Trump Campaign Asks Judge to Punish DNC for Collusion Lawsuit

  • 2019-06-05
  • Source: TTN
  • by: TTN Staff
Trump Campaign Asks Judge to Punish DNC for Collusion Lawsuit
The DNC is continuing its lawsuit against the Trump campaign which claims that the campaign actively colluded with the Russians to steal emails.

The Trump campaign is asking for sanctions against the DNC citing the lawsuit as frivolous and using the Mueller report as evidence.

According to Fox News:

The Democratic National Committee is still pressing forward with a lawsuit alleging the Trump campaign actively colluded with Russia and WikiLeaks to steal and publish DNC emails -- but the campaign is citing the Mueller report itself to argue they have no case.

Calling the DNC's claim "frivolous," the campaign has even asked the judge to hit the party with monetary sanctions for maintaining a case based on the "assumption" that the campaign "conspired or coordinated" with Russia in the hacking and publishing of DNC emails. The complaint had alleged the campaign also "solicited" illegal assistance from Russia.

"Suffice to say, that assumption did not pan out," the Trump campaign said Tuesday in a court filing. "Quite the opposite: Special Counsel Mueller's historically expensive investigation definitively refuted the notion that the Campaign conspired or in any way coordinated with Russia. ...

"In short, since the DNC's frivolous legal theories have now been exposed as resting on frivolous factual fantasies, these are two independent reasons to terminate this sham political litigation before it does even more harm."

The Trump campaign is arguing that the DNC should drop the lawsuit based on the Mueller report, but it looks like they continue to live in an altered reality.

 Source: TTN

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