America is in Good Hands With Trump Leading Crisis Reponse

  • 2020-03-23
  • Source: TTN
  • by: TTN Staff
America is in Good Hands With Trump Leading Crisis Reponse
As America faces one of the biggest crises to date Ted Goodman writes that America is in good hands with President Trump guiding the response to the crisis.

According to Ted Goodman in The Daily Caller:

President Trump’s strong response to the coronavirus has been met with contempt by the American Left and its insatiable desire to take down Trump at any cost. For example, Democrats and the liberal media refuse to acknowledge the president’s early, decisive action to implement a ban on travelers from China. In fact, at the time, liberals and the social justice twitterverse accused the president of being racist.

The reality is President Trump is showing the exact kind of leadership necessary to navigate through this pandemic. Infectious disease experts have praised Trump’s response, with Dr. Fauci asserting that the U.S., “would be in a worse position,” if not for the president’s early decision to restrict travel and contain the virus.

On the economic front, the president is working closely with congressional leaders on a stimulus package that will provide much needed relief for millions of Americans and businesses impacted by the pandemic. The president is working to ensure hundreds of billions of dollars are sent directly to Americans to spur immediate spending as the economy grinds to a halt.

The president is also prepared to support American industries that have completely bottomed out due to the pandemic, including hotels, airlines and the travel industry. The U.S. Travel Association is projecting that over 4.5 million travel-related American jobs will be lost due to the coronavirus. The Association says it’s going to take an economic hit at least six times that of 9/11’s impact on the industry.

Goodman also discusses the media's willingness to side with China by trying to scandalize the President's use of the term "Chinese virus."

 Source: TTN

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