Trump's Approval Rating Goes Up Amid Impeachment Inquiry

Trump's Approval Rating Goes Up Amid Impeachment Inquiry
President Trump's approval rating has gone up in spite of the Democrats impeachment crusade. 

The news comes as liberal hysteria has reached a boiling point with Ambassador's Sondland's testimony on Wednesday. 

As The Hill reports:

President Trump’s approval rating ticked back up amid the public impeachment battle, a poll released Wednesday found. 

A Gallup poll found 43 percent of respondents supported Trump’s performance, 2 percentage points more than the end of October poll. The disapproval rating of the president dropped to 54 percent from 57 percent in the previous poll.

The approval rating matches the number Gallup recorded in mid-September, before the news broke of the whistleblower complaint that ended up sparking the House’s impeachment inquiry into the president. The numbers show the stability of the president’s approval as the impeachment inquiry has unfolded. 

This poll was conducted from Nov. 1 to 14, before most of the public hearings took place, except for the public testimonies of diplomats William Taylor and George Kent on Nov. 13. 

 Source: THC Staff

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