of the White House. The book was praised by the media as the crown jewel of modern journalism, they nailed that title just right! This book is full of deception, half-truths, and unverified reports just like most modern journalism! 

To be clear Bob Woodward's book isn’t the worst book the media said would end the Trump Presidency, Woodward's book is largely a compilation of interviews with former and current (at the time the book was written) White House staff. The media is what hyped up these stories as absolute fact but Woodward did little to stop and took his applause from the denizens in the media.   

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 Source: TTN Staff

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