Trump Demands to Know who in White House Used ‘Kung Flu’ After Report


Despite the media trying to paint the term as xenophobic President Trump continues to use the term “China virus.”

Now, a new “scandal” has emerged as a reporter has claimed that someone inside the White House used the term “Kung flu.”

This reporter will not name names and President Trump is demanding to know who used the term.

This is likely to see if the reporter is telling the truth or simply making it up.

According to Fox News:

On Tuesday, CBS reporter Weijia Jiang claimed in a tweet that an unnamed White House official had called the deadly virus the “Kung-Flu” to her face.

During Wednesday’s briefing, PBS White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor pressed Trump about someone in his administration using the phrase “Kung-Flu.”

In the bizarre exchange, Trump asked Alcindor to repeat the phrase “Kung-Flu” and asked her directly which White House official had used the term. She said she did not get a name.

Earlier in the day, White House advisor Kellyanne Conway took a more combative tone with reporters and though she said using the phrase “Kung-Flu” was wrong, she refused to engage in a “hypothetical” and demanded to know who in the White House had the exchange with Jiang.

The absence of a name or even what office within the White House the alleged person works for destroys the credibility of the claim.

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