Ilhan Omar Slammed for Tasteless Response to Ivanka


Ilhan Omar recently responded to a tweet from Ivanka about staying home with your children while social distancing.

Her response is receiving major backlash.

According to Fox News:

Rep. Ilhan Omar drew a torrent of negative responses on social media Thursday after she reacted to a pro-family Twitter post by Ivanka Trump.

The president’s daughter’s post called for families to make the best of their time at home together during the coronavirus outbreak, suggesting they have a “living room camp out” along with sandwiches and other treats.


But Omar used the Trump post to make a political point about President Trump’s policies at the U.S.-Mexico border.

The Minnesota Democrat’s response drew numerous critical reactions, with many suggesting that Omar’s recent divorce and subsequent remarriage – to a man with whom she was allegedly having an extramarital affair – made her unqualified to criticize another woman’s comments on the subject of family.

The attacks on Ivanka are nothing new with most using their hatred of her father to attack her even when she is talking about something other than politics.

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