Democrat Rep Openly Supports Trump Admin's Afghanistan Approach

  • 2020-03-02
  • Source: TTN
  • by: TTN Staff
Democrat Rep Openly Supports Trump Admin's Afghanistan Approach
Thomas Altfather Good via Flickr
Democrat Representative Max Rose, from New York, is openly supporting the Trump administration's truce with the Taliban in Afghanistan.

According to The Daily Caller:

The U.S. signed a peace deal Saturday promising to end its longest war if the Taliban agreed to various commitments. The deal would see the U.S. decrease its deployment numbers in Afghanistan over the next several months, culminating with a complete withdrawal after 14 months if the Taliban upholds its promise to control and limit terrorism.

Scarborough asked Rose, an Afghan war veteran who received the bronze star and Purple Heart, if withdrawing troops could potentially create a rise in terrorism, a problem that some believe happened with the rise of ISIS back in 2011 after America withdrew troops from Iraq.

Rose agreed that it could be an issue, but added that the Trump administration’s decision to try for a truce was completely correct.

“This decision by the administration is 100% correct,” Rose said. “We have got to focus on politics now in our longest-standing war. If we continue to only focus on combat, then this war will continue in perpetuity. We now see soldiers enlisting in the United States military who were not born when we first sent our soldiers to Afghanistan.”

Rose stated that we owe it to American soldiers to try and negotiate a deal to end the war.

 Source: TTN

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