Comey Thinks Trump Could Still be Indicted

  • 2019-05-10
  • Source: TTN
  • by: TTN Staff
Comey Thinks Trump Could Still be Indicted
James Comey is not a fan of President Trump and recently decided to make an insane claim in the safe confines of CNN. Comey apparently thinks President Trump will be indicted when he leaves office.

According to Fox News:

Former FBI Director James Comey suggested at a televised town hall Thursday that President Trump could be indicted after he leaves office -- as the president fired back, calling Comey a "disgrace."


“Yeah I agree,” Comey said, offering examples outlined in Mueller’s more than 400-page report, specifically involving requests Trump made to former White House Counsel Don McGahn and former Attorney General Jeff Sessions to limit or end the special counsel’s investigation.

“[Mueller] was trying to do something principled and fair, and I can tell you from personal experience that sometimes, when you try to do that, people misunderstand you,” Comey said. “He said, I can’t indict the president because of Department of Justice policy and given that, it would be unfair to accuse him of a crime in a document when he can’t vindicate himself in a trial.”

Asked point-blank if Trump should be indicted when he is out of office, Comey answered: “I think the Justice Department will have to take a serious look at that.”

Comey seems to be confident that there is enough evidence to indict Trump for obstruction. Much more confident than when he cleared Hillary Clinton of any wrongdoing, it seems.

 Source: TTN

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