VIDEO: Mooch Hits Comey, Brings Message From Trump


Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci had some things to say about James Comey, who personally insulted him during his splash interview over the weekend. Swamp things inside the beltway were fixated on the Comey interview this weekend.

Scaramucci hit Comey for living up to his moniker of "Cardinal Comey", who sanctimoniously condemns everyone as if he's above the fray when the Mooch says Comey's book shows just how partisan he really is. Comey admits in the book to be a huge fan of Barack Obama and said that his wife was a huge Hillary Clinton supporter.

The Mooch says that Comey is entitled to his opinion, but doesn't get to be disloyal to the president just because the Democrat didn't win. Scaramucci also said being fired isn't an excuse to behave this way, and he would know; partisanship isn't an excuse to be disloyal.

The Mooch also revealed that the president feels that he's been fully exonerated and that while he thinks the Mueller Investigation is a circus, he is confident that he will emerge free and clear from Mueller's inquiry. The president is just waiting for the storm to pass, not convinced that anything of substance will come from it.  

 Source: TTN

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