Lawyer's Video Calling Out Impeachment Scam Goes Viral

  • 2019-12-19
  • Source: TTN
  • by: TTN Staff
Lawyer's Video Calling Out Impeachment Scam Goes Viral
A political lawyer released a video calling out the scam that is the impeachment of President Trump and it went viral.

According to David Harris Jr.:

Self-described “political lawyer” Dan Backer, Esq., the founder of the website, took to social media to post a video to provide simple proof that President Donald Trump broke no laws, and that the House Democrat impeachment is a complete sham.

In the 48-second video clip Backer posted, he gives his name and admits that he is a political lawyer who works in Washington, D.C.

From there, Backer says that instead of reading through all 658 pages of the Democrat impeachment articles and report, he will simply turn to his laptop and reveal a web page of the United States Code (USC), courtesy of Cornell University.

I’ve actually used the same database on the same website to do research for David.

The biggest takeaway is the fact there is no such thing as a crime called obstruction of Congress.

 Source: TTN

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