Pelosi Finds Opportunity of a Lifetime to Enact Woke Wish List

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“When written in Chinese, the word ‘crisis’ is comprised of two characters. One represents danger and the other represents opportunity” – John F. Kennedy

Millions of Americans out of work due to the dangerous Covid-19 pandemic. They are faced with looming rent, mortgage and utility bills coming due and aren’t sure when or where their next opportunity to work may come.

Instead of passing an aid bill to alleviate the fiscal stress American families are shouldering due to the Corona Virus, the professional political class in Washington, ala Pelosi Inc, are taking this opportunity to pass a woke wish list that could only sneak into law on the underbelly of a crisis relief.

After a week of crafting, debating, amending, and voting, Congress still hasn’t shipped a bill up Pennsylvania Avenue for President Trump to sign. This is all because the Democrats have saddled down the relief bill with a laundry list of their most untenable wet dreams.

Don’t think for a minute this isn’t by design. This is a top-down effort led by Pelosi and her goons. According to The Hill, House Majority Whip James Clyburn said: “[t]his is a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision” on a conference call with 200 House Democrats.

Their strategy is simple:

Step 1: Load up Corona Virus relief legislation with their latest and greatest “green” initiatives, asinine social engineering, and liberal lunacy.

Step 2: Dare the Republicans to vote it down.

Step 3: If the GOP votes it down, Dems show up on your TV and tell you how the “evil” GOP is holding up your relief because they are focused on helping their corporate buddies and not the working man.

But below the surface, however, their strategy is much more sinister.

It’s the payday lender of politics. They give you a couple thousand dollars today so you can go pay (some) of your bills, forget about your pain for a bit and tune out as Pelosi and her goon squad loads up the national debt with more of their pet projects. Don’t fret. You and your kin will get the bill later…with interest.

You might be asking: What’s more important to the Democrats than helping Americans meet their basic needs in a time of crisis?

That’s a great question. We’ve compiled a sampling of the Democrats Woke Wish List from Pelosi’s 1100+ page relief bill.

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