Bonus.) Patrik Philbin

Bonus.) Patrik Philbin

As for the questions the Democrats blocked in the House, those were very telling. White House Deputy Counsel Patrik Philbin was the one who revealed these unanswered questions to the Senate and the public at large.

One of the most important points that were brought up by Patrik Philbin was whether or not the Whistleblower, who got impeachment kicked off, could have been involved with the Hunter Biden Burisma Holdings scandals? This is something a lot of people have overlooked, the whistleblower did work under Joe Biden and could have been involved with the incident.

Another question Philbin brought to the public was this, “As a fact witness who was coordinating with the whistleblower, did Manager Schiff’s handling of the impeachment inquiry create material due process issues with the President to have a fair trial?”. Depending on the answer to thing Schiff may be at fault for ruining the Democrats impeachment crusade.

Here is a video of Patrik Phibin asking these important questions:

 Source: TTN staff

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