These GOP Senators May Change What Impeachment Looks Like

These GOP Senators May Change What Impeachment Looks Like
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With the ongoing debate about witnesses, several GOP Senators have cropped up as potential problems for Trump and for the trial. While not all of these GOP Senators are creating problems for the President or the party, they are figures worth keeping an eye on as the trial nears.   

Mike Lee

Mike Lee has been a vapid defender of the constitution and has proven himself to be loyal to the constitution and the constitution alone. Lee is an honest man with an outstanding record, but what surprised many is that he is looking for more witnesses in Congress. 

Although Trump has been treated very unfairly in the House for the impeachment process and in politics in general, is it fair that Republicans and Democrats can’t call any witnesses in the Senate trial? It is an honest question and a fair one. Currently many are opposed to it because of fears that Democrats will call in every jaded individual that lost their job at the White House, many of which were fired for incompetence and a lack of compliance with the Trump agenda, as a means to discredit the President. 
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 Source: TTN Staff

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