Dem Impeachment Managers Said THIS About Clinton's Impeachment

Dem Impeachment Managers Said THIS About Clinton's Impeachment
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Zoe Lofgren 

According to The Daily Caller:

Like her fellow impeachment managers, Lofgren opposed Clinton’s impeachment, and even argued against the public release of evidence uncovered in the special counsel investigation into Clinton.

“When we got [Ken] Starr’s Referral, I believed that, at a minimum, we should have read what it said, and discussed it, before we released it to the nation,” she wrote in 1998. “Instead, we released the Referral and this was followed in fast succession by thousands of pages of additional material that the nation need not have seen. We justified this wholesale release by insisting that the people had a right to know, presumably so they could be persuaded by the facts and constitutional standard as to what was the right course to follow.”

Lofgren is the only impeachment manager who saw all three modern impeachments(Nixon, Clinton, and Trump). This puts her in a very special position where we get to look over her consistency over the years and looks like things have changed in the heart of Representative Lofgren. 


 Source: TTN staff

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