Comedian Exposes Just how BIG of a Joke the Media is

  • 2020-01-16
  • Source: TTN
  • by: TTN Staff
Comedian Exposes Just how BIG of a Joke the Media is
Former Trump team member Rob Wasinger recently used the media's outrage at comedian Ricky Gervais to show just how big of a joke they really are.

According to The Daily Caller:

There has been an unprecedented amount of anger and disingenuous concern over the obviously fake — but nevertheless hilarious — articles and headlines published by The Babylon Bee, an evangelical Christian satire site. Meanwhile, impeccably liberal comedian Ricky Gervais is under fire for roasting politically active celebrities when he hosted the Golden Globe Awards. What was it that set off so many humor-hating lefty journalists?

In a word: insecurity. The most powerful proof of the emptiness of the “fake news” media is their absolute insistence on operating in a complete vacuum.

Factual reporting and true morality don’t fear criticism, much less jest. The media, however, fears nothing so much as mockery, which threatens to bring down their entire veneer of respectability. They know, deep down, that much of their “reporting” relies on deceptive wording and cherry-picked facts designed to advance the larger liberal narrative. It takes only the slightest shift in the ground — the smallest shadow of doubt or exposure of the simplest contradiction — to bring the entire edifice crashing down. The media are well-prepared to fight back against most forms of serious criticism, but those strategies are almost completely ineffective against humor-based critiques.


CNN anchor Jake Tapper is perhaps even more thin-skinned than most of his colleagues when it comes to satire. He recently devoted a segment of airtime to attacking a random Twitter user for producing memes about one of Joe Biden’s many foot-in-mouth gaffes, implying that it was tantamount to foreign intelligence agencies running disinformation campaigns.

Wasinger finishes by stating that the media's fear of being exposed as "frauds and charlatans" is the reason by the hyper defensiveness of even the most lighthearted of mockery.

 Source: TTN

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