1.) Nadler Hypocrisy

1.) Nadler Hypocrisy
Thomas Good (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/en:GNU_Free_Documentation_License) via Wikipedia Commons

Rep. Jerry Nadler is moving to vote AG Barr in contempt of Congress but blocked a similar measure when it was an Obama appointee. Nadler is claiming that Barr is in contempt because he won't release extra documents related to the Mueller investigation despite already releasing several. Nadler tried his best to stop Republicans from holding Eric Holder in contempt of Congress, Eric Holder had practically released nothing and the documents he was supposed to give up were about the Fast And Furious Scandal.

The real issue here is Barr is potentially going to be held in contempt by Nadler and the Democrats for simply complying with applicable federal law.

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 Source: TTN Staff

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