Democrat Rep Jerry Van Drew Explains why he is a 'NO' on Impeachment

  • 2019-12-02
  • Source: TTN
  • by: TTN Staff
Democrat Rep Jerry Van Drew Explains why he is a 'NO' on Impeachment
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Democrat Representative Jerry Van Drew of New Jersey is publically a 'no' vote on impeachment and he recently explained why.

According to The Daily Wire:

With the hearings having failed to move the needle with the public — in fact more polls show support for impeachment slipping than holding steady after the public testimony — USA Today published an interview Sunday with one of the two Democratic inquiry opposers, New Jersey Rep. Jeff Van Drew.

In the interview, the congressman expressed a sentiment that will only make his fellow Democrats even more nervous as public support for impeachment wains: Trump’s actions involving Ukraine and a potential investigation into the corruption involving former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden are “unsavory” but not impeachable.

Of all the Democratic members of Congress, only Van Drew and Minnesota Rep. Collin Peterson voted against the impeachment inquiry. After his fellow Democrats’ best efforts to make the case for impeachment to the American public, Van Drew revealed in the interview Sunday that his position hasn’t changed.

“While he considers the president’s actions on Ukraine ‘unsavory,’ the congressman said he has yet to learn of anything that would persuade him Trump did something to warrant removal from office,” USA Today’s Ledyard King reports. “No president has ever been removed from office, Van Drew, 66, points out. And to have a ‘small, elite group’ of lawmakers do so when an election is less than a year away seems to him to be not only unfathomable but un-American.”

Van Drew did express distaste for Trump's rudeness but clarified that his job is not to like or dislike the President but to do what is best for his constituents, his state, and our country.

 Source: TTN

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