AOC Under Fire for Failing to Pay Party Dues

  • 2020-01-10
  • Source: TTN
  • by: TTN Staff
AOC Under Fire for Failing to Pay Party Dues
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AOC has reportedly come under fire for refusing or failing to pay her dues to the Democrat party.

According to Fox News:

EXCLUSIVE: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has already topped the fundraising charts in her short time in Congress, but the liberal darling won’t donate a cent of her millions to Democrats' House campaign organization -- a position that has rankled some of her colleagues, Fox News has learned.

Instead, Ocasio-Cortez is building her own fundraising operation for fellow progressive candidates to bypass the official Democratic Party infrastructure. Already, she's actively funding primary challengers to oust certain Democratic colleagues.


Their gripe is that Ocasio-Cortez hasn’t given any money to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the party arm with the sole job of electing Democrats to the House. Records obtained by Fox News show the New York Democrat has failed to pay any of her $250,000 in “dues” to the DCCC.

Her goose egg of a contribution is no accident. Ocasio-Cortez says she has beef with the DCCC and she'll withhold her money in protest of how the Democratic Party won't back insurgent progressive primary candidates, like herself, in the name of protecting incumbents.

This is caused many Democrats to speak out publically against the freshman representative. It seems like AOC is burning more bridges than she is building.

 Source: TTN

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