A New Approach is Needed To Solve America's Immigration Problem

  • 2018-10-30
  • Source: TTN
  • by: TTN Staff
A New Approach is Needed To Solve America's Immigration Problem
The immigration problem seems to get worse by the day. This becomes more and more prevalent as the migrant caravan approaches the border. Many point to the need for the wall, but one author says that is not enough, and more intense measures are needed.

According to The Western Journal:

The Department of Homeland Security has already concluded the illegal caravan includes gang members and other criminals, in addition to unidentified individuals from the Middle East. President Donald Trump has rightly declared a “national emergency,” citing the migrants’ criminal backgrounds and potential threat of terrorism.

These latest developments only confirm what Trump has been saying for years — border security must be our top priority. To that end, the president has consistently fought for a $20 billion border wall, which open-border Democrats and too many do-nothing Republicans stubbornly refuse to fund.

While necessary, the wall is not enough. Imposing sanctions on countries that disregard our laws — as the Trump administration has pursued — is a step in the right direction, but it is not enough.


The only real answer is a tough pill to swallow: It’s time for the Trump administration to consider military action against Central America’s narco-terrorists and the weak governments whose corruption and ineptitude have abetted their rise. From El Salvador to Guatemala and Honduras, weak-willed government officials have contributed to the dire conditions these caravans are fleeing.

The author goes on to state that toppling the governments and criminal organizations while installing Democratic governments and institutions is the only way to ensure the citizens of Central America a brighter future and an incentive to stay in their home country.

 Source: TTN

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