Dem Impeachment Managers Said THIS About Clinton's Impeachment

Dem Impeachment Managers Said THIS About Clinton's Impeachment
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Here are some of the comments about Bill Clinton's Impeachment made by these Democrats that they are probably regretting now:

Adam Schiff

According to The Daily Caller:

“The district simply has not been a priority for [Rogan]. He has been more engaged in national partisan ideological crusades than in issues important to the district,” Schiff told the Los Angeles Times in January 2000. “I think voters want to get away from the strong partisanship we’ve seen in Congress and elect someone with a good record of working in a bipartisan way to find solutions.”

In May of 2000 Schiff was lunging at Republican James Rogan for his role in the impeachment of Bill Clinton, Schiff at the time was running for Rogan’s seat. It's ironic how Schiff rallied against impeachment when he wanted to win an election but now that is lashing out at the results of an election through the impeachment process.     

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 Source: TTN staff

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