Pelosi Delays Vote on Virus Relief Bill Until at Least Thursday


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi continues to play politics this time delaying a vote on the relief bill until at least Thursday.

This delay comes after Pelosi returned to Washington with a list of demands that derailed the Senate’s work on the relief bill.

According to Town Hall:

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, news broke that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Minority Leader Chuck Schumer struck a deal to finally push the Wuhan coronavirus relief bill through. On Sunday night, the legislation was nearly finalized when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi flew back into town after a week in California and blew up the process by demanding a far-left and unrelated wish list be included in the bill.

Now, after days of wasted time and additional work, Pelosi has indicated the House won’t vote on the Senate bill today. 

Further, Pelosi may ask for additional adjustments to the bill. This will eat up even more valuable time as businesses close and millions of Americans lose their jobs.  

The Senate is scheduled to vote on the legislation sometime Wednesday afternoon. When the House will vote is still unknown. 

Pelosi continues to play politics while millions of American’s financial lives hang in the balance.

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