Why Donald Trump Jr.'s New Book 'Triggered' Is The Most Important Book Of 2020

  • 2019-11-30
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Why Donald Trump Jr.'s New Book 'Triggered' Is The Most Important Book Of 2020
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As the scion of one of the most powerful and hyper-successful families in the world, Donald Trump Jr. could have done or been whatever he wanted. After his father won the Presidency in the historic election of 2016 he could have even tried to cash in on his father's fame and renown, like the children of other famous American politicians who occasionally find themselves appointed to the boards of lucrative Ukrainian gas companies. But the cowardly riding of coattails was not for him. Instead, he chose to join his father in the arena, and do battle for the soul of America. 

Donald Trump Jr.'s new book 'Triggered: How The Left Thrives On Hate And Wants To Silence Us' is the story of that battle. 

Don Jr.'s book couldn't have come at a better time, as the hour of decision for America is almost here. Amidst the twin storms of an illegal impeachment coup attempt and the 2020 Democrats harnessing all of their tricks and allies in a last-ditch attempt to defeat President Trump, impose Socialism on America, and finally, topple the dream of the Founding Fathers, the American people need straight talk more than ever. And Donald Trump Jr. is just the man to give it to them.

'Triggered' is part biography, part insider tale, and part patriotic battle cry. It begins by documenting the author's own journey as a young man. A journey which, in spite of being the son of one of the most successful businessmen in the world, wasn't handed to him on a silver platter. In fact, one of the more fascinating parts of Don Jr.'s life is that, due to his father's guidance, which saw him take jobs in construction work and hospitality, he's just as comfortable operating a bulldozer, jackhammer or even serving a well-made cocktail as he is running the show at the head of a corporate board room.  This fact, which is regularly overlooked by the constant hit pieces published against him by the dishonest smear merchants at the New York Times and CNN, goes a long way in explaining the bond everyday Americans feel with him and his family.

It is a bond that the ultra-liberals running the Democratic party will simply never understand. As they simply do not know or care to know, about the lives of the everyday people their radical policies would harm. They can only sneer at these so-called 'deplorables,' who they see only as obstacles standing in the way of their utopian vision of higher taxes, open borders, and the end of free speech.

Ultimately, it was this vision of the totalitarian left that forced the Trump family and Don Jr. into action. In 2016, it was plain to see that if America continued down the path laid by the radical policies of Barack Obama everyday Americans could lose everything: their healthcare, their free speech, their hard-earned money, and their country.

The nation's infrastructure was crumbling, its economy was stuck in reverse, and the left-wing thought police were trying to impose their iron grip on the freedoms of free-thinking patriots across the country. Something had to be done.

2016 was a historic turning point in American history, and Donald Trump Jr. was ready for it. 

'Triggered' documents how he sprang into action, joining his father on the campaign trail and making hundreds of stops along the way in order to listen to the concerns of real Americans. All while under constant assault by a biased liberal media which was hellbent on his, and his family's, destruction. 

But Don Jr., like his father, is a natural counter puncher and refused to take the smears and attacks of the fake news industrial complex and their radical and violent social justice warrior allies like Antifa lying down. Instead, he hit back, he did what no other Republican political figure had, up until that point, dared to do: he 'triggered' them.

And being 'triggered' is what the social justice radicals of the liberal left simply can't stand. They can't stand having their ideology exposed for what it is: bankrupt and totalitarian. They can't stand having their ridiculous double standards, for which Don Jr. continually hammers them for throughout his book, called out for what they are. They can't stand having their tricks and lies unmasked in front of the American people by patriots like Don Jr., who refuse to be cowed by their threats and violent protests. 

As his recent appearance on 'The View' showed, in which he scorched the show's entire gaggle of vicious ultra-liberal talking heads in one fell swoop and in the process set social media ablaze, Don Jr., like his father, isn't messing around. 

He's ready to go to war, and 'Triggered' is his battle cry.

And with the 2020 election drawing ever closer and the American way of life once again under threat by a Democratic party which has become even more unhinged and dangerous than it was in 2016, American patriots need a battle cry. 

Or as Don Jr. put it in 'Triggered':

In one very important way, the next election is more important than the last. When my dad campaigned in inner cities in 2016 he'd remind minority audiences how past administrations, including Obama's, had failed them. He would then ask them to vote for him using this simple but brilliant logic: 'What do you have to lose?'

Their answer, if they were being truthful about it, was nothing. 

Well that's not the case anymore. It's not the case in inner cities, where the unemployment rate is at historic lows; it's not the case in the suburbs, where tax cuts increased wages and retirement accounts have doubled in some cases; and, despite what you may read in the New York Times, it's not the case in the Rust Belt and West Virginia, where he's increased coal exports by 60 percent...

In this next election we have a lot to lose. From sea to shining sea, Americans across this great country of ours have a better life and more hope with Donald J. Trump in the White House.

Don Jr. is right of course, and his words drive home why 'Triggered' is a must-read for every American patriot.

Thanks to President Trump they now have a lot to lose in the 2020 election. 

Trump fulfilled the vow he made in 2016 to 'Make America Great Again,' now it's up to us to keep it that way.

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