Senator Tom Cotton Slams China for Untrustworthiness


Senator Tom Cotton has been sounding the alarm on China’s culpability in this crisis for months and he is not backing down now.

As China ramps up its propaganda campaign against the United States Senator Cotton has some harsh words for the communist regime.

According to The Daily Wire:

On Thursday, Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) appeared on Fox News’  “The Story” with Martha MacCallum, who asked him if the United States could ever trust China again after their machinations regarding  the coronavirus, prompting Cotton to snap, “I have never trusted a Communist and I never will trust a Communist. That’s who runs China — the Chinese Communist Party.”

MacCallum asked,“Does this fundamentally change our relationship with China and can we trust the government of China anymore?”

I have never trusted a Communist and I never will trust a Communist. And that’s who runs China, is the Chinese Communist Party. China doesn’t deserve to be trusted, as the president said; they unleashed this pandemic on the world. In early December, they knew that there was some kind of outbreak happening with the novel coronavirus in Wuhan.

If they had acted quickly, rather than lying to their own people, suppressing the whistleblowers, and lying to the world, then not only China but U.S. and other scientists and researchers and epidemiologists and other experts from around the world could have helped them contain this in Whuhan or in Hubei Province. Look what we have now: A pandemic and a severe global recession. Again, because of the Chinese Communist Party’s dishonesty, corruption, and incompetence.

Cotton went on to iterate that the open lines of communication with the Chinese regime are necessary but we should not rely on the country for critical supply chains.

Cotton also discussed Reagan’s approach to the Soviets, Trust but verify. This is the approach he suggested to be used with China.

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