Another Long, Hot, Liberal Summer

  • 2020-05-12
  • Source: TTN
  • by: Stephen Borthwick
Another Long, Hot, Liberal Summer
I remember growing up listening to Rush Limbaugh and hearing about "The Democrat Playbook". That's got to be one of the best things Rush gave the Conservative movement - a way to talk about what the Democrats do. They find some kind of manipulation or trick that works and then they repeat it until it doesn't work anymore, and then they repeat it some more. Race-baiting and rabble-rousing are particular favorites, and with an election coming up, Deplorables better get ready for a fresh batch of lies, exaggerations, and false narratives to paint our President as the "racist in chief".

The Democrats have been falsely charging the Republican Party with racism for years. Anyone still remember Kanye telling the world that "George Bush doesn't care about black people?” In 2012, though, the Left and its Media Cartels struck gold by exploiting the unfortunate death of Trayvon Martin in a self-defense case in Florida. Mitt Romney was running for President - a perfect caricature of the pre-Trump GOP. Suddenly, George Zimmerman, a portrait of the American melting pot, son of a German-American and a Peruvian immigrant, became the media poster boy for the racist monsters who are supposedly prowling the streets looking for kids to run over in their pick-up trucks. 

Romney's luke-warm Bushite Republicanism couldn't stand up to Obama's first term in office and the college kid vote. "Ah-ha," the Left says, "it worked!" Cue four years of race-baiting journalism to create greater dissension and antagonism in a country still trying to heal from the violence of the 1970s. Old wounds got reopened, old evils were released, until in November of 2016, the American people said "Enough!" and Donald Trump became our President. 

Fast-forward to 2020. The Democratic Party has no idea who they can run for President, and the election is a mere ten months out. Their Party Apparatus is lousy with Chinese Communist spies, grifters, and old perverts. Then, a miracle occurs: the Black Death arrives in airports around the country from Wuhan! Or, that's what they figure they can tell the American People, so the Media Cartels fire up the panic machine and create chaos. The stock market tanks after years of record growth, the economy stalls and then stagnates. Trump is doomed! 

But Trump wasn't doomed - his numbers remained steady, for reasons I've described before. The Wuhan Flu didn't do the trick - the Media and the Left tried to fool too many of the people, too much of the time, and it backfired. Trump manages to secure token aid from Congress for struggling Americans and cultivates an image of a wartime president fighting the invisible COVID enemy. Then the Media Cartels went digging and found MURDER HORNETS (a completely new name for the Giant Asian Wasp). That lasted all of a week and was mocked into oblivion. Now the Left is desperate, so they reach for the old playbook: class warfare and race-baiting.

We'll see how the case in Georgia plays out, but whatever actually happened, the fact that the Media is trying to turn it into the next Trayvon Martin case shows us how desperate they are. Rush Limbaugh taught me when I was still in high school that when the Liberal you're debating starts getting desperate and frantic, you know you've already won. I don't know about you, but I can't wait for November.

 Source: TTN

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