REPORT: CNN Employees Turning on McCabe

  • 2019-09-13
  • Source: TTN
  • by: TTN Staff
REPORT: CNN Employees Turning on McCabe
CNN raised concerns when they hired disgraced and fired former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

McCabe had been famously fired for lying under oath and leaking to the press.

Now, that his appeal to avoid being charged by the DOJ has been denied and the U.S. attorney has indicated that he is pursuing charges his colleagues at CNN are turning on him.

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According to Fox News:

Some CNN staffers were reportedly aghast when the network hired McCabe in late August, simply because he'd been fired from the FBI for lying. Now that charges against McCabe are seemingly looming, some of the shock has turned to anger and confusion.

A current CNN on-air personality told Fox News this week that "it erodes our journalistic credibility to have so many highly anti-Trump, former Obama DOJ/security officials without a semblance of balance,” specifically pointing to pundits Samantha Vinograd, Jim Sciutto, Asha Rangappa, Juliette Kayyem and James Clapper, along with McCabe.

“It’s hard to see the justification for hiring him initially since it was publicly documented he’s, best case, a liar,” the on-air personality added. “How will CNN handle it if he’s also soon indicted?”


“He made some colossal mistakes and the fact that he f---ing lied under oath, I have no sympathies for him,” the CNN staffer said. “How will [CNN] have him weigh in on anything related to integrity?”

Of course, this is CNN so he has some support with the networks most fervent anti-Trumpers. Jeffrey Toobin has defended his friend and downplayed the potential charges. 

Some at the network are going as far as to call McCabe a "freedom fighter" who was "unfairly targeted."

 Source: TTN

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