Never Trump Group's Ad Gets Dinged by Facebook

  • 2020-05-11
  • Source: TTN
  • by: Michael C.G. Jamon
Never Trump Group's Ad Gets Dinged by Facebook
In a move they probably never saw coming, The Lincoln Project – a Never Trump organization – was dinged by Facebook for promoting “partly false information”.

The group’s ad titled “Mourning In America”, a play on Reagan’s “Morning in America” ad, leads off with “Today, more than 60,000 Americans have died from a deadly virus Donald Trump ignored. With the economy in shambles, more than 26 million Americans are out of work. The worst economy in decades.”

The ad goes on to accuse Trump f bailing out Wall Street but not “main street” and say Americans have given up hope.

Full Ad:

Shortly after the ad was released the Trump campaign responded by saying “The Lincoln Project Losers Are Scam Artists” and Facebook put a warning label on the group's ad for pedaling “partly false information”.

The Lincoln Project’s Rick Wilson sent out an email to the group's supporters saying they’ve been censored.

Wilson ironically ended their email pleading for money to take “this fight directly to Trump and the people – and social media giants – that prop him up.

Trump has publicly nuked the group on Twitter:
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 Source: TTN

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