Pro-Trump PAC Mocks Democrat Clown in Times Square

The pro-Trump Super PAC The Committee to Defend the President is mocking the clowns the Democrats have become with a new billboard in Times Square.

According to PJ Media:

“Do you really trust these clowns?” So asks a new billboard going up on New York City’s Times Square this weekend, exclusively provided to PJ Media. The video ad mocks leaders in the Democratic Party by putting their heads on the bodies of clowns at a circus.

The “DC Clowns” circus show features “Crazy Joe Biden,” “Bernie Socialist Sanders,” “Nervous Nancy Pelosi,” “Shifty Adam Schiff,” “Wacky Elizabeth Warren,” “Lil Jerry Nadler,” and “Clueless Chuck Schumer.”

The Committee to Defend the President, a super PAC supporting President Donald Trump, launched the ad as part of a $40,000 ad buy.

“From the Democrats making fools of themselves on the campaign trail to those who foolishly sought to impeach President Trump, the Democratic Party is now a circus of epic proportions,” PAC Chairman Ted Harvey told PJ Media. “The Committee to Defend the President will continue to expose their foolishness and support President Trump, as he prepares to serve Americans for a second term.”

The Democrats continue to show how ridiculous they are from Nadler and Schiff’s Obama hypocrisy and Trump bias, to Nancy Pelosi claiming time is of the essence and then holding the impeachment articles for almost a month.


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