NYTs Admits Trump's Iran Sanctions are Working

  • 2020-01-15
  • Source: TTN
  • by: TTN Staff
NYTs Admits Trump's Iran Sanctions are Working
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The New York Times has made a shocking position. The paper has admitted that President Trump's sanctions on Iran are working and putting the United States in a 'unique position.'

According to The Daily Wire:

A new report from The New York Times highlights how President Donald Trump’s economic sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran have devastated the country and have allowed the U.S. to become even more aggressive toward the terror-sponsoring state because it is afraid of any additional fallout from continued escalation.

The New York Times reported Monday:

Iran is caught in a wretched economic crisis. Jobs are scarce. Prices for food and other necessities are skyrocketing. The economy is rapidly shrinking. Iranians are increasingly disgusted.

Crippling sanctions imposed by the Trump administration have severed Iran’s access to international markets, decimating the economy, which is now contracting at an alarming 9.5 percent annual rate, the International Monetary Fund estimated. Oil exports were effectively zero in December, according to Oxford Economics, as the sanctions have prevented sales, even though smugglers have transported unknown volumes.

The Foreign Ministers of France, Germany, and the United Kingdom all triggered a nuclear deal response mechanism to help combat Iran's march towards nuclear capability.

 Source: TTN

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