Obama Slams Trump

  • 2018-09-07
  • Source: TTN
  • by: TTN Staff
Obama Slams Trump
Former President Obama has entered the election cycle and is campaigning for candidates. His first target, however, was President Trump. Obama also took the time to give himself credit for the economy.

According to Fox News:

Former President Barack Obama launched his return to the campaign trail Friday with a fiery speech in Illinois, accusing President Trump and fellow Republicans of giving a “home” to “the politics of division and resentment.” 

In part of his midterm effort to rally Democrats to the polls and loosen Republicans' grip on power in Congress, the former president warned that the stakes are high and the consequences of staying on the sidelines "dire." 

He reminded voters that Republicans want to continue to unravel his signature health care law, while delivering some of his toughest broadsides against the GOP since leaving office -- referring to Trump by name, something he often avoids. 

Obama claimed certain “powerful and privileged” people want to “keep us angry because it helps them keep their power and their privilege.”

  Obama went on to tell the raucous crowd that it is time to stand up to bullies. It remains to be seen whether Obama's presence will help the Dems in the midterms.

 Source: TTN

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