Here's Why Trump's INCREDIBLE CPAC Speech Proves He'll Be Unstoppable In November

President Trump's speech at the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) on Saturday was absolutely incredible and highlighted the reasons why he will be almost unbeatable in the upcoming election.

I know, I was there. 

As a member of the media, I spent three days at this year's annual Conservative extravaganza, and the enthusiasm was palatable. Maga-advocates, elected representatives of the GOP, and thousands of regular Pro-Trump Americans filled the Gaylord Resort and Convention center outside of Washington, D.C. for three full days of an unapologetic celebration of life, liberty, and Pro-American patriotism.

The 13,000 odd attendees were treated to a plethora of incredible speakers, videos, and conversations from the brightest minds and biggest names in the conservative movement but the real highlight of the event was President Trump's speech on Saturday night. 

Matt Schlapp, the organizer of the event,  gave a short speech before the President took the stage in which he claimed that it was time to put 'the final nail in the coffin of socialism in America,' as chants of 'USA, USA' began to break out from the crowd.

By the time Trump finally took the stage as the song 'Proud to be an American' played the atmosphere in the convention center was nothing less than electric, it was obvious that this was the moment everyone had been waiting for. And they wouldn't be disappointed.

The crowd erupted with applause and shot up out of their seats as the commander-in-chief, smiling from ear to ear, finally took the stage. 

They were then treated to an incredible speech that had an obviously energized and confident Trump list off an absolutely incredible list of accomplishments. 

There were so many, in fact, that it is hard to believe they were achieved in just three short years. President Trump has cut taxes, overseen a historic economic expansion unprecedented in its scope and size, appointed hundreds of solid conservatives to federal courts, including two Supreme court justices, killed two of the world's most dangerous terrorist leaders, faced down the mullahs in Iran, and restored America's image on the world stage. 

And this is the reason why President Trump will be almost invincible in November: promises made, promises kept. And his voters know it. 

Almost every type of Trump voter was represented at CPAC: social conservatives, economic conservatives, libertarians, constitutional originalists, pro-cop law and order voters, immigration restrictionists, free speech activists, and even some former democrats, and they all had reason to cheer. 

Unlike some past Republican Presidents, Trump hasn't forgotten about the men and women who got him elected. He hasn't taken them for granted but instead has chosen to deliver for them on the key issues they care about most. Proving himself to be a leader they can believe in and trust. A rare commodity indeed.

It's this incredible record that will ensure his re-election as there is simply no arguing with success. And no amount of dishonest smears, hoaxes, and outright lies cooked up by the Democrats and their allies in the fake news media can change that. 

Still, impressive as they are, these accomplishments aren't the only thing that sets him apart from his potential foes in the Democrat party. Along with a winning record, Trump has yet another quality none of his opponents have: authenticity. 

One only needs to watch one of his rally speeches to see this attribute shine through, but it's most evident at live events where you can witness the connection he has with the crowd first hand. Unlike most politicians, whose public speeches are usually little more than well-rehearsed press releases, Trump's addresses feel real, as though he's having a real conversation with his supporters instead of giving them a lecture. 

There's an obvious sense that he's telling the crowd really what he thinks, naturally, this drives his enemies in the news media crazy, but it, understandably, makes his supporters love him all the more. They know this is a man who is telling them the truth and not merely serving them yet another spin-job or half-truth cooked up by the creatures of the establishment Swamp.

Furthermore, Trump also has an incredible sense of humor which, as his enemies know only too well, is as devastating as it is hilarious. A sense of humor which was on full display on Saturday night, when he went after Democrat Presidential contenders 'Sleepy Joe Biden,' 'Mini' Mike Bloomberg, and 'Crazy' Bernie Sanders. 
  By the end of the speech, the crowd was euphoric, spurred on by Trump's incredible achievements, charisma, and sense of humor. 

As he walked off stage Trump grabbed the American flag and embraced it while the crowd roared with approval. A symbol of exactly why American voters will choose to re-elect him in 2020: because there's finally a leader in the White House who isn't afraid to fight for the values of real Americans.
 Source: TTN Staff

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